Noob pirate looking for a crew (or a mentor?)

  • Hi hello, I'm Rat, Radish or Ratish, whichever you fancy the most.

    I'm not an entirely new player but definitely a bad one, I know almost nothing, and I'm looking for someone to sail with.
    Whether it's permanent or not will depend on how much we enjoy playing with each other.

    Bit more details:

    • I'm absolutely not a pvp player, since I've been sailing almost always alone since I started to roam the seas, there's no confidence in me to engage in any pvp fight.
      I do run away like the wind tho.

    • I'm the captain of a little Sloop named the Teary Moon's Hope, tho we don't have to take her if we want to sail.

    • I'm ideally looking for experienced players, since I actually want to start to PVP and improve any skills I can, as well as learning more about the game without having to scroll through the wiki page.

    • I'm not chasing any type of reward or title. If I get some? Yay! If I don't? Yay!

    • My schedule is kind of random, but I usually play between 1PM and 8PM EST (6PM to 1AM GMT) and at any time on the week-end.

    • I'm mid 20s, I have a mic (though a bit intimidated to use it) and I'm (more or less) fluent in english.

    Please DM me on discord @rat_or_radish, so we maybe can talk first?

    See y'all!

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    just for funstory & lorewindows 10
  • hey just got the game and i dont want to be playing by myself im 18 and i need to learn this game

  • Yoooooo, I’ve been playing since release and I’m quite comfortable in most scenarios in the game. I lean more towards pvp than anything else but like to just vibe and do whatever. I’m central time zone and I’m free to play all over the place. Lemme know

just for funstory & lorewindows 10
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