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    Founded in July of 2018, The Pirate Council started with long standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since its inception, TPC has grown to form a larger coalition of many organizations within the Sea of Thieves Community. We all share a common passion for the game.

    As of 2019, The Pirate Council is the single largest coalition of communities, with the leadership groups and content creators of 20+ communities representing the voices of 70,000+ Sea of Thieves users. With a growing collection of boatswains, deckhands, streamers, content creators, wiki coordinators, sot partners, record breakers, speed runners, PvE adventurers and PvP powerhouses from around the world, you're bound to get what you're looking for within this initiative.

    The TPC presents a united front providing events, knowledge and assistance to the Sea of Thieves community. With people from around the world bringing different perspectives, skills and insight, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our own community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community.

    General goals are to better the community through interaction with each other, create a forum to assist other communities and showcasing positive PvP/PvE events that we hold (like En Garde, Skull Ball, Race of Legends) as well as our public outreach on Social Media and the Sea of Thieves Forum.


    Our vision is to unite as many communities as possible under one name while maintaining a group of respectful, honorable, and truthful members that will provide the highest level of professionalism within The Pirate Council. These individual representatives will work within the alliance, using our discord server to communicate and work with each other to meet our combined goals of development or community behavior and events.

    This collaborative effort extends to all communities, with our considerable resources available to help in the creation of events, charities, graphic design and other Sea of Thieves related content. It will be a priority to ensure that our allied community is a safe and entertaining place to be competitive and support member’s endeavors both in public outreach and community events.


    We the community leaders of the Sea of Thieves, in order to establish a method of communication between all fleets and communities free from any bias, promote the general welfare of both the game and its community in a healthy, positive and respectful manner; and adhere to the very principle of equality between all. The members of the Pirate Council, are committed to excellence in providing a positive impact on the Sea of Thieves community through our PvP/PvE events using multi-fleet/individual cooperation, our public outreach on the Sea of Thieves forum, as well as our Social Media Platforms.

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    Current Members

    Athenas Flame (Synicall)
    Banana Bois
    Big Boom B*****s (Mr Festis)
    Capt Soul Beard and the Soul Crew
    Crimson Tide Pirates (BlownBoats)
    Blackwater Buccaneers
    Dads Pirates
    Dread Pirates (DreadPirate Doug)
    Ellisisbeast (Shoutcaster)
    Fleet of Assassins
    Iron Fleet
    Kingdom of Eoland
    Krotukk & The Jolly Badgers
    L'Arche Du Grog
    Old Salts
    Rogue Legends
    Steve Irwin's Revenge
    SoT Brazil
    SoT Community
    SoT Deutschland (Germany)
    SoT France
    SoT Portugal
    SoT Spain
    SoT Wiki Team

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    Are you a streamer or do you represent group interested in joining The Pirate Council? Please leave us a message below with some information about you, and we will be in touch with you.

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  • Looking good TPC.

  • @piratecouncil i wanna join please

  • I would love to join you guys on an adventure through the seas! I'm an Xbox player that plays almost daily and would love to make so friends along the way. -Murdoth

  • How do i join?

  • @k-u-z-z-i-3 @Murdoth
    goto one of the many fleets pages that is part of the council and ask to join their discord.

    Happy sailing!

  • @PirateCouncil I have a group called the Cabal of Thieves and we would like to join the council. We are an adult group and are looking to expand our server. Thank You for your time

  • @usmctony2000 Hey! Please contact me on Twitter or Discord (Cradac | Max#2614)!

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