Solo Sloop PvP Tips?

  • I’ve watched videos upon videos, recent ones as well (to keep up with contemporary updates and such) about PvP, and solo slooping, and so far I have at least the basics covered on shore fighting and defending myself when parked. But out on the seas, as I’ve said in another thread (but relating to me and my best friend) I’m an absolute mess.

    Is there any tips you experienced solo sloopers could give me? I’m wanting to practice on PvP today and I can get anxious when approaching another ship, as I do tend to worry about if my ideas or plans fail.

    Things I already know:

    1. CC’s are my best friend
    2. being well equipped/stocked is a MUST
    3. Sloops are faster than bigger ships when against the wind
    4. always keep an eye out for mermaids
    5. if I hear a cannon go off but no cannonball, I know someone is being shot at me and I keep an eye on the ladders if I can’t see them right away
    6. No, solo isn’t hard because according to a lot of people, there’s solo sloopers who can sink well manned and well equipped galleons no problem.
    7. I know I sometimes need to fail to learn but I can’t learn if I’m sinking simply because someone is better than me. I also would like tips, not the “sink a lot/fail a lot” speech. “We learn nothing in victory, but much in defeat.”
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  • Maybe the best Tip is: dont care that much loosing and keep calm and relaxed all the time. This way you dont make big mistakes and learn.
    Practice while not taking it too serious and playful aproaching is the best way to learn to fight.
    If you are too excited you make mistakes and take too serious.

    My advice is to decide if, where and when the battle takes place.
    Make yourself the one who is or tries to be the one who dictates the battle, if it ever happens or not, when it happens and where it happens.
    Make you lrself the one do actions not reactions.

  • Im just gonna throw these out there.

    Keep playing and keep trying your best.

    You will eventually be conditioned of the many weaknesses that you have, and cover them more properly. You will eventually also figure out the best things to do and start thinking in wider terms. You will also start getting more used to approaching/be approached by ships and the stress levels will start to simmer down, so be conditioned as much as possible.

    My big tip is to have Cursed Cannonballs. Those make me feel safe solo slooping.

    Because when you are approached by ships, you will need to do something which I like to call "Defencive" measures. Where you stand still, broadsiding the enemy ship. Even multitask and predict turning speed as they are speeding by your ship when getting close.

    This will let you give the first shots, and pop in a cursed cannon ball or 2.

    Another thing is to be in tune with how much damage your ship has gotten. So despite my ship has recieved damage, I will only bail and not Repair until a safer moment because bailing is faster and more important.

    Or board the enemy ship after having bombarded them with cannon balls yet I still have a hole left. Do my deed on their ship as quick as possible and find a mermaid there after as quick as possible.

    One more thing, is to get gunpowder kegs. If you are aware of your surroundings, you can still play defencive and use gunpowder kegs against ships that are chasing you. Take one, and hop off from deck level and see if you can hit them with a keg by boarding them or letting them ram into one and then board it.

    In the end, you will be confident enough to evaluate the skill level that you are fighting against. Out in ADVENTURE mode, it is even easy to surprise even good players.

  • Attacking another ship Solo is very, very hard because in order sink another ship you (almost always) have to board them to stop repairs while keeping your ship afloat. You can't be in two places at the same time.

    So any classic "ship to ship running cannon battle" just isn't usually going to work. You need to create scenario's where they sink and you don't.

    Some techniques that have served me well.... Needless to say you will want the right weapons load-out and maximum health.

    Cursed Thunder
    Roll up fast and hope to catch them by surprise! Pick an angle where they can't shoot back (front/back) Drop anchor (or raise sails) at a reasonable distance to shoot with accuracy but not so close that a sword-lunge is an easy option. Hit them with a Green Ball, as many of the 4 Purple combo as you have, 3 or 4 Regular Balls below the water line, another Green Ball and shoot yourself over and board them. Keep them busy until they start to sink. With any luck you can get back to your Sloop before they do. Sail away and come back cautiously for the LOOT.

