Galleons grave

  • My son asked me an interesting question I hadn't previously considered and just wondered if it had been addressed in lore. Do we know how the galleon got up there in galleons grave?

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  • Open Crew. :)

  • @hiradc
    I don't think it's been touched upon in either the game or the books. I had always just assumed the galleon was retired and subsequently deconstructed by the outpost's occupants before being placed on the archway as a form of decoration? It would be really cool if we got an explanation or a story that details how it got up there sometime in the future!

  • I dont think that the galleon on galleons grave is in the lore.

  • @d3adst1ck said in Galleons grave:

    Open Crew. :)


  • Maybe they sailed directly into a nearby veil devil and that's why the veils don't do anything wild.

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