What is stopping people from just joining a crew?

  • Every time when I join sea of Thieves open crew I join a people and and all they want to do is nothing but throwing fire bombs on the ship on most of my friends are that play sea of Thieves they all play other games which I don't have other games to play besides conquerors blade see if the eaves and what is the other games Warframe and therefore I don't see other people playing those games [mod edit] because they're really fun I I could see why people 20 it but seriously my question is is it because the game gets boring after we're us a lot of glitches like of the other than me and my friend II friends and I defeated a Megalodon and a kraken and a skeleton ship and they didn't freaking drop a damn loot that kind of glitches and rare have not been fixing it or that kind of things I'm having a really tough time here I'm not having a single friends that want to play sea of Thieves without leaving in 10 to 20 minutes. I need answers like I need some advice I'm stressing out here

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