    Rowboat Kablooie (don't forget a ranged weapon)
    Fill a rowboat up with Powder Kegs. Sail past another ship (preferable stopped at an island) and drop off in the rowboat. Let your Sloop sail away (preferably into the wind so it doesn't go far but is still harder to catch) Row over to the other ship and park it on their blind side (away from island). Shoot Kegs from a safe distance, swim over and board. Try to sink them and kill as many as possible. Dying is good because it gets you back to your Sloop. Anchor turn and come back for the LOOT. If there are survivors will be either loading up a rowboat or hiding the treasure onshore. Watch for them to see where the LOOT is. Kill them from range and don't get boarded.

    Crowsmast Massacre (EoR/Pistol and a bucket of patience)
    Players tend to keep powder kegs in their crows nest. If you see a ship (spyglass) doing this then Hide your Sloop (nearby rocks are best) and swim or row over to their ship. If there is no cover then just let your Sloop sail off to its doom. Sniff! Obviously night time, storms and fog make this technique easier. Hide (sleep emote) among the barrels trying to be as "covered" by them as possible. Wait until they are approaching an Outpost and start dropping all the Barrels. Light the last one, drop it. Wait for explosion and jump into water. Swim a bit away and use the EoR and Pistol to pick off survivors. Collect the LOOT and sell it ASAP. They will remember where they sunk and be coming back.

    A variation of this technique works great at Forts since the Mega Keg will finish them off in one shot. But you have to hide somewhere else and sneak up to the crows-nest while they are loading up the Fort Loot. Behind the foremost cannon (sleep mode) is a good place because you can watch them and pick a good moment to make your move up to the crow's nest. Most crews tend to move the Mega Keg first. Not easy but I've pulled it off more than a few times.

    2's a crowd
    Basically when you get into a battle while Solo-Slooping just add a friend. I have a standing arrangement with many other players and we will immediately drop what we are doing (usually) to join each others games for this purpose. It's usually worth "jumping in" for the fun of the battle and sometimes even for a bit of LOOT. The best way to win a battle is to make sure that you are not Solo. Sorry :(

    I realise that none of these techniques are probably the type of Solo tip that you are looking for. But to sink other ships in the classic model you really need to be in two places. Repairing and stopping repairs. And that is just not possible playing Solo. The exception is Solo vs Solo. But then it mostly comes down to either who has the most planks or who invites a second player into their crew first.

  • Generic advice for ship PvP using a sloop:

    • the more supplies you have, the better chance of survival

    • practice against Skelly ships. Practice long and mid range cannon shots on them. Attack from different angles, and learn what effect the turning of your sloop has on the trajectory of your Canon shot.

    • being parallel to another ship gives them a bigger target to hit

    • watch the waters for players who are trying to board your ship. Keep your distance, and stay out of harpoon range

    • cursed cannonballs. Find them and keep them on you. They can really help turn a battle in your favour

    • against a galleon you have a big advantage in manoeuvrability. I like to attack them from angles, or perpendicular to their ship. Keep adjusting your angle to maintain good position, which is easier to do on a sloop

    • if you are actively looking to PvP another ship, don't sail with anything that you are not prepared to lose

  • Quick and simple: When you see an opportunity, take it!

    It is really easy to underestimate or ignore a sloop until it's too late; The laziness of your enemies can lead to a quick victory.

    Just not all the time. ;)

  • @agent-samuraii i've tried solo slooping ONCE on the weekend. It is poor experience in PvP. You don't have any chances vs just sloop with 2 persons on board. I am experienced pirate, i've killed many, boarded many and sunk many. There is only one way when you will be doing PvP on the sloop solo - runaway.

