Console only servers please!!!

  • I'm tired of constantly playing at a disadvantage to pc players. There needs to be a console match up only option when loading into a server. The disadvantages of console to pc in this game are numerous and its ridiculous to spend time gathering and finding loot only to have it stolen. I know this is a pvp game and having loot stolen is part of it. However its infuriating to have loot stolen or ship sank when you aren't able to defend yourself due to uneven play.

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  • @hivltage

    1st. Welcome to the Sea of Thieves forums.

    2nd. Use the search feature, this is a much requested and debated topic.


    4th. Joe literally talked about this today in the Dev update.

    5th. Have a great day!

    6th. @Deckhands let's close before it desends into violence

  • @hivltage Ok first of all i dont know what crazy advantage you are talking about but let me debunk your post.
    1.Your advantages you are talking about is our speed and that is because most of us raise sensitivity and get used to it after a while but guess what you can do that too.
    2.Loading time screen if that is an issue for then get an SSD card to improve loading time screen, we dont just get that with a pc we buy it and so can you for xbox.

    1. Some people say that its easy for us with all of our keys to press i promise you that it happnes to every pc player here that in a middle of a fight we have pulled out a shovel or a lantern.
      4.And not every pc have crazy amount of fps, for the price of a new xbox i can get a below average pc i dont know if it would run Sea of Thieves.
      5.Maybe you are the one to blame for not being good enough im a great player and ive seen many console players who destroyed me.
      Optional crossplay is coming but its a mistake.
  • Yes, opt out is on its way.

    Not wanting to get into the reasons that it’s become a thing I’m curious about something.

    We know that game take up is massively weighted to XBox. From memory, sales were something like 1.2M - 220K. This could be wrong but the ratio is going to be somewhere in the ball park. The danger here is that if XB players opt out on mass then it may well mean that there are insufficient PC players to populate the servers.

    So, Joe mentioned the matchmaking filtering. Does this mean a PC player will be placed into an opted out session in the event a current game can’t be found?

    It strikes me that this filtering is there for a reason and I don’t think it’s because XB players will struggle to get allocated.

  • Welcome to the forums fellow console player.

    As mentioned by another, the choice to opt out of crossplay will very soon be with us. Sadly it is only coming to the arena to begin with, but work on opt out in adventure mode will follow.

    Hope this news fills you with optimism about the games future.
    You are after all 100% correct about your reason to post after all.

    See you on the seas!!

  • @hiVLTAGE

    The issue you speak of is not an issue of XBox vs PC players. It is an issue of casual vs non-casual players. This thread is, however, going to be locked soon due to the existing mega thread on the topic.
    Just keep in mind that not all PC players are griefers with absurdly expensive setups and exploits playing only to give you a hard time, and not all XBox players are defenceless players who essentially exist to get griefed. Either side can be either one.

  • @hivltage Abhoy, the most recent Dev Update video on YouTube specifically mentions that Opt out is coming and is being worked on. (That link is to the whole video but if you just want the part about Crossplay, it starts HERE )

    As has been mentioned there is a dedicated Mega-Thread on the subject here:

    As such, this thread will now be locked.

feedback1.2kgeneral622xbox one350windows 10298competition183
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