Continue to not help who have vision problems

  • Hello! I know that you have so many things to do, but thank you to help who have vision problems, like me, who can't see the differences from colors, Before this update i had problems "only" to see enemies (and now in the arena the problems are bigger), and also for cooking i can't see when something is cooked.

    Thank you so much Rare

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  • @romans96 this is a problem, I hope it gets addressed.

  • @romans96 Have you tried using the accessibility settings, found in the settings menu?

  • For cooking you can hear a distinct hissing sound when meat is done, as well as see more smoke over the stove. I agree arena might be problematic though.

  • A Fish's eyes go from black to white when they are done. That could be a nice indicator for you.

    Also, do you have suggestions on how Rare could adress this for you? Maybe there's something you can do for yourself? I know for a fact that there's software that marks colour with text for things like Office for those who are completely colourblind, maybe there's an option to use such software in conjunction with SoT (ask Rare trough a ticket before risking a ban tho, I'd hate to see people get banned for simple mistakes).

  • @hynieth Well they could just add text to the item name for each state...

  • @d3adst1ck You'd have to weigh the downsides of that. For me the downside of that is that the imersion factor is gone. It's fun having to visualy check up on your fish in stead of just seeing a tag change. I know it's selfish but that's what asking for changes or asking for things not to change is, it's pushing your own selfish opinion onto the internet :-)

    You also have to take into account that what the OP has affects around 25 people in the whole world. If two of them play SoT that's a lot. Compared to the thousands of players who would be affected otherwise (it's a really small change I know but it's a change affecting everyone anyway.).

    It's kind of selfish to expect a developer to cater to you in an otherwise perfectly functional game. It's not selfish to ask them but to demand/ expect it is.
    The OP could have a friend keep an eye on the fish that are cooked or use one of the great tips given above.

  • @hynieth said in Continue to not help who have vision problems:

    You also have to take into account that what the OP has affects around 25 people in the whole world.

    There are way more than 25 people in the world affected by colorblindness, and there are many different types. If Rare was not concerned about color issues, they wouldn't have already added the feature to switch the gold hoarder map colors.

  • @Hynieth Yesyes i already told to rare that the things that they can do are so simple:
    for example, for the fishes/meats, like the Cooked/Burned in the word (such was when they insert the cooking)
    For enemies or the possibility to make the enemies name, with a different color/more contrast or a symbol upon the head or near the name, that appear when appear the name (that can also be actived from accessibility).
    These things are not "enemy spotting", and does not gives any surplus to other players, but permit to who see bad, to see in a way more similar to you.

    For colorblind accessibility, no i'm achromate, and i'm talking for who have different problems, and that accessibility ar enot usefull.
    For now the only settings that is usefull for me is the 'X' for treasures. Like this a symbol, for enemies, or a word cooke/burned, do not give any advantage to have problems not??

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