Suggestion for making the Merchant Alliance more engaging.

  • What I'd like to see is actually having a destination to pick up the items, particularly the animals. Explosive barrels are fine because they're plentiful in forts but animals just feel random to find and frustrating. I've looked on islands with reported animals, particularly chickens supposedly being on Thieves Haven, but I have never seen a chicken there once. Some consistency would go a long way in improving its feeling.

    Second, please make it a passive voyage, similar to a message in a bottle, rather than active and therefore, taking up the slot of an active voyage (such as through the Gold Hoarders). That simple change would go a long way in just happening upon the right items while out voyaging for something else. I had a message in a bottle with a Merchant Alliance mission last night and it felt less tedious to find the items as I went along rather than be forced to go island to island not finding what I needed running around like a hapless chicken.

    Third, please just give us an item on the ship to store resources such as coops. There's no two ways around it: getting coops from the shopkeep is just plain bad. Hoping to find a coop on an island isn't much better either. There are plenty of unused barrels on both ships, so having a universal coop would be fine. There's no reason they should be segregated by chicken/pig/snake anyway.

    Lastly, remove the specific outpost to turn in the items for the current voyage. How annoying would it be if Gold Hoarders and the Order of Souls required you to turn in the chest to a specific outpost? For some reason, that stipulation is exclusive to the Merchant Alliance.

    A potential idea to make the voyages more engaging instead of how it works now is to get the items ahead of time from the Merchant Alliance, instead of having the ability of selling the animals/explosive barrels, and deliver it to somewhere else. In other words, you get the items from the shopkeeper instead of the coops, load them up on the ship, and deliver it to a different outpost. Just an idea on that.

    If ALL else fails, please greatly increase the payout for just selling items without a voyage. It is painful at present; I don't even think one receives credit for selling animals by themselves. This renders picking up animals out in the wild for sale entirely pointless. I would like to be able to have some incentive to actually acquire money for them instead of lost hopes and dreams and feeling like I just wasted all that time.

    I love this game but man, right now, the Merchant Alliance is such a drain. Right now, I just despise it and hope that it either gets an improvement or a non-requirement from acquiring Pirate Legend in the full game.

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  • @lizardheart I love the Merchant alliance. It’s my fave faction.
    I do agree it would be nice to be able to run quests simultaneously, like when you find a bottle, but I love that you have to actually explore places you might not have, in order to fulfil your quest from the MA.

  • @lizalaroo It would be nice to at least have a suggestion as to what island to go. Different servers seem to have different spawns and I find that incredibly frustrating.

  • @lizardheart Yes! I have been frustrated too lol Thieves Haven had a ton of chickens when I went there first. When I returned they’d run off! Took me a good 20 minutes to find them hiding higher up the island! Lol All good practice though, don’t you think, for when the game releases :D

  • @lizalaroo I don't. I'd rather circumvent the issue entirely than hope for the best and end up disappointed.

  • Some really good ideas here for sure. I don't think they will change the delivery to a certain outpost aspect. It works thematically and in my opinion not a big deal.
    I don't know about coop storage although I just found out last night that there are storage boxes in game that you can find on islands that let you store planks, cannon balls, banana's, etc. So you could bring that to another vessel to really ransack their stuff. I think since the coops work like chests (you can't run with them etc) they are a commodity that you wouldn't be able to store. Maybe allow us to purchase coops from the merchant with the amount available scale to our reputation. Make them enough so that they could be resold back to the merchant by another crew... again, make coops more of a commodity.

    I definitely agree that the voyages should end after you cage your last animal. I didn't know there were passive voyages for Merchants so that is great!

  • @lizalaroo Hey I think the merchant alliance can be nice and safe, even if it is long. because other players will not want to steal your merchant alliance loot since they get nothing from it if they dont have the quest open.

    problem is, they can just instantly kill your chicken and pigs (or even gunpowder and make it worse) and the quests might take very long too.

    I had a pig and named it bartholomew, until I realised that you need to feed it bananas. I had to do it a favor and shoot it in the back of the head to end its suffering, or we run out of bananas

  • Haven't personally vetted the locations listed but should work for a start. There's another cheat sheet floating around but it's a pain to upload photos from my phone.

  • @salazar-armando pretty sure you get money from turning in animals even if you don't have a quest for them. I turned in an extra animal from a crate I found. The money varies on the rarity of the animal.

    I COULD be wrong since the money doesn't always show immediately in the beta, but animals NEED to have value to other crews like chests.

  • @d-kyzar Oh idk then. when i turn in a random animal it doesn't give me any gold. could be a bug like you say with the money not showing up.

    I just feel like animals are so much harder to find and can give little to nothing compared to chests so they should be safer to carry.

    anyways if you find jack sparrow tell me, ive been looking for that little bird.

  • I never had any monetary value for turning in animals myself. It always just sells for nothing on my end. I know the game is buggy in that regard but even after resetting, I see no discernible difference in my money/rep.

  • I agree with this 100%
    Me and my friend tried 1 Merchant voyage, and then we never did it again. It was took so much time and paid so little.
    In its current state, there simply is no reason to play merchant missions. They are not worth your time for the amount of money you get. Having to go back to an outpost before and after every single voyage is just too tedious. With Gold Hoarders and Order of Souls, you can keep going on voyage after voyage without stopping at an outpost until the entire crew is out of voyages.
    I want to like the merchant voyages, but they just are not profitable relative to the other quests.
    I think the number one change that you suggested would be making the merchant voyages passive. I feel like that alone could make the merchants worth it. That way you can still be getting chests and skull bounties, but then when you happen upon the animal you need you can snag it for extra cash. And it wouldn't ruin the whole "going places you wouldn't normally go," because as you start running out of time on the merchant voyage, it would then encourage that behavior.

    TL;DR: I agree with most said here, and the idea to turn merchant voyages into passive voyages is a grand idea.

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