[Mega Thread] Dark Relics Feedback and Discussion

  • @acebead40319154 said in [Mega Thread] Dark Relics Feedback and Discussion:

    Forgot to mention - the ritual skulls commendation is silly (as a solo) as I have to pay a bunch of doubloons to do the devil roar one to ensure I get two each time. Now on the bright side, I can just get more reaper's chests.

    Lucky you, didn’t get any on my Athena voyage, I’m lucky if I find one every 2 voyages. Not going to waste tons of doubloons on voyages to earn 15 for the commendation!

  • I think it's a pretty good update.

    The reaper chest allows a lot of interractions between players (there was 2 brigs and 2 sloops at the same place, fighting each others for it. Haven't seen so many boat since the first release of skelletons forts !).

    The harpoon rowboat is insanly fun (I used a skelleton ship as a taxi yesterday).

    Even if it is reusing the same quest mechanics, mercenary voyages are good, especialy when you switch from fighting to digging. It's better than only do one kind of action in one quest.
    I also like the fact we don't have to do the quest 3 or 5 times to get the comendation (we can steal the loot of other players to complete it).

    Thinking about dark relics items, I though it would be a good idea for the game to give the player a choice :

    1. You can sell your items
    2. You can combine it with other items to create something new (it could be potion, enchanted compass, sails, bucket).
      Especially for pirates that stacks gold and have no interest in selling items, it could be a great addition to the game.
  • The Reapers chest is the best thing ever added to this game. It has made pvp encounters way more fun. Loving this. Should have had these from the start

35 out of 38