[Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3

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    This topic is focused around Customisation in Sea of Thieves. We'd love to hear your experiences on customisation in the game. From the IPG to character to ship customisation.

    In Patch Notes 1.0.5, we teased new incoming customisation options.

    @khaleesibot said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.5:

    Patch Notes - 1.0.5


    alt text

    There's rumour that a new shipment of clothing, items, weapons and ship customisations are on the horizon and heading for the Sea of Thieves! If you are saving yer coin for a pair of trousers, you might want to keep a weathered eye out for this arriving soon!

    Discuss below!

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  • Would love a lot more choice to spend gold on. I have rack up a tone of gold and still counting. I bought what I wanted and now it just sits there hoping for more content to be added to spend it on.

    Ships in general should have the sail decals only with you allowed to pay for choice of colour. It gives me more options to spend gold on.

    Flags, cannon, steering wheel for examples should be skins we could also buy. This further creates a ship none like any other as the combinations now increase.

    A way to change hair and face colour would also be really nice as well.

    In the end of the day. If new customization is not coming out people will get board of grinding for nothing as casual players as there is nothing new to get or work towards besides pirate legend.

  • @khaleesibot sagte in [Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3:

    In Patch Notes 1.0.4, we teased new incoming customisation options.

    Wasn't this in the 1.0.5 patchnotes, as you quoted yourself in the post? ;-)

    In general i would lke to see more variety over time to spend my gold on.
    For now my pirate is dressed up, i replaced weapons and some equipment, but still hold back from purchasing a new skin for everything as i hope for even better looking options. Especially the ship customizations still didn't hit my weak spot to spend my gold on.

  • What’s there to say other than there isn’t enough cosmetics? Cosmetics should be added on a weekly basis. Much like how for honour addresses this. They give out new cosmetics, emotes and other miscellaneous items such as new weapons and executions.

    I’m not the biggest fan of for honor but how they’ve handled post launch content is commendable. New content, dedicated servers, new modes etc. All acquirable through gameplay.

    It’s worth noting that navigating the shops is still a frustrating experience as the items don’t load in an efficient manner. Navigation becomes a chore.

    On top of cosmetics, mine do not always load correctly and take several seconds to pop in over the default skins.

    I’m desperate to change my characters tattoos and hair colour. In certain lighting conditions like in the moody lit IPG room my pirates hair appeared black. Perfect, just what I wanted however under any sun light it’s a light brown. Not what I wanted.
    Also seeing as they gave my pirate some default clothes in the IPG I was oblivious to these horrible tattoos on his wrists. Making me want to wear coats to hide them.
    Adding a new vanity shop/vendor on the outposts would be ideal.

    Where’s all the ship customisation? You all must know what a pathetic selection there was at launch that could easily have been remedied. We see ship customisation all over the outposts including wheels etc. We know there’s a lot more, maybe even on the cutting room floor. Maybe you need to sort out the cosmetic skin pop in first before adding these new wheels etc. That’ll look like an eye sore for sure if the wheel pops in and out.

    What’s the deal with flags? We’d like more transparency from the devs across the board but what’s going on with this? Is your intention to maintain white flags or is it a bug. We saw from the pic you guys posted of the recent pirate legend sail scheme that the flag matches the sails. In reality when bought in game though it has zero impact on the flag.

    Great game that needs a ton more variety in cosmetics. I’m constantly running into pirates with the exact same outfits.

    Please take into consideration when adding new cosmetics to keep the prices in line with what’s in the stores already. If they are all at a much higher price point then they would become more desired over the rest and everyone would end up wearing them. Although we see a lot of posts about people with 100+ chests per voyage and over a million in gold. That’s not the majority of us. Keep adding stuff that isn’t tied to pirate legend.

  • As i mentioned on another thread, pretty much any game released in the last 5 years or so (and i'm limiting myself on purpose) whether it being single or multiplayer, has better customization options than what SoT has to offer. This becomes even more ridiculous on titles where customization is completely redundant and certainly not one of the main selling points of the title (eg: any singleplayer game)

    A few examples of these options, on top of my head, commonly available on most modern games at release:

    • hundreds of 3d models to choose for customizable items in game. Many titles going as far as giving you building blocks to be combined into an actual item (eg: specific parts of a single weapon)
    • hundreds of different textures to choose for customizable 3d models in game.
    • a dye system, which allows to choose from hundreds of different colours applicable on pre defined layers of a texture or 3d model. Many titles going as far as giving you variations of the same color with specific effects (metallic, opaque, glowing, etc)
    • a logo system, which allows to customize in game elements by combining pre designed shapes, including the ability to rotate/resize/recolor said shapes, on more than one layer. Many titles going as far as allowing you to place said logo on 3d models in game. (great for sails customization)
    • The ability to preview how any of the above systems will look on your specific character/item before actually applying/buying them, which seems something not even worth mentioning and yet this game doesn't even have it.

