I need to be able to skip main menu intro.

  • Please. I'm pc and escape isn't working.

    Not sure if I'm the only one but every time I start the game or leave game to make a new lobby with more friends I have to sit through that, granted, nice but incredibly long introduction before I can do anything.

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  • @piinklemonaide Hit B

  • @l3ellicose I'm pc. I've rolled my face across my keyboard and nothing skips it.

  • @piinklemonaide hit esc....

  • You can press the "escape" key button (esc), and it will skip the menu intro.

  • @piinklemonaide You can skip it by pressing the "B" bouton of the Xbox controller. I don't know how to do it with a keybord, but "B" is for cancelling.

  • @srdadin What do I do if I've already tried escape and it won't skip it? My escape key isn't broken either.

  • @piinklemonaide

    Then there is no escape!

    But do you know if you're playing in windowed vs Fullscreen? I know with some UWP apps it can make a difference as to how well they respond. Try making sure you're full screen and borderless windowed in your options, see if that helps.

  • @runesmite I'll try that next time, thanks for the suggestion because I do play windowed for better fps. Though if that doesn't work then yes, NO ESCAPE! :(

  • There should definitely be a menu option to disable the intro, or better yet a play-once mechanism like WoW has where it only plays the intro the first time you launch and then have an option in the menu that lets you replay the intro whenever you want like with the credits, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should need to press a button to skip it every time.

    Give this post over 9000 upvotes so the devs are more likely to see it ;)

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