Limited time campaign oh no not again

  • Just wanted to highlight the challenge that limited time campaigns are for some of us. Perhaps you could have a little more consideration of the people with less time to play.

    Before i start let me say I love this game. I have been a supporter for a while and played since the early releases. I still love the game and especially the time spent sailing the seas with the people I met in the forum and while playing the game.

    Its the first game where I have joined the community and felt a real part of it. It's also the first time I have had a regular use for my headset.

    All of that said these time limited campaigns are a great frustration. This is a lot to do with the amount of time that I have to play and when I do get online the challenge finding crews online that have a clue or want to play cooperatively.

    If I am lucky I get a couple of hours during the week on a couple of nights to play. At the weekend again if lucky I have a bit more time when I can get online.

    When the stars align the regular people I play with are also online so all great we sail and have a great time. I also like playing solo and will happily sail about doing my own thing. It's a great way to relax.

    Playing Solo is fine but let's face it solo is a slog and it's a slow process to level up. It's also basically useless for these campaigns where you need multiple crews. Sloop v skeleton crewed boat is just not going to work.

    When the campaigns start I can spend hours sailing around looking for crews to work with only to be met by silence and or a gun in my face. This makes these campaigns difficult or unobtainable and a great frustration.

    Find more friends or crew I hear you say. Well playing with randoms if you have ever tried can be an interesting experience. Either most of the time it's a session in the brig or people that don't communicate drive the whip into the ground, attack everything without any real clue or sail round in circles.. Once in a while you get lucky but this is rare.

    I could use looking for crew and have done this with some random auccess, and have I also joined one of the many fleets in the forum but they all appear to centre around discord so this does not always work out.

    All I am asking is that rare think a little about people that work full-time, have familys and commitments that mean gaming is a luxury not a common thing, and allow us to feel we can be part of these campaigns and that the commendations are obtainable by us as well.

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  • @hammy-hamstar they give you a chance to do easier things to get doubloons and more medium commendations like taking out ships or specific area based fleets. The Wanda voyage is a good way to get doubloons in your own time frame aaannd it stays all three weeks.

    Edit: ultimately something will be for the more time flexible people and other things will be for everyone.

  • @hammy-hamstar I have my own issues with the content based on the timings of the battles:

  • If you don't have time don't play online multiplayer games.
    Or stop complaining.

  • Ahoy there -

    Rare are conscious that this is a concern amongst the Community and we've now created a megathread to collect this feedback all in one place, I'll close this one down now and let the discussions continue here -

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