Need to report a bug or player?

  • Reporting a player

    You can report players who you believe have not behaved according to the Pirate Code in multiple ways. Through:

    Xbox Live:

    Sea of Thieves Support: By creating a support ticket.


    Reporting a bug
    Never used Support Tickets to submit a bug? Well here's a handy guide to show you how!

    Reporting Bugs using Support Tickets

    1. Wherever you are on the Sea of Thieves website, select Support from the top banner. Then select Get Help. Or you can bookmark this link here to take you directly to the page!
    1. Use the search box on the Help and Support page to search for your bug. If it is in our knowledge base an article will appear. If not..
    1. You will see this page. Select Raise a Support Request.
    1. A drop down menu will appear. Select, I'd like to report a bug.
    1. Here you can submit your bug! Please try to give as much detail as possible, e.g. location, what you were doing at the time and any other information you may feel is necessary. Multiple bugs can be submitted in one ticket!

    And that's it! Easy peasy. Happy bug hunting!

    Bug Reports are logged and your reports are used to aid the Development Team in resolving the issue you're facing for all users.

    • If a fix is available for your issue, then you will be sent information on your next steps.
    • If a fix is not available, then your will be logged and passed to the Development Team.
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