    There's barely any customization in Sea of Thieves, aside from less than ten 3d models with even fewer fixed color variations, gated behind an atrocious grind and there's really no acceptable excuse for it.

  • @khaleesibot Hiya! So so so glad that more customisation content is being added, but if it's more of the same then that's a bit disappointing. From the picture it looks like its going to be more sets, which doesn't really fix the issue of limited customisation.
    Obviously, I'll have to wait for update before I can comment properly, but I still wanted to stress that we need different ways to unlock customisation items and different types of customisation items as well as more variety in general across all aspects of customisation.

    For ships, we need(including but not limited to):
    More hulls, More sails, Decals, Naming capabilities, Basic Colours/General Shaders, Captains cabin options, Deck options, Mast options, Cannon options, Wheel options, Rigging options, Flag options, Lantern options and Crows nest options to name a few I can think of right now.
    There's so much that you could offer us that's quite basic but would give the community a greater motive to play, as they would feel more like they are progressing from lower tier customisation options to the ship they always wanted. Also makes every ship unique as with so much to customise, it is unlikely that 2 people would have the exact same.

    For player characters we need(including but not limited to):
    Singular customisation items that don't go into sets, Shaders for each clothing and equipment item, Tattoos, Hair colour options, Different weapon types(if you're can have 3 types of gun then you can stretch to some different types of melee weapon[daggers, axes, hatchets), Faction specific items, Area specific items and Items with visual effects to name a few that I can think of right now.

    I hope that with the update and content, you will also be adding new ways to unlock these items, (specific fetch quest and instances, hunting, boss fights, fishing and NPC quests to name a few) The game is awesome, but needs more diversity to warrant a longer play session. Keep up the great work so far though! Looking forward to having private crews finally!

  • Call Forza Motorsport

  • Flag emblems and colors would be a nice addition.

    Tattoo addition/removal would be great! (Some tattoos could also be connected to in game achievements/commendations.)

    Also, the ability to change the colors of all the customizable options would go a long way to making pirates and ships more unique. (This could include things like being able to change the color of the sails and the color of the emblem on the sails independently to create different color combinations.)

  • @khaleesibot we want some good customization like from the betas and we want to have some new customization that goes like that. Customization needs to be creative!

  • @khaleesibot said in [[Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3]

    This topic is focused around Customisation in Sea of Thieves. We'd love to hear your experiences on customisation in the game. From the IPG to character to ship customisation.

    More, more, more! I don't play way as much SoT as some people, but I get to sail the seas a decent amount. I see a lot of 'sailors' on the waters- new players all dressed in brown jackets, but as that changes & players earn some gold, they will all look reasonably similar anyway because there are only 4 sets of clothing to choose from, currently...

    I'm really excited to see that new clothing, equipment & weapons that are being added- this will greatly increase the diversity and scope of pirates that we will all see on the waters... But please, don't make the price or level of some of these pieces too high- we need to see more options & variation (less brown 'sailors') at lower levels...

    Ship customisation: To be honest, I'm saving my gold up until I can customise my sloop, but right now, I don't want to buy any of the options available at the shipwright! None are 100% what I want, & I just know that if I buy something I 'mostly' like, out will come the hull/ sails/ figurehead that I really, really want... Plus, everyone's ships look the same atm too- more diversity will make for more interesting ship combinations as players try out different hull/ sails/ figurehead mixes... I'm excited by the new ship teased on the patch notes- those are sails I would save up for!

    I miss the options from the beta- a lot of players want to see the black shark set again. Personally (& I think I've mentioned it before... ;D) I want to see the plain green hull make a return... I loved that one- simple, but clearly different to the plain wooden hull...

    So yeah, looking forward to the new inclusions... Quietly praying to Poseidon/ Neptune/ Little Mermaid/ Athena for the green hull... Really looking forward to seeing what cool new stuff we can use in the near future!!!

