Maybe give sloops option to brig now?

  • Since crews can be opened/closed on the fly now, perhaps its time for being able to brig people in sloops? Only the player who has been in the session first/longest will have the option to help prevent it being abused.

    I usually grind voyages solo while waiting for friends to get on and now that you can change crew type in game, sometimes I will open up crew to let randoms in and help speed things up. However trolls are aplenty, and currently on a sloop there is no way to really stop someone from trying to sabotage your boat/loot/supplies you have worked so hard to accrue.

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  • @melbufrauma if ye start with an open crew an' get paired wit' another pirate who just started... who counts as first? Ye both started the game at the same time.

    I don't see it coming, t'would be abused for sure.

  • @melbufrauma Nope, the problem would be that people would use it to troll others, and keep in mind that the game lags you out every now and then, so, the second player who entered the session would become the "captain" per se, even if you were the actual first person on the ship.

  • Or create captains, who can brig anyone without a vote

  • Aren't brigs a waste of space on the sloop if no one can be brigged then? Why even have it there? That's the question we should be asking right?

  • @assassinsking98 Waste of time... for now ;)

  • @musicmee aye, for now...

  • You can be brigged on a sloop.
    sloop brig

    Sloop brig

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