Bilge Rat Adventures – Doubloon Changes

  • I love this change, thank you Rare.

  • @sonicbobjr That's great news and a lovely compromise with the cosmetic items still being time limited, but the other rewards remaining. :)

  • This is a great addition mainly for the replayability they were looking for.
    Without the reward of Doubloons there is almost no incentive to go back and do the thrones for example. But now you can help someone else get them (maybe a friend that missed out on the event) and you can use the currency for future time locked cosmetics.

    People will still do the current events because they are new and shiny so that won't be a problem. Now if only I could find those last red mermaid statues I need...

  • @galactic-geek It was a time limited campaign. Same as how people won't be able to fight the original meg and get the campaign items from Merrick.

  • I think this will be a great way to have a catch-up mechanic for people who prefer to play a certain way and won't feel pressured to level a merchant they don't particularly like. I would like to see the Mermaid statue spawn rate increased a bit though. I don't think I've found more than one Ruby Statue since the event ended back in July.

    Going forward with future events does this mean that the level recommendations will remain at the same level?

  • I think this is a great idea. My wife started playing right about when cursed sails started so there are many commendations she hasn't completed yet and this will give her a reason to do them and me a reason to start firing the cannon at marauders again. I am also wondering whether it will be retroactive since some of the commendations for the events I did after the event was over like the legendary gunpowder, so I have them completed but never got the doubloons for em.

  • @jejesasa said in Bilge Rat Adventures – Doubloon Changes:

    What is the point of giving the Doubloon after the event if the main objective is to buy skins limited in time? Is it for players to buy 20 letters of recommendation? Interesting concept.

    it will be necessary to think of limiting the number of letters to buy.

    ...or increase the cost of a letter of recommendation the higher level you are with a particular company.

  • Thank goodness. I think the scaling back of event elements (like how gunpowder skeletons don't spawn quite as often as their original event), thus (potentially) slowing the rate you earn commendations, is enough of an incentive to still try and do the event during it's period. No need to lock items behind a commendation or lower the amount given out after the event is over.

  • @geldore yes i know a friend, he buy 7*3 letter , he is legendary pirate, he pass lvl 43, to 50 instantly in every guild.

  • @personalc0ffee said in Bilge Rat Adventures – Doubloon Changes:

    @murkrage That is just a result of us being too good, please don't ruin it lol.

    I didn’t quite catch what you are refering to here haha

  • @sonicbobjr I have been waiting on how to word this reply.

    This is one of the worst ideas you could have done. Doubloons have not been hard to earn, some have been frustrating, but not hard.

    I get the arguments about the ships and the limited times during which they spawned to try and get those but Rare acknowledged them and has decided to not make it that restrictive moving forward.

    Earning the doubloons and the weekly limited items are what made doing them fun. To make it so you can earn doubloons at anytime for any future bilge rat adventure just cheats the whole system. Many of us have enough doubloons to purchase the cosmetics for the next like 3 months... I know that I have purchased every limited cosmetic to date and have 400-something doubloons just sitting there.

    So now that my rant is over about the change to the system and my understanding is that it will fall on deaf ears I will now offer my suggestion on doubloons moving forward.

    There needs to be something expensive, like 500 or 1000 doubloons, something that you can pretty much only afford if you did not spend doubloons on gold or reputation. And it needs to be rotated out on a 3-4 month basis and never brought back. If doubloons are going to be earn able at any time there needs to be some reason to stockpile them.

    Examples of ideas for cosmetics: Glowing weapons, capes, ship skins that are just BA, clothing that makes you look like a skeleton, honestly anything super cool and unique.

    That's my 2 cents.

  • This is great news. Is there the possibility of bringing back doubloons for previous challenges also (would be a good excuse to go smashing mermaid statues), or will this be just moving forward?

    Really appreciate all the work the team at Rare does and am impressed by your engagement with the community.

  • One the recent video joe mentioned there wasnt ime for pioneers really to test this cursed crews event heres a solution make 2 diffrent types of pioneer programme 1 set for major events n 1 set for the weekly events n alternate it about it so diffrent pioneers are not set to just one thing maybe have 2 closed servers for them to test aswell ps (i dont no if this is posted in the right place) its also a sugestion dont hate lol

  • @captainlogun totally agree. Will also be good for those who are time poor. I don’t think I’ve seen an emerald statue at all since the event - then again, there have been many times I’ve heard statues and not bothered to investigate. This will be a good incentive.

  • Fantastic idea. Speaking as someone who only gets an average of 5 hours of gametime a week but been playing everyweek since launch.

  • I don't see much of an issue with Pirate Legend and Doubloons.

    I understand the concern some people have, but people place their time into different activities and 'becoming a Legend' should very well mean more to different people that just 'I gathered billions of chickens, chests, and skulls.'

    Everyone will get Pirate Legend with time spent; skill does not equate to becoming a Pirate Legend at all. Why limit someone's ability to climb up to Legend just because others had to use the previous limited system?