  • @agent-samuraii I will give you the general scenario but thats where playing solo is hard, if you are being chased sail against the wind or hide in the fog (storms only if you must because you can get into deep troubles there) solo player dont go on the offensive because you dont have the firepower, you have time and cunning skills to force the other ship do a mistake.
    If they are smart they will try to find a way to use the wind always force them to sail against the wind,If you trust yourself because you have to be atleast decent at it, is boarding drop their anchor or steer their ship after youve killed them all to a rock or a diffrent direction and then after a while do it. It can be risky for your ship but its high risk high reward just make sure that the ship is sailing without obtacles on the way.
    Dont be obvious when boarding, if they are behind you dont jump from the back of your ship do it from the front so they wont see you jumping and swimming.
    Blunderbass is a must they will try to board your ship and if one of them do grab your ladder just be ready and pretend you dont see him with the blunderbass but not too close to the ladder so he wont see you and think that its safe to climb and blast him.
    Trick gallions to make sharp turns because most crews dont use the harpoon enough so that would create a distance but if they are communicating properly they might do a sharp turn with the harpoon.
    Aim for their blind sides (Back or front) so they wont be able to fire back because they will take you down and if you have cursed cannonsballs like anchorball just use it go for their blind sides but dont be too close they will try to board your ship and you might not be able to hit the bottom of their ship.
    Im against gunpowder barrels on the ship, even if you manage to use it if they are more people then you they can easly recover from that but if they will blow your barrel it will be very difficult to recover from that.
    Not every tip works in every case but i guess you can tell but really solo fight is about buying yourself time so they would make a mistake and then you strike.
    But playing solo is tough even for players like me what i can do is limited so you will lose sometimes.

  • @agent-samuraii

    Tips or tactics depend on the situation.

    But what i could advice u. Sink 1000 times.
    This is what i did. Seen a ship i go in. Wether it be sloop, brig or galleon. And yes i sunk many many times. But u know what, i learned from this and got a better understanding what to do in which situation.

    Eventually u will get the hang of it and make your own tactics. Which will result in victory!

    Since not many people like being attacked i recommend bringing treasure. I used to dig up a chest or 2 and start looking for a fight. If they beat me they get something out of it. To me it was just practice. Now i can hold my own.
    And some galleons laugh when i come in, o its just a sloop.
    I laugh now when they sink XD

  • People he asked for tips not "accepting defeat" it is important to know how to lose but he asked for tips to get better

  • @weakdexx

    I definitely don’t like the sinking part, cuz like to me it just allows them to laugh at me for being stupid/picking a fight in the first place. Anxiety thing.

    And most of the time the ships I find are parked and I have a thing against attacking ships who are parked/docked. Or I can’t catch up to them on the waters.

    Should I wait for ships to come to me? Or just try and figure out a way to get to them if they seem too swift

  • @bugaboo-bill

    How do I know if I made mistakes if all I do is fail simply cuz someone is better than me?

  • @avecrux

    According to a LOT of people (most of which have been jerks), solo sloopers can sink galleons if they tried.

  • @crafek

    I already know kegs and CC’s are my best friends, but thanks for the other tips!!!

  • @viperishemu2992

    “Best way to win a battle is to make sure you’re not solo”

    Solo sloopers can sink GALLEONS. Some without even leaving the ship. Could people stop saying solo sloops are at a disadvantage?

  • @faceyourdemon

    Thank you!!!!

    I already know how to accept defeat cuz it’s what I’ve been doing for ages. But being defeated doesn’t always help me to learn.

  • @agent-samuraii cursed cannonballs my man. I can't remember all of their names but if you can quickly hit a ship with one that makes the crew either dance or sleep for a period of time and then quickly hit them with a ballastball (I believe is what its called) that makes their ship ride lower in the water and then unload regular cannonballs into their ship they should go down pretty quick as they can't repair while under the cursed balls spell. I recommend always being on the defensive though if you are solo slooping. Just be prepared if it looks like someone is coming after you.

  • @jza16

    I already know the CC’s and when to use them, but thank you!

  • @agent-samuraii

    Well u dont attack a ship the same as u defend it.

    There are diffrent things to do depending on attack or defend.

  • @agent-samuraii


    How do I know if I made mistakes if all I do is fail simply cuz someone is better than me?

    Failure is learning, ask yourself what went wrong and try to adapt to it. How were they better than you, what did they do differently compared to how you react? Sometimes mimicry is a great way to get better. Lets give a little thought experiment, purely hypothetical, not even related to you. Captain Bobpants is on a Gold Hoarders mission solo and is currently on Mermaids Hideaway. The captain hears cannon-fire extremely close by, turns out its another sloop opening fire upon his parked anchored sloop. Captain Bobpants is caught unaware. Captain Bobpants rushes to his ship to quickly lift the anchor to escape. He unfortunately can't go on the offensive whilst being overwhelmed with repairs. He eventually sinks. In this scenario no boarding had occurred.

