Are PC players really Cheating ???

  • I have seen a few ppl on here complain that some PC users are using hacks in game auto aim etc etc the usual shenanigans. Does anyone have any proof of this? this is purely out of curiosity of my own. I am just wondering if people are really cheating or people are just looking for reasons to why they suck at the game lol

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  • Well I know for sure I'm not.

  • @davejc64 lol Im just wondering i have yet to come across anyone in game I cant kill so am just wondering are some people actually cheating or are the people complaining just sucky at the game lol

  • First - i play on PC, and once i fight against xbox galeon, result - they win. Yeah PC have mouse and keyboard, and we can jump all over the ship, can shoot faster and anything else but about cheating - i prefer to think, that it's people mumbling, cause the game running on server, WH don't give you anything. AIM - i dont think, that it's possible. Good PC players shoot faster and better than XBOX.
    It's holywar, it's fun for me, see all this console PRO players, which always says "PC lose, you are a junk" and other insultings, and now when PC and console play together, all XBOX players think that we are cheating!

  • I have yet to find one in many many hours of play. Lag spikes? Random no hits from delay? Rubber banding? Yes. But I have not personally witnessed any cheaters. And also, console is cheatable to. I have seen it first hand on CoD WAW. lol

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs i think these people are unskilled and that leads to frustration on forums.

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs said in Are PC players really Cheating ???:

    I have seen a few ppl on here complain that some PC users are using hacks in game auto aim etc etc the usual shenanigans. Does anyone have any proof of this? this is purely out of curiosity of my own. I am just wondering if people are really cheating or people are just looking for reasons to why they suck at the game lol

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    Tons of YouTube videos of SoT hackers... Let me find one real quick.

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  • @diamondvp I play xbox some of my crew are PC i personally dont see them that much stronger they are slight quicker at aiming maybe but not a massive difference that i have noticed. JUut i have read a few posts and saw a few pics that would suggest some shenanigans are at play lol! (Mode Removed) like this one.

  • @nattens-barn yeah thats basically what the posts i have been reading have said however if they do not use hacks i dont think they have that much of an advantage over a good console player

  • @rayfromjersey thanks mate i appreciate that hopefully Rare and xbox/Microsoft will roll out bans if caught

  • @rayfromjersey Removed your link me matey. Please report your findings through support and not here on the forum please :)

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs Well than welcome to PC world XD

    I dunno, i play without any hacks, play with other players and have fun.
    Cheaters - it's curse of PC, epc hacks is bad, BUT even against cheater, you can win, shoot first, your friend can help you to kill this guy.

  • @avecrux I think there may be a few who are cheating but the vast majority will not be so i agree with you that the majority will be lack of skill

  • @diamondvp I personally have never came across anyone i cant kill. Im not to bad at PVP however if some of the pics i have seen are legit there is not much you can do if someone is using a hack

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs I'm on pc and I have yet to see anyone that I would call "hacks" on, so I presume that it is just butthurt console players that blame the mouse and keyboard

  • I for one dont use hacks, Though I have sat on enemy ships killing them over and over until they have to scuttle their ship to get away from me. as much as console players would like to think, PC players are on another level (in most cases) and thats not me trying to pus hthe "pc m*********e" thing.. its just facts.

  • @cdmz-legend Thats what i think the majority of it is I play on xbox however i know for a fact that i have killed PC players because one is now in our crew lol.

    So I think the majority is lack of skill but some of the pics ive seen look rather convincing that some are using hacks

  • @lizalaroo I have contacted support and tweeted about this, but no response from Rare at all. Maybe you can mention it also...

  • @a-darn-zombie i agree to a certain extent however i do not think PC players are on another level to me. I hold my own just my humble opinion lol

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs Removed your screenie me matey. Please pass on your findings to support :)

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs I disagree, i play in APB and APB Reloaded which full of hacks. In this game, if you met 4 cheaters - yes, you lose.
    But small ship with 2 hackers, you still can win, yeah fight against them hard, and you need to report them.

    Any suspicion's - report this hackers.

    I always said, i play with cheaters and against them in other games, it's realy hard. But i know one man, who wrote cheats on APB, and he have bronze lvl(realy low for this game), bronze lvl, with aim. So if you dont have any skill, cheat's will not help you.

    I think we just need to clean our comunity, and ban all hackers forever, but crossplay is good thing, i like to play with console, and not because you haven't mouse, just cause it's fun, more peoples, more opinions, it's interesting.

  • @diamondvp I love cross play I think its an awesome idea.

    I personally have not came across any cheaters yet I purely just wanted to see what the communities thoughts were on it.

  • @majorwhiplash They will be working through all support tickets recieved me matey! ;D even if ye’ve not recieved a reply yet, they’ll be on it. Thank you for taking the time to raise a ticket.

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs Honestly I don't recall a single instance where I've felt I've been cheated. Maybe I've been lucky, but any fight I've lost was simply because they outplayed me.

    Maybe I'm just that bad that it wouldn't matter if they were cheating or not, of course ;)

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs well i have one suspicious, when 4 b****s on galeon, just blow up our team.
    But they have ship cutomization and preorder skin's, so i prefer to think, that it was just b******s )
    They have one, don pedro, or something like this nickname, and he shoot like a god, but we kill him few times.

    I don't think that cheat's is needed to play in this game )

  • @lizalaroo hey sorry never knew I have done so

  • @luciansanchez82 Same here i see a lot of ppl suggesting it and some evidence to back up their claims however i just wanted to see the communities thoughts on the matter

  • @luciansanchez82 and im sure you are not to shabby at the game

  • @nattens-barn said in Are PC players really Cheating ???:

    Yesterday I came across a player with a type of "God mode"
    , so yes PC players uses hacks...

    No. Cheaters use hacks. Stop branding an entire playerbase.

  • @cpt-beardcrumbs I've had more than a few moments, I'm just not one to brag :p

  • @luciansanchez82 im sure you have lol i think the big thing might be down to xbox being on 30fps and PC on 60fps that is a sizeable advantage in a PVP sense. I think that might be the crux of the problem IMO

  • Honestly guys, the percentage of pc players who actually cheat is pretty small, and asking rare to separate the playerbase and penalize thousand of people, when you knew before hand that the community was together seems rather silly.

    All pc players are used to deal with this type of issues, and you know what we do? We wait, because its rare responsability to have an active anti-cheat system in progress which I am sure they do, and just watch people get banned in waves.

    About the mouse / Keyboard vs controller, EVERYONE knows you can easily turn around and aim better with a mouse BUT, from what I tried on xbox the aim assist isnt bad at all, not only that, the fact that theres a major slow down in PC/xbox when you scope seems to balance things out pretty good, the only major problem I can kinda see here is the blunderbuss but this is because this literally takes no skill, just get close and shoot which pc players can do sligthly better with the turn speed. But its not that game breaking like people are cryinglike.

    And the whole 30 vs 60 fps, yes this can give an edge, but honestly only if this game was a fast pace shooter like overwatch or counter strike, the combat in this game is so slow paced, the aiming takes forever to do even on pc, the naval battles 30 vs 60 fps affect absolutly nothing that I really dont understand what everyone is crying about.

  • Are PC users cheating- Yes, some are absolutely.

    Are most people on the forums salty seababies that still wear floaties- Yes, absolutely.

  • @acekaze24 were have i said anything about separate player bases or anything remotely like removing cross play?


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