Guess for Gold Competition - How many Shrouded Ghost Megs Killed?

  • Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo here!

    It's that time again when us Deckhands bring you the next Guess for Gold Competition!

    Read on to find out what stat we want you to guess this week!

    How Many Shrouded Ghost Megs have been killed in the past 24 hours (August 21st- August 22nd)?

    (Guesses between 0 and 100 - Additional details below)

    Grand Prize

    • 10,000 Gold Pieces & 30 Doubloons (in-game currencies)
    • Sea of Thieves 'Spinal' Figurehead (cosmetic code)

    How does it work?
    It's actually quite simple! Every week will bring with it a new Sea of Thieves statistic and your challenge is to try and guess the total amount. Once you've thought of your answer, post your guess in the comments below.

    Example - How Many Shrouded Ghosts Defeated in the past 24 hours?
    Guess Example - (Probably) 0 but who knows lol...

    Entries will be taken up until Monday 26th of August at 3PM BST

    Note that only your first guess will be accepted, and it must be posted in the competition thread.

    Win Conditions
    The weeks winner will be selected from the following:

    Correct (or Nearest) Guess -
    The pirate to guess a number closest to the answer will win the grand prize of Gold, Doubloons and a Sea of Thieves Cosmetic Code for their account on Sea of Thieves!

    You can also check out the Official Guess for Gold Terms & Conditions on our website:

    That's all from us for now, so get your piratey thinking caps on and good luck!

    Lootin' Lizalaroo

  • 999
  • 37 i my guess.

  • @lizalaroo

    I'm guessing 23!

  • You trolls, lol. I'm going to guess 36.

  • @lizalaroo I surmise 22 Shrouded Ghosts

  • absolutely has to be 2

  • @ghostfire1981 Lol! I was thinking about a number and when I posted it you beat me to it. Great minds and all that.

  • 18 Shrouded Ghosts

  • It's gonna be 23

  • I guess 2

  • My guess is 27.

  • 14
    character limit

  • gotta be no more than 3

  • 15, I'm sure.

  • 2 i guess

  • I still doubt it really exists, buuut, my guess is 15.

  • 2 I'd say

  • Has to be 0

  • I think there were 5 killed

  • My guess is like 11...

  • 0 it doesn't exist

  • ill say 42

  • My guess is 2

    1. Thats it
  • 3 or 4? im not exactly sure

  • @lizalaroo I'm gonna go wild and guess 4.

  • my guess is 13 they are not that common

  • 7 is my guess!

  • @lizalaroo 14

  • @lizalaroo 4 is my guess

  • A solid 33 :)

  • 0 The Shrouded Ghost is a Myth!

  • @lizalaroo This is soooooooo wrong and punishing us by making us guess is even worse. Lol. 13 killed

  • easy guess. 5

  • 0, 0 is my guess :^)

1 out of 999