    I'm saving my Doubloons to cap out one of my factions so I can move on to other things. Before this I found myself less and less likely to play due to the sheer monotony of the voyages. Now I can go do these voyages knowing I'm earning an alternate means to bump up my reputation by going out of my way to do these side events.

    I very much enjoy the prospect of telling people I got Pirate Legend by destroying cursed statues, bouncing off a skeleton throne at Marauder's Arch for hours, setting up crazy gunpowder skeleton chains, battling skeleton ships, and making skeletons vomit or dance; all while chasing chickens, trying to figure out some riddle, and cursing the day the Eye of Reach fell into the hands of cursed skeleton crews, lol.

    Current Pirate Legends worked hard to grind it out; no doubt about that. However, that doesn't mean future Pirate Legends need to be limited or slowed just because previous Pirate Legends didn't have those options.

  • @captain-coel

    I understand what you're getting at, but everyone else should not be withheld content by making it unreasonable for anyone not willing to play your way with your amount of time to sink. Make rare stuff tied to special, difficult challenges available to everyone; not a finite amount of currency that only a handful that chose not to purchase anything at all can ever get.

    Some people got Pirate Legend super fast through grinding, but that was their choice and doesn't make them any better than someone that gets it playing a couple hours a week every few days and gets it eventually.

    The other thing you have to remember is that they're making them available to earn on completion of the commendations, but they're STILL finite. You aren't going to be repeating commendations for more doubloons than what has been available for everyone else.

    Let people earn Pirate Legend how they want with the resources available when they start deciding to work for it; don't hold people back just because older players didn't have that system. It just makes you look jealous and petty.

  • The extra time to earn the commendations is much appreciated as players with limited times of play but looking to experience all of the game's content can often find the time crunch a little stressful and that somewhat hinders the "free" feeling of the open seas week to week. Thanks to the crew at Rare, and here's looking forward to Forsaken Shores!

  • @sonicbobjr
    Nice to see this being done moving forward. I hope the team is also looking into rewarding the doubloons for earlier Bilge Rat commendations too. Completing the commendations outside events is a lot harder, some even close to impossible. Adding doubloons on each of them at least offers some incentive to challenges you might have missed.

    To those that worry that this would remove the focus of doing commendations during the event or it being "giving doubloons away for free", just consider how hard it would be to do the commendations after the events. Look around and see how many statues or gunpowder skeletons you see around after the event, let alone finding people to do the old commendations with that require multiple crews. Ofcourse we'll have to see how common the Cursed Cannonballs will be after the event ends, however previous events would indicate it would be drastically lowered.

  • @sonicbobjr said in Bilge Rat Adventures – Doubloon Changes:

    We are making this change next week, keeping all Cursed Crews Doubloon rewards obtainable once the adventure finishes, and this will be our approach for future Bilge Rat Adventures moving forward.

    Just a reminder folks, only Crews and future events are they allowing doubloons. A few posts here make it sound like they will back offer it on statues and thrones ans stuff. They did not say that. Nor does it look like they intend to have unlimited doubloons. They simply state they will remove the time-limit from earning them, while keeping the time-limit on what you can buy with them.

    As a limited time per week new player, this is well appreciated. Since I have been playing, I feel almost like the game is punishing me for NOT being a full-time gamer. I cannot play all day. I have a 50+ week job, kids, and a house to take care of, so 2 hours a few days a week is all I get. And starting from scratch while there are crews of Legends with nothing to do but hunt 'noobs' is already more than enough unbalance. I can hold my own one-on-one, but I have to play almost constantly paranoid while grabbing chickens because of the crews. It is not about 'git gud' when a single person sloop spends more time avoiding Brigs and Galleons that are obviously out for 'nubs'.

    So add to it that events are mostly crew driven, and you make new players feel like they are begin punished constantly. So, thanks to Rare for at least giving us the time to get around to it. And I love all the posts saying "Rare is ignoring the people who play the most and making it too easy for all of the scrubs". Its great to hear that you support your elitist status and want everyone else to feel subjugated by your prowess in the game. But you forget something:

    Rare is not going to simply dump money and resources for new content just for you. They do it to garner new sales. If the only feedback is that Pirate Legends (people they have already gotten their money from) make it harder and more difficult for new players (the people they want to get more money from) and they do nothing but appease you as the 'hardcore people who earned their awesomeness', then they will lose their income and have no reason to further support updates.

    In easy terms, it is in everyone's best interests for Rare to dangle alot of carrots to get more people to join.

    But I do agree that there should be some recognition for the effort early players put in. Maybe Rare should change the Legendary Title to include the date they attained it. Something to give to the people who grinded endlessly before doubloons, instead of finding ways of taking opportunities away from new players.

  • @blurryhunter They hand out 40-80 extra doubloons each event. There should be something large to spend them on. The cosmetic clothing, weapons, and ship parts have all been too cheap if you ask me.