  • @khaleesibot
    If your going cosmetic as the main progression and are advertising the desire for players to feel truly unique
    (this being the reason for the IPG instead of character customisation)
    Then it seems logical to open varieties of cosmetics.

    Instead of recoloring the current outfit templates design different templates with colour regions and allow players to "dye" these regions in colours they have unlocked.

    These dyes can be locked to faction growth, achievement or even purchased in game.

    It's a little change that would add alot to player progression and satisfaction. Getting that truly unique look, just the way you want it.

    I'd even go so far as to suggest that this mentality be taken to the shipwright as well.

    If you purchase templates for the hull, you should be allowed to paint them yourself. This allows players much more control over the design of their ships. You could go the full haul and have ships with colour regions, templates for designs with their own regions, sails with regions for mast / rope and sail and then sail design would have its own regions.

    The initial coding would take some time (around 4-5 weeks if you part time it) but the results would be fantastic and give much more depth to gameplay.

    Going further down the line, maybe offer some different ship appearances, things like:
    Damned - styled on the ferry of the damned assets.
    Asian spice - styled on the oriental designs
    The sinking frenchman - styled like the potc flying dutchman, barnicles and all.

    These change nothing in game dynamics but offer a lot in game progress.

  • @sirliborius said in [Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3:

    @khaleesibot sagte in [Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3:

    In Patch Notes 1.0.4, we teased new incoming customisation options.

    Wasn't this in the 1.0.5 patchnotes, as you quoted yourself in the post? ;-)

    In general i would lke to see more variety over time to spend my gold on.
    For now my pirate is dressed up, i replaced weapons and some equipment, but still hold back from purchasing a new skin for everything as i hope for even better looking options. Especially the ship customizations still didn't hit my weak spot to spend my gold on.


    uhh.. cough yes, as I was saying, Patch 1.0.5... !

  • @khaleesibot lol

  • @khaleesibot we need a lot of variety for example kraken customization for both ship and weapon,cosmetics. It would really help they game if our ships our different from others

  • There isnt really any customization in the game that I like atm, I want to be a viking pirate which you cant really be rn

  • I'm gonna make this simple. Why do we not have the ability to customize the colors of certain articles of clothing? What if I like the structure of the admiral outfit, but would prefer it to be red and black? Same idea with the ship as well. It shouldn't be too difficult to add... I feel like just adding this mechanic into the game would do marvels for the uniqueness of every pirate to truly become apparent.

  • Just like our characters, our ships should be just as varied. I don't just mean paint, sails and figurehead but different appearances and accessories. Things like different lamps, wheels, cannon appearances. They should all be socketed so you can mishmash to your heart's content! Some could even change the physical structure of your ship. Same class, different layout.

    Ship Skins

    • Fishing Boat (Hanging nets, hanging shark, fishing gear on deck, a pile of hanging fish)
    • Merchant Ship (Crates and cargo on deck)
    • Gold Hoarder (Gold and jewel encrusted wheel, golden cannons, jeweled and golden lamps)
    • Order of the Souls (Lots of neat dark magic themed goodies, those awesome multicolored lamp bottles, lots of bones)
    • Falling Apart (This ship has seen better days! Deck is coming up, railings are broken, cannons are rusty, sails are torn, patched holes on the hull)
    • Creature Hunter (Your ship is adorned with trophies from your creature kills and the weapons used to kill them. Kraken's Beak, Megalodon's Jaw, Giant Crab's Claw. All unlocked when you find and kill these beasties)
  • I haven't had a chance to read many others' suggestions so I'm sure there will be repeats in my requests.

    1. Please allow for actual character customization, or at the very least have a "male", female", or "both" toggle option for the random character wheel so it doesn't take ages to find a usable female character.

    2. Please put in more cosmetic options across the board. Also, legendary/achievement/cash shop items should be unique in my opinion, not recolors of cheaper items.

    3. I like the idea of a tattoo parlor type shop instead of randomly generated tattoos. Tie the best of them to achievements or faction rep like other shops and make them feel meaningful.

    Thanks for your time.