    First lets identify the problems:

    1. Caught off-guard, other sloop was already in a position to attack.
    2. Unable to move to escape due to anchor down.
    3. Overwhelmed with repairs.

    What actions before or after could have been done to prevent this situation Captain Bobpants put himself into? Remember, although Captain Bobpants didn't choose to be attacked, his decisions leading up to that event can play a role in how the event could have turned out.

  • @agent-samuraii sagte in Solo Sloop PvP Tips?:


    According to a LOT of people (most of which have been jerks), solo sloopers can sink galleons if they tried.

    • First tip: watch your language, please
    • Second tip: keep distance to bigger ships, if you can, they shall not be able to board you
    • Third tip: don't sail side by side with them, if you can avoid it
    • Fourth tip: if they can shoot you, prefer to turn your ship away, so they can only hit the back of your ship, and start again to outmanoeuvre them, but watch for swimmers
    • Fifth tip: have more canon balls than they have
    • Sixth tip: use cursed canon balls wisely
    • Seventh tip: don't shoot their hull, first, but shoot their deck, to kill a large number of their crew members first. When an attack is starting, most of them are on the decks on the canons, the stearing wheel or trying to finish doing sails management. When the big ship stops shooting, start to shoot their water line, then they are under pressure and lack of crew members. Now hit middle deck and lower deck, but keep on firing at the deck itself. Use a cursed ballast ball and a sleeper ball, then you can sink them.

    Those are my tips for doing it solo, I am one of those you name jerks, success rate by doing so is about 15%, which I think is rather good.

  • The ballastball is the most important of all the CCs if you find youself in a fight with a bigger ship. It can be used as the finishing touch against brigs and galleons. (Of course, it should be understood that unless you're confident or foolish or both, you probably shouldn't engage one in most circumstances.)

    Most galleon crews rarely repair holes on their second deck during combat and for good reason-they rarely take on water. But if they've already got a few holes down below, and suddenly those second deck holes start filling them up, they're going to take on a lot of water quickly. If you fill them with a bunch of cannon holes, ballast ball them, then throw a sleep ball at them, they'll be napping their way to Davy Jones' locker in no time.

  • @agent-samuraii
    I think it's not mistakes you make.
    You need experience and a m lre playfull aproach maybe.
    I die all the time versus skeletons and also other players.
    There are tons of people better than me, quicker, better aim, better reaction time ...
    But i still can also win fights and if you are soloing then keep in mind that sandbox PvP means not only fighting.
    If you hide and run sufficently and were able to hand in your chests you won the PvP too.
    So experience with the game, some stubborness as a sailor and you will become better and successfull more often.
    Loosing is part of the gsme.
    As i said i loose all the time.
    As long as i have fun in general no problem.
    I can laugh when i die.
    Not always, sometimes dying is annoying, but all overall i dont mind.
    You cannot loose this game.
    You can only make it an adventure.
    Struggling can be fun too.
    Not always for sure, bit if you keep going you also will experience success and male your way.
    And it's the way nothing else.
    See the people complain about nothing to do anymore, they want this and that, their playstyle is focussing this or thst and they get sour if it doesnt happen the way they like.
    I let it all happen by the way.
    I grab a ship and maybe even buy a journey set sail and see what happens.
    I did so also when i was lowlevel.
    I dont care for progression, cimmemdations etc...
    For sure i did some with a plan, but when i got into a treadmill of working off things i took a break until i aproach the game less determined again and for fun mainly.
    You can fight skeletons, you can fight players, sone are better than you some are not.
    If all are better than you, go with a crew and learn by practice.
    That means fight, fight, fight and loose loose loose.
    One day you wont lose.
    It's impossible you loose all the time forever.

  • @agent-samuraii that galleon crew need to be totally newbies without boarding you. We all know that solo PvP is in 99% cases impossible to win.