    And its not about just those that got Pirate Legend super quick, alot of us still finished before the doubloons were added. I personally finished on 6/5/2018. Now I sit as an Athena 8 and am constantly just spending my gold on regular cosmetics to have them and I feel the doubloon to gold exchange is a little poor considering the 'finite' nature of the doubloons against the ease of making gold.

    That is why I want an expensive Doubloon purchase, something that is 100, 250, 500, or 1000 doubloons and completely limited in nature. After all they are just cosmetics and would serve as nothing more than a neat item to have in my collection for random outfits... like the day 1 eye patch, bottle eye of reach, the ferryman set, or the perfect dark figurehead.

    I just want more cool stuff, remember Pirate Legend was supposed to be just the beginning..

  • Does Rare not see making these achievement adventures forever obtainable as a way of painting themselves into a corner for having to keep something in the game that might have only needed to be something temporary. Something that players would not want to continuously encounter.
    Basically they are forcing themselves to make whatever event they come up with a permanent fixture in Sea of Thieves instead of a more flexible temporary status... albeit everything so far has been a permanent fixture, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t come back to bite them (and us) later.

  • @Sonicbobjr

    Hi there!

    What about the accommodations you didn't unlock during the certain weeks but unlocked after? will the doubloons you've stacked up for past accommodations be given once this update is applied or will you have to re do them certain accommodations to retrieve them doubloons?



  • Really happy with this change

  • Great work! Im really happy we'll still be able to earn doubloons after events finish! And the inventory system update is definitely a good thing! please don't nerf the frequency of cursed cannonballs once the cursed crews event finishes though! Me and my crew are having wayyy too much fun with these! 🤣🖒

  • Thank you! I feel this is a great balance between keeping the adventures relevant and encouraging more adventuring and still having some exclusivity with time framed rewards. Great job!

  • @khaleesibot
    "Aye, i was, specially cause i be a swashbuckeling swindler meself!"
    Har har hah!

    ( ^ω^)

  • @sonicbobjr so going forward the doubloons will still be obtainable. What about retroactively? Can you reward those who completed them after the adventure as well as still offering the doubloons for the old commendations? because from the sounds of this post its simply all new bilge rat adventures will have this change. No mention of old ones.

    For some like myself I literally was losing sleep over some of the commendations and forced myself to grind away at them as fast as I could in case I got busy with other games and didnt log back in. But for the sake of others who have taken a break from the game as well as new players I think all old commendations should still reward the appropriate amount as those like myself who had done every commendation have made well over 1000 doubloons (im not subtracting what ive spent) pretty sure weve broken 1000 since the implementation of doubloons anyway

  • This is a great idea that is perfect for beginners or pirates who have missed an event or have not finished in time. This will surely bring some more life into the game and help keep this beautiful game alive.

  • I have a quick question if any of the Rare employees are still reading this string.

    Has there been any discussion about leaving in the quests (Campaigns) from the events? I understand removing the rewards. But it feels like the game is lacking content and we keep getting bits that end up going away after a couple of weeks.

    I'd like to go back and follow Merrick's journals again with new players and summon the meg, or search for Wanda with someone who missed that event.

    I don't need the rewards from it, but it would be nice to see the additional characters and story stay in the game. Instead of them just becoming stories we tell.

  • @tw-dizzy said in Bilge Rat Adventures – Doubloon Changes:

    I have a quick question if any of the Rare employees are still reading this string.

    Has there been any discussion about leaving in the quests (Campaigns) from the events? I understand removing the rewards. But it feels like the game is lacking content and we keep getting bits that end up going away after a couple of weeks.

    I'd like to go back and follow Merrick's journals again with new players and summon the meg, or search for Wanda with someone who missed that event.

    I don't need the rewards from it, but it would be nice to see the additional characters and story stay in the game. Instead of them just becoming stories we tell.

    I think that part of what makes the events so special is that they’re time-limited and that the stories live on in the world. You can still find the journals. Wanda’s lab on wanderer’s refuge still holds surprises for explorers. But we become part of the story, able to tell it to players who didn’t experience it for themselves. We even get scars and tattoos to help tell them. It makes it feel more like a living, changing world.

  • I don't agree with this change, but also understand I'm in the minority, but what are you doing for those of us who are not casual players? I have limited time to play, yet manage to get all my commendations and dubloons in the time window. So what are you doing for us? Why keep making changes just for those new and casual players?

    Rare needs to do something to keep us dedicated players coming back. Now that I'm PL, I'm mainly focused on bilge rat events when they release, and slowly doing Athena. I say slowly because once I finish Athena I'll only be back for bilge rat. Please Rare, give us dedicated PLs something else to do.

  • I like the changes. That's cool.

  • This change is great as I can't always convince my kids to put down whatever other game is sapping their time to come crew up with me to get their own doubloons for the current content. Knowing that they can earn them at their own pace and spend them when they are ready is a welcome change.

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