  • I'm going to idea dump, pardon the run on sentence. I'd say give us options to change smaller details, such as cannons(maybe even each individual cannon, that way it could cost a smaller amount of gold instead of buying the 8 all at once), the color of the masts, the color and style of the helm, maybe allowing us options on arranging the Captains Quarters and changing the color and style of the individual sections of it such as the bed, rug, table, bookcase, Maybe allow us some pictures to hang of familiar Rare games of ole * coughs Battletoads. Allow us to change the style and color of our ships lanterns, allow them to be individually be changed(again costing less than doing all of them at once), obviously allow us to customize the flags atop the masts. allow us to change style and color of the anchor wheel. allow us to change the style and color of the non functioning barrels inside the ship. Allow us to name our ship with it's name of the side and above like players names( this would allow us to identify possible previous ships we encountered previously whether they be friend or foe.) Adding some type of game with dice similar to the mini game in Kingdom Come Deliverance(this way some debates could be handled with gambling or just for fun to win or lose coin to your fellow ship mates. I'm sure there are other items I didn't list but this is a good start.

  • @laughsmaniacaly I really like the idea of purchasing templates and allow us to change the colors to our liking. Also, I like the progression of unlocking new colors etc... Some really good ideas in this thread guys and gals.
    @khaleesibot @Rare what do you guys think or like so far in this thread?

  • @xx7hefiremanxx
    It's a quick win in terms of coding and time spent compared to play value in my opinion.

  • In my opinion I feel customizations should come with special perks to make gameplay and character uniqueness more enjoyable, it would be great if deck paint offer more defence on ships, sails that offer greater speeds or handling turns more efficient. Maybe different cannon designs for more damage or special cannon balls. Character customisation should consider perks to raise accuracy, defence, damage, distance. I believe grog should give you a special pirate armor against skeleton. Raise the bar SOT. I believe in you. I see the potential, do you?

  • @hf-infeman also we should be able to purchase cannonballs, wood planks and bananas.

  • Even if Rare wants to keep the IPG (Infinite Pirate Generator) there's really nothing wrong with adding filters. For example, Gender, Race and Body Shape should be available filters. I'm sure many of us would also like an option to revisit the IPG, while still being able to lock/save our current character, if we can't find a better option.

    I'd also really love an option to display my pistol and sword, on my belt.

  • I'm sure it's been said before but I'd love more color choices! My favorite color is purple and there isn't really any purple gear. Even if the current gear was just added in with more color options that would be really nice.

    Purple please!

  • sounds like the people really want that color wheel option. give me the gun powder barrel dispenser on the back of my ship. SHIP NAMES need that emblem creator as well to equip on our gear/weapons/ship.

    RARE look at my support suggestions if u want some gold

  • @mintprizma Just gotta hit pirate legend...it's purple everywhere...EVERYWHERE.

  • @khaleesibot I think it may be kind of cool to see some item drops out in the wild. They could even have an extremely low drop rate so that they are rare. Maybe even some cursed clothing items/weapons that have some sort of aura around them so you look super awesome, but they don't necessarily have to have any special attributes to them. Just a cool look. Would also be cool to bring the fishing mechanic into the game and possibly incorporate that with in game items that you can exclusively fish up from the sea? idk just spitballing here. I also would like to agree with the other posts that talk about a dye system. That would add a lot more customization to the game. Whether it be on just clothing or the ship as well.

  • I think a money pit will be needed too, besides just costumizations. (Think items such as coops or cannonball crates, think gambling games such as the cardgame promoted in your books, think of temporary pets that disappear on either a character death or the ship sinking, etc)
    Not everybody wants to collect all costumizations, so once they have their picks they'll be done.
    Also would love to see a lot of other costumizations, like often mentioned before:

