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  • Does anyone know about the SOT dates corresponding to time zones for example Eastern Time (1st falls about 8:00pm) ?

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  • They use BST (British Summer Time) so 4pm BST is 8am PDT (pacific daylight time) which was this last update.

  • @aliasmask i believe he means in game time since all the server times have now been synced up to prevent server hoppers ;-)

    @IVIister-Z you can work out the following:

    1 in game day ( 24 in game hours ) is equal to 24 real life minutes.

    Every skelleton crew inhabbits its region for 10 in game days, which is equal to 240 real life minutes.

    240/60 = 4 real life hours.

    So to get from the 1st to the 30th you have the following:

    30 x 24 = 720
    720/60 = 12 real life hours

    So every single real life day every skelly crew only roams its region twice.

    This might be more information than you needed, but with it you can deduce every day in the game to a real life time

  • Ah, yeah, I didn't get that from his question. Are you sure that the servers are synced up? Is this new? Because I've played with friends (before update) and we checked our dates. Sometimes it was the same and other times it was not.

  • @aliasmask that was a glitch with the watches

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    Rare are conscious that this is a concern amongst the Community and we've now created a megathread to collect this feedback all in one place, I'll close this one down now and let the discussions continue here -

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