  • @avecrux

    Better not use the word “impossible” in the forums cuz I got severe backlash for that

  • @nabberwar

    More often than not there isn’t much of anything I can do. I get harpooned or they manage to hit me with a CC and keg me and then I die and my ship sinks. Or they just manage to keg me or shoot me off my ship. Or yknow they attack me when I’m parked and steal my ship after they kill me. But yknow

  • @goedecke-michel

    “Have more cannonballs than they have”.

    Sorry for being sarcastic, but sure allow me to board a ship and count their cannonballs and see if I should pick a fight or not.

    I always make sure that I have at least 150+ and if I’m far below that I head to the nearest outpost and/or fortress (inactive) to get what I need.

    Cursed cannonballs, I am aware, are my best friend. A ship bigger than me charging at me gets a Peaceball to the hull, then an anchorball to keep them from moving and then I unleash the power of a sloop (which let’s face it, isn’t much but well I’m not complaining).

    I also know to check for kegs in the crows nest before they get too close so I can try shooting it before they can reach me, or I just know to watch out for people in the water.

  • Situational awareness is key to everything. Staying alert and knowing what's happening where allows you to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Avoiding boarders is often the single most important factor in winning. Every time they send someone to board your ship, they make themselves more vulnerable and less able to repair their own ship. Don't let them near your ladders. If they do grab a ladder, make sure your blunderbuss is ready to blast them before they can get on deck. I always love to see a couple people jump off a ship to board at once. Simply leave them in the water and go on the offensive at once. Nine times out of ten you'll sink them.

    Knowing your ship and being able to fluidly move between tasks allows you to stay on top of everything and succeed in battle. This is a skill that mainly comes from experience. This includes all ship-related tasks like repairing, bailing, managing the helm and sails, firing the cannons, etc. Speed and fluidity comes from practice. Accuracy on the cannons is also an art that improves with experience.

    Keep your supplies full, both on your ship and on your person. Whenever you go below deck, restock your supplies and reload your gun. Same thing when on an opponent's ship.

    Learn when to press the attack and when to back off. This is an art form in itself, but often decides who wins and who loses. The best PvP people don't just run up and start hacking. They get in a shot here, a shot there, and wear the opponent down until they have a clear advantage. The temptation is to go in for the quick kill, before they can eat fruit or get away, but sometimes that's a mistake. If the other person manages to recover long enough to pull out a blunderbuss, you could be in trouble. Take your time, keep your guard up, and make your shots count. The same applies to ship battles.

    Never stop moving. Standing in one place usually guarantees a quick death. Don't just stand there facing your opponent swinging a cutlass. With the cutlass, you want to try to circle the enemy so you can get past his defenses while making yourself a moving target. In gun battles, always keep moving left and right, and try to be unpredictable in your movements. Jumping around like a nut looks crazy but it works.

    Limit your opponent's mobility. This applies to both ship battles and personal combat, and goes hand in hand with keeping your own mobility open. In naval combat, try to force the enemy ship into tight, unwieldy situations. Lure them through the rocks, then turn and give them your broadside. If you're on a sloop vs. a brigantine or galleon, use your superior maneuverability to your advantage. Circle the enemy while staying out of their range of fire as much as possible. Use cursed cannonballs to keep them immobile. Anchor them if possible. In hand-to-hand combat, funnel your opponents into tight spaces while leaving yourself room to move. If they have to come through a doorway or up a ladder, you have a free shot. A blunderbuss or sword lunge against a trapped opponent can end the fight.

    Use the environment to your advantage. There are lots of hiding places on galleons. You can fire and duck behind some barrels. You can jump off the quarter deck onto the railing below and zip through the captain's quarters. You can funnel your opponents through a small space and cut them down with your cutlass. If you have an eye of reach and they have a blunderbuss, try to force the battle to the water, where you have the advantage. If it's reversed and you have the blunderbuss, go for tighter quarters.

