SKULLBALL LEAGUE - CALAVERA CUP | PvP Community Event | Saturday, June 30th 2018


    Fortune & Friends are back at it again! A brand new Community Event has found its way to the Shores of the Sea of Thieves!

    We are excited, thrilled and anxious to announce this Event! The first ever SKULLBALL Tournament, the CALAVERA CUP, that will pit our Fiercest Sea of Thieves Communities against each other in a battle of skills, strategy, and wits!

    A sport for Pirates, made by Pirates!

    • What is Skullball?

    Skullball is Sea of Thieves' First Pirate Sport. This sport can be played with the following combinations, 2v2 3v3 4v4, although certain modifications must be made.

    The goal of the game is to seize the Skull and place it atop of the opposing team's Crow's Nest. To win the match, your team must score 3 times, or have the most points after 15 minutes. If there is a stalemate, a Sudden Death round starts.

    If everyone dies and no point is made, a single duel decides the winner.

    Easier said than done!

    • When does it happen ?

    The CALAVERA CUP is scheduled to happen on Saturday, June 30th 2018

    4PM EDT
    9PM BST
    1PM PDT

    To figure out how it translates in relation to your timezone, use this tool.

    • How do I play / What are the rules?
      We are going to cover 4v4, as this is going to be the tournament's setup.

    Setup 4v4:

    20 Bananas per Ship Barrel, per match.

    Every player starts out with 5 Bananas in their inventory per round. Pirates are allowed to stuff their faces with Island Bananas.

    Each team is required to have 4 Pirates. They can all be Looters, but there can only be 1 Watcher at a time.

    The Watcher is allowed a Cutlass and an Eye of Reach but is confined to the ship. There can only be one Watcher at a time per ship. The Watcher can switch weapons and become a Looter. If a Watcher is found off the ship, the Skull goes to the opposing team. If they already have the Skull, the game will be paused, the Watcher killed and then the game will resume.

    The Looters are allowed a Cutlass and a Flintlock.

    It is forbidden to move the ships and all four cannons may ONLY be used ONCE during the First Round of the match and this is only at the beginning of the round. For Round 2-3-4-5 and Sudden Death, no cannons will be allowed. All Cannons must be pointed upwards at the beginning of matches.

    The Pirate Participants are required to fight on the Island or the surrounding waters. If the Skull goes too far out, it will be reset to the center.

    No one is allowed on the Crow's Nest, or the Sails. An opposing team is not allowed below the opposing team's main deck.

    No harm can be done to the Galleons. Harming the Ships automatically disqualifies you.

    At the beginning of the match, the Skull will be placed in the center of the designated playfield.

    When a point is scored, the team who did not score starts with the Skull. Once the skull reaches land, it cannot return to the Holder's Ship, it must always go to the opposing Nest.

    • Where can I follow this Event ?

    You will be able to follow your favourite team through their designated Streamers! You will also be able to access the Streams of the Commentators and Referees of the tournament! We will post the links to the different streams with the name of the Teams they represent.

    • What teams are playing ?
      We're happy to announce that eight teams will be fighting it out to win the Calavera Cup!

    Here's a list of the participants of the first Calavera Cup edition:

    Fortune's Golden
    Cutthroats' Cutthroats
    Fleet of Thieves' Fearless Fleet Fighters
    The Iron Fleet's Ironborn
    Rogue Legends' Blackguard
    Tactical Fleet's Barnacle Ballers
    The Thirsty Thieves' Thirsty Thieves
    The Blue Devils' Blue Devils

    • How can I show my support ?
      You wish to support your team? You're a diehard Hooligan and wish to make it known? Easy! Wear your favourite team's kit and post a picture here!
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  • @siriondb This is exciting! Time for our second event and I can actively participate this time and be the mod I'm supposed to be xD Everyone else hoping to compete or follow along beware - Fortune's Golden won't lose easily! We're training every day! :D

  • I hope we all realize that The Iron Fleet is going to dominate.

