Cursed Sails In-Game Dates

  • Are the dates random each time you spawn in? I heard a rumour that the dates are universal so 21st-30th is between 5pm and 1am GMT, 1st-10th is between 1am and 9am GMT etc? If this is true that's really shoddy planning, as most people an only play at specific times so won't get a chance to complete the different crews in each region. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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  • @peteloaf777 Ahoy matey!

    The times are synced across all the servers and are not random. I have a very useful site (link below) that will help you know the time and date before logging in - this should help you arrange your crews for the event ahead.

  • Unfortunately its true and effecting a lot of people.

  • @musicmee

    Thanks for the reply. This is terrible planning from Rare. Most people can only play at a specific time each day. Now all I can do is the same battle over and over each night? Nah, no thanks.

  • They should have split the dates in half. 1-5 the wilds, 6-10 shores aplenty etc. 10 in-game days is way too long to spend on one zone.

  • @peteloaf777 Same here I can only play at 8PM EST so I did yesterday the Shores of Plenty battle and it is the same for every day, ridiculous.

  • I agree. This was badly thought through. I read elsewhere that if the last skelly ship (with the named captain) is sunk after the in-game calendar clicks over to the next 10 days (and the next region becomes "live"), then credit is not given for defeating it. That needs to be fixed!

    Given that we three weeks for this event, short of changing the schedule entirely, the least that Rare should do is switch it around for the second and third weeks. Thus, for example, if in week 1, The Ancient Isles is active at 8:00pm your local time (and it must be somewhere in the world), then in week 2 you can expect The Wilds to be active at 8:00pm; and in week 3, The Shores of Plenty will be active at that time.

  • @surveyorpete

    But even then there are 3 different captains each week, 9 in total. That means out of 9 most of us can only beat 3 (1 per week). Very badly thought out. Change the length of the encounters to 6 or 7 days, that way it'll slowly revolve round so all regions can be played at various times of the day.

  • @peteloaf777

    Oh! Good point. I had not considered that wrinkle.

  • Ahoy there -

    Rare are conscious that this is a concern amongst the Community and we've now created a megathread to collect this feedback all in one place, I'll close this one down now and let the discussions continue here -

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