    Use the right tools for the job. As mentioned above, blunderbusses are best for close quarters fighting, like aboard a ship (especially a sloop). The Eye of Reach gives you the advantage at long range. Pistols are great anywhere, but not as powerful. I personally think you should always have a sword at your side, but some pirates prefer two guns. Whatever the case, always try to have the right tool for the job at hand.

    Breathe. It might seem obvious, but if you're like me, PvP can be pretty stressful at times. I hate conflict as a rule. It took me a long time to get to where I can relax and not get flustered during combat. My hands used to shake so badly I could barely handle the controls. Taking a deep breath, exhaling slowly, and getting centered really helps. It's just a game, after all. I spent many years practicing martial arts in real life. I was always fine in the training hall, but I'd get really flustered at tournaments. I had to apply the same techniques of breathing, relaxation, etc. to calm my nerves and find my groove. It worked and I usually did fine, winning most of my matches. This is no different. Any competition of this nature is a mental game above all. Self-mastery is path to victory.

    Play chess. You don't have to literally play chess, but thinking of combat in Sea of Thieves more like a chess match than a brawl will enable you to go for the long win. Chess takes a bit of patience. The idea is to control the board and give yourself every advantage possible, until you have a clear road to victory. In Sea of Thieves, that means playing it smart and taking your time. Force your opponent to play the game by your rules, not theirs. Never make it easy for them and never give away a positional advantage. When you're being chased, you have a positional advantage. You have lots of options, lots of ways to attack. You can lead them into a situation that's more favorable for you, like through some rocks or into the fog. You can harass them with your muskets, keg them, board them, etc. You can fake them out by leading them one way, then suddenly pulling an anchor turn and giving them your guns (after getting the anchor up of course).

    Use deception. There are countless ways to trick your opponent. What you choose will depend upon the circumstances and what you hope to accomplish. Savvy opponents will know most of the tricks and be watching for them, but it's often worth a try. Sending your ship sailing into the wind (with sails set to stupid) gives you time to try some shenanigans. You can drop yourself off at a fort and use the cannons there to blast your opponents. If you are trying to escape with loot and happen to have a rowboat, you can load your booty into the rowboat, pass behind a large rock or island, and detach the rowboat while your ship sails merrily away. This works best if you can quickly hide the rowboat behind an outcropping or something. Then when the ships are clear, you row row row your boat to the nearest outpost. If you're more of the combative type, the simple effectiveness of the gun powder play can never be overstated. Fast maneuvers like anchor-turns or harpoon pulls executed out of sight can really throw off an opponent and change the course of a battle (just be sure it's to your advantage). Sneaky pirates can disrupt the rhythm of a battle by suddenly hiding (sleeping) and waiting for the right moment to pounce. Ships that carry gunpowder barrels in the crow's nest are vulnerable to all kinds of explosive plays. This isn't even scratching the surface, really. The limit is your imagination.

    Practice, practice, practice. Honing one's skills is always a good way to improve at PvP. Take out a ship and practice things like jumping sword lunges, blocking, dodging, shooting, maneuvering about the ship, etc. Try it on different ships, not just your preferred type. Fighting on a galleon is quite different from fighting on a brigantine or a sloop. Take time to work on your techniques outside of combat. It really helps.

    This is longer than I expected it to be, but hopefully there are some useful tips buried in there somewhere.

  • @genuine-heather That's amazing! Thank you!

  • @agent-samuraii said in Solo Sloop PvP Tips?:


    “Best way to win a battle is to make sure you’re not solo”

    Solo sloopers can sink GALLEONS. Some without even leaving the ship. Could people stop saying solo sloops are at a disadvantage?

    No, that is never going to happen in a million years if the Galleon has a crew of any aptitude whatsoever. I have played practically every day from launch and have hit PL10 twice. I have done this playing Solo, in a steady crew and with randoms. Basically I have done it and seen it all.

    Never in all this time have I been sunk while playing on a Galleon by a Solo Sloop in a straight up Sea Battle. However, I have been sunk by sneak attacks like the one's that I have posted here. And I have sunk a lot of ships using these techniques.

    Yes a Solo Sloop can sink a Galleon in open battle. But only when the Galleon is seriously under-crewed, manned by Noobs or more likely both.

