[Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3

  • So first off! I’m enjoying the game as is, but I’d like a few things add:

    • Mini games in the taverns!

    • obviously we’d like more customization in the game.

    • fishing/spear fishing! So when I want a break from treasure hunting or waiting for shipmates I can do that and maybe sell my catch for some small coin.

    • A drop or some kind of reward from the Kraken! Ether a special chest/custom ship item!

    • tattoos earned through in game achievements/quests!

    • Name my ship and have it posted on the back like a real ship! And be able to tilt it, and bend it!

    That’s just a few things I’d think would be cool in game added to the already awesome game!

  • @khaleesibot so i was thinking today and i was at an out post so i was getteing ready to set sail but i wasnt on a timer so i explored a bit around the outpost and i saw that above the order of souls area there was a boarded up door and thats when it struck me,what if all the factions had little huts or buildings next to them for variuos custimazation for example the merchants would have a floating(in water) hut where you could earn or even buy pets and even cloth dyes,while GH would "give" you scars and hair dye and finnaly the best for last, the boarded up door above for order of souls,CHARECTER CUSTIMASTION maybe it could be the rebirth for athena whatever blah JUST PLS some way,shape or form RARE plz bring charecter custimastion soon

36 out of 37