  • Team: Rogue Legend's Blackguard

    Logo: text alternatif

    Kit: text alternatif

  • Team: Fleet of Thieves' Fearless Fleet Fighters

    Logo: text alternatif


  • @siriondb said in SKULLBALL LEAGUE - CALAVERA CUP | PvP Community Event | Saturday, June 30th 2018:

    Team: Rogue Legend's Blackguard

    Logo: text alternatif


    White shirts, blue pants

    That's the Executive Admiral pants I believe, or long black pants - the pre order ones.

    Nice kit! 😉

  • Team name: Cutthroat's Cutthroats

    Logo: alt text

    alt text

  • @siriondb Saw the post in Crew of Thieves discord but didn't know the game rules. This sounds like so much fun :D

  • How do The Notorious Left Light Boys get in this mix? We small but we have alot of pro pirates on board our ships
    Im legend and theres no one on our crew of 12 people under lvl 35 in any faction

  • @SimplyButta

    Your rep doesn't matter to us. If you've got a team of 4 and you're ready to compete, then all's good.

    Contact me on discord so we can talk more on the matter.


  • Team name: The Iron Fleet's Ironborn

    Logo: text alternatif
    Kit: alt text

  • @siriondb Any chance someone involved will be streaming this? I would love to watch :)

  • Fortune F*W

  • Cutthroat Hype!!!!!!

  • This sounds really fun, but how in the world are you supposed to find the other crews to do this with?

  • Good luck to the teams!

  • how are you getting everyone in same server im confused

  • @ajm123 yes we well obtain a 2nd galleon on the same server.

  • @sappyelephante @ajm123

    I made a quick tweet about it :D


    You will be able to follow the game from my Referee Point Of View on

    Each team will have a streamer or two, and the Shoutcasters will also be streaming from their Point of View.

    The idea is to try to set up mixers to co-mix together. That would be the best!

  • Sweet mama of all Jails! Great initiative!

  • Very enticing to join

  • @dutchdeadschot said in SKULLBALL LEAGUE - CALAVERA CUP | PvP Community Event | Saturday, June 30th 2018:

    No thanks

    That's a little rude :), if you don't like the idea then just don't respond to the topic.

  • @murkrage hey man this was in response to the the OP saying the exact same thing on my thread.

  • @dutchdeadschot said in SKULLBALL LEAGUE - CALAVERA CUP | PvP Community Event | Saturday, June 30th 2018:

    @murkrage hey man this was in response to the the OP saying the exact same thing on my thread.

    Still no need for it. Never stoop to the other person's level. It won't make anyone better.

  • @murkrage I’m tired of being hated on by people that don’t even know me.

  • @murkrage here:

  • @dutchdeadschot said in SKULLBALL LEAGUE - CALAVERA CUP | PvP Community Event | Saturday, June 30th 2018:

    @murkrage I’m tired of being hated on by people that don’t even know me.

    @dutchdeadschot said in SKULLBALL LEAGUE - CALAVERA CUP | PvP Community Event | Saturday, June 30th 2018:

    @murkrage here:

    Yes but in @SirioNDB's case you tagged him/her directly in your topic. Your topic was aimed directly at this person and they replied.

    This topic, however, isn't aimed directly at you and you still managed to hate on it.

    You want people to stop hating on you? Don't hate on them. I've seen the tone you have towards the people mentioned in your topic, it wasn't very nice. In the end it wasn't the other way around either, so I get why they don't want to be friends. That's fine, you don't have to. Just stop engaging and they will stop responding.

  • @murkrage did you even read what I posted? How was it not nice? How could you even surmise it being anything other than friendly?

  • @dutchdeadschot I am not referring to this particular topic, I am referring to the discussions I have seen between you all.

    But again, your post here is out of place. Their post on your topic, isn't. Simply because you aimed the post directly at them, asking to be friends. They said no. This topic has nothing to do with you and you trolled your way into it because you feel you've been hated on because they responded to your question.

  • Thank you for setting the record straight @Murkrage.

    I appreciate the bumps and I hope that you come to see our first Skullball Tournament!

  • @xcalypt0x I will also attempt to stream as a commentator, although I don’t know how well that will go. My twitch is

  • @siriondb

    This looks absolutely excellent as always, good luck to the teams!

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