    Puh-leez! You come at me Solo with my regular crew on a Galleon and you will be sunk 100 times in a row. The best way to win a battle while playing Solo is to make sure that you aren't Solo. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure that out. And arguing against simple facts is a sign of ignorance. 2 is twice as good as 1. Math my boy, it doesn't lie.

  • @viperishemu2992

    Where are the people who told me to get good and the solo sloopers who keep saying they can sink galleons??

    Dude it is possible, apparently. But seeing good solo players is a rare thing apparently.

  • @agent-samuraii said in Solo Sloop PvP Tips?:


    Where are the people who told me to get good and the solo sloopers who keep saying they can sink galleons??

    Dude it is possible, apparently. But seeing good solo players is a rare thing apparently.

    You can't repair and stop repairs at the same time while Solo. And if you can't do this, you can't sink a semi-competent opponent and remain afloat in an open cannon-slug-fest. The very best trick to fighting Solo is not to fight Solo. Believe me. This isn't just my opinion, it's also math.

    But it you want to fight Solo then use sneak attacks. Or find incompetent crews to fight.

  • @viperishemu2992

    Find incompetent crews sure. I’ll just hop on a ship and ask “hey are you guys incompetent?” I’m sure they’ll give me an answer :)

    Seriously the ONE TIME I actually need solo sloopers in a thread is when they suddenly aren’t? Literally dude there are good solo sloopers who go against WHOLE SERVERS!! Or galleons, or go to two fighting ships.

  • @agent-samuraii Taking a chance you'll not dismiss this out of hand because of my responses to other threads. lol

    The biggest advice I can give to a solo slooper is...

    1. Solo slooping requires higher skill level driving than any other situation in the game. You need to learn to run, dodge, anchor turn, scrape without being boarded, hide, harpoon turn around islands (we call this "nae-nae"ing), and out juke larger ships first. Period. Until you can consistently lose a tail without much damage or loss of supplies you should NOT engage one to sink it.

    2. Park with sails & anchor up ALWAYS. NEVER put your anchor down unless you are being chased and are anchor turning to lose them. You need to be able to bug out quickly at all times. The side benefit of this is that dropping your anchor is the ONLY way you will server migrate, which only happens when there are no ships within 15 minutes of you, which is an ideal situation for you to learn how to solo sloop better. Never drop your anchor and play for long enough and you have an entire server to yourself.

    3. When parking at a fort, try to park where the towers aren't shooting at you, but there are still skeletons in them. They will help you defend yourself if a ship surprises you.

    4. My crew will NEVER chase a sloop in a larger ship because they can get away 100% of the time unless their driver makes a huge tactical mistake. (Well... not never. If we KNOW they've got a lot of loot, we'll chase for a while to see if their driver is any good.) Make yourself as wily and annoying as possible to chase and they will sail off eventually... after which you can then hunt/stalk them and attack when YOU have the upper hand.

    5. The second a good PvP player boards a solo sloop it's as good as sunk. They will keep you occupied and keep killing you until their ship is in position to barrel you or cannon you. You need to do EVERYTHING you can to prevent ANYONE from boarding you and that usually means you need to run. See #1. It's possible to defend a fort by standing still and dumpstering an attacking ship, HOWEVER, it ONLY works against an inexperienced crew and you're in danger of being boarded the entire time. It ONLY works if you're a really solid PvP fighter.

    6. NEVER be afraid to lose your ship. This means when you have loot, you need to sell it immediately. Don't have loot but want to steal a fort? Sail your ship in a straight line past a fort and jump off. Go tuck on the island and wait for them to finish it and kill them with the mega barrel. Want to tick off the ship chasing you? Sail straight, drop off the front (so they don't see you do it) and wait for them to sail over you, grab their ladder, drop their anchor, jump off, catch a mermaid, and keep sailing.

    7. Learn sloop tuck spots and check them CONSTANTLY! I cannot tell you how many times I've slept right in front of someone's cannon for over an hour and they never once did a boat sweep. Never stack loot in a way that a player can sleep and be totally covered.