    Flags - These are really, really, REALLY important.
    As a seafarer (I say seafarer cause that's what we all are, we're not all pirates) the flag you pick will tell what kind of seafarer you are.
    You could have the jolly roger, red flag, british navy, spanish armada, viking flags, country flags, maybe a lot more.
    The red flag could indicate that a player has no mercy and is just out for the kill, the jolly roger could indicate that the player is a pirate out for the booty and not per se the killing, etc. (They probably won't always get used for what they're meant for but that doesn't matter)
    Bells - The bell could be costumized to have a different sound to it, ofcourse also to look different, but that way it would have 2 purposses when changed.
    Lights - Along with looking different they could also have different colors of light, ghostly blue/green for example to start with.
    General Ship Costumizations - Lots of shipparts could still use costumizations. (Actually quite surprised they weren't already there since launch, along with the flags)
    Flags, bells and lights being a few of them, but also; cannons, steeringwheel, anchor, crowsnest, style of captainquarters and maybe even the ladders.
    There's also something missing from ships as it is, the sleeping quarters, there are no bunkbeds or how they're called.
    They could also be costumized if they're ever going to excist.
    Types of costumization - You could have things to do with factions like already in the game, but also add a lot more.
    Take examples from Pirates of the Caribbean (Without getting sued XD), One Piece (Anime about pirates) and other well known stories and movies.
    Have a ghostly style, or a true pirate styles (More black instead of light blue perhaps..?), royalty styles involving lots of jewels and gold, hunter style like someone mentioned here already (Liked a lot of his examples), and there could be a lot more. (They could also have several of each, doesn't have to be just 1, like you could have several different types of ghostship styles)
    Personalize Costumizations - Too costumize your costummizations even further you could add (Not my idea but love it) dyes to the mix, so you can pick your own color for anything you buy.
    Get some actual unique ships in the game by adding those choices of color, add the possibility to create your own flag or sail as well, with symbols of skulls, shipparts, bones, weapons, animals, equipment, etc.
    Then people can just make their own jolly roger, or another type of flag of choice.
    Hideout - Maybe even create a hideout a player could buy and costumize, make it so every island (or a lot) have a possible hideout a player can buy, making it so a player can have only 1 hideout at a given moment.
    If those excist there will be a whole world of new costumizations that can be added to the game, and could be a valid money pit too!
    Pet Costumizations - When pets come out a lot of people will buy them, but then everyone has the same looking pet! :O
    How about we can costumize those as well, lets say the color of their fur and eyes, maybe add a secundary color to their fur, give them a bowtie, whatever a player prefers.
    There should be options for those too!

    That's about all I can dish out for now on the costumizations part of the game.
    Maybe I'll get back on it again soon enough. ;)

    Edit: Saw someone mention the pirate legend clothing...
    Add more choices for that as well!
    I for one hate purple, and I don't want my pirate to look like a p**p. (Though the peg leg and hook are awesome)
    How about a b****s black set of clothing, or maybe even 1 or 3 more then just the purple and the black ones, give people more options! ;)

    Edit #2: It would also be cool to costumize the planks, the bowsprit and to finetune the captainsquarters.

  • I'm not sure teasing new items is the way to go given the general consensus that there is a lack of things in the game. I would rather you guys just say. It's in. Go get it. And I would like that to happen on a more regular basis.

  • @ultimathule Well as stated befor in the Inn side story #26 where they say content will be main focus after April and that weekly content/event patches is going to be a real thing after the hungering deep so we will get that. I think it is nice that they tease people a little bit before starting with the real weekly patches! :)

  • @xx-mirth-xx said in [Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 3:

    @mintprizma Just gotta hit pirate legend...it's purple everywhere...EVERYWHERE.

    ugh really? I don't have enough time to play to get there anytime soon. I'm in the low 30s right now. GUESS I NEED TO MAKE MORE TIME IN LIFE!!!

  • I think squeleton and other future IA should drop cosmetic item rarely. Like squeleton bandana, belt made from bones, etc.
    Or actually make them drop items that you can use for crafting ? Like shark skin to make special coat or an hat made from snake. I think that is a nice idea to have 2 lists of customisation : 1 bought and another crafted. Crafted one keep you playing to find ''ingredients''

  • Honestly I'd just love an actual tricorn hat that was available from the standard merchants early on. Favorite hat and a staple of pirates, yet it's missing. I could be wrong though, but I personally haven't seen it.

  • @khaleesibot
    The community has given more feedback than can possibly be added in any short amount of time. But the overwhelming consensus is that it should be more. And it should be sooner than later.

    My votes on the custom list

    More sails, hulls and figureheads are a given.
    I love the idea of having sail color and logos independent of each other.

    Customizable color zones on hull and clothing.

    Different colored ship lanterns.

    Craft items (shark skin hat, snake skin boots, bone weapons) from items found in the world and kept in a personal chest on your ship (permanent vault).

    Cannons, wheel, top flag, furniture in captain’s quarters, helm, railing, ship plaque.

    Crew size and invite options

    Not really a customize option, but I want handheld bombs. Much smaller blast than gunpowder, but able to put one hole in the ship.

    Lots of other non customizable related things have been discussed including shanties, instuments, animals, mini games, crew to crew communication and teamwork.

    But number one is to get it done sooner than later. Lots of players have already lost interest due to lack of content. Once they are gone it is hard to get them back.

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