    8. Once you are consistently getting loot, not being boarded, not sinking, and making bigger ships look like complete idiots, start engaging and learning how to attack from a solo sloop. Again... see #1 if you're no longer in a dominant position and see #5 always.

    A few points about the advice you said you've already been given:

    CC’s are my best friend
    I agree... but only to get away and lose someone, not to fight. These help when you're a solo sloop against a brig or a galleon, yes, but only the best players can consistently go toe-to-toe as a solo sloop and win the fight. I've honestly only seen one SoT streamer who can do it consistently: GullibleGambit. Once you are a great helmsman, you can out maneuver a larger ship, pull up behind them, unload 10 cannonballs in them, hit them with a ballast ball (no one EVER repairs second deck on a galleon), and then sail off.

    being well equipped/stocked is a MUST
    Being SMARTLY equipped is a must, being WELL equipped is a waste. See #6. Also, as a solo sloop having any barrels on board is a HUGE liability. Never.

    Sloops are faster than bigger ships when against the wind
    True... but your maneuverability is your stronger asset. Trail a bigger ship behind you until they're mid to close range then anchor turn and cross away and BEHIND them, forcing them to only fire one or two shots on you and then either anchor turn (if a galleon anchor turns with anything except an EXTREMELY well coordinated crew, you will lose them 90% of the time) or crank full R or L and raise sails (which takes WAY longer than your anchor turn). Once they are back on your trail, you do it to them again... and again... and again.

    always keep an eye out for mermaids
    Smart advice, however, an experienced player can somewhat plan when and where their mermaids will spawn based on how they approach your boat. Oftentimes, if you can see the mermaid, it's already too late. You should be scanning the horizon so no ship is close enough for you to see their true sail position. All ships on the horizon appear sails down and flat and only render into their true position when they're close.) Our crew calls that mid range and once they're that close you should be in position to take off within 10 seconds (see #1), which is usually how long it takes a ship to go form mid range to danger close (having long distance cannon shots on you).

    if I hear a cannon go off but no cannonball, I know someone is being shot at me and I keep an eye on the ladders if I can’t see them right away
    Yup. Solid advice, but I'll add that you can use this to your advantage if you're moving. They shoot someone off, you wait for a few seconds so they THINK they're in line, then you juke semi-hard so they won't catch your ladder. This takes some practice but it keeps that player in the water and off their boat, which is a big advantage if you're fighting a brig and a minor one against a galleon.

    No, solo isn’t hard because according to a lot of people, there’s solo sloopers who can sink well manned and well equipped galleons no problem.
    This is unequivocally not true. Solo slooping is the most difficult thing to do in this game and only the really good & experienced players can do it well.

    I truly hope all of this helps. Solo slooping is freaking ROUGH. Don't give up.

  • @agent-samuraii sagte in Solo Sloop PvP Tips?:


    “Have more cannonballs than they have”.

    Sorry for being sarcastic, but sure allow me to board a ship and count their cannonballs and see if I should pick a fight or not.

    I'm sure you know I didn't mean it that way. I am pretty shure you know, that if a Galleon stood at an outpost for a long time while you were fighting two Kraken and three Megalodons, you probably don't have to count first, you might have less canon balls compared to them. If you hear a galleon shoot very often, and you have an opportunity to retrofit, simply estimate how many shots you can hear. Most sailors are negligent in supplying 100 cannonballs or more. This gives sufficient orientation. If you want to stand up to a Galleon, take every opportunity to supply.

    I always make sure that I have at least 150+ and if I’m far below that I head to the nearest outpost and/or fortress (inactive) to get what I need.

    So do I.

    Cursed cannonballs, I am aware, are my best friend. A ship bigger than me charging at me gets a Peaceball to the hull, then an anchorball to keep them from moving and then I unleash the power of a sloop (which let’s face it, isn’t much but well I’m not complaining).

    The biggest power of the sloop is, it is small and a dancer on the waves. Hardly to hit. Easy to repair and be held above water (as long as there are no visitors boarding it).

    I also know to check for kegs in the crows nest before they get too close so I can try shooting it before they can reach me, or I just know to watch out for people in the water.

    That's always useful.

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