I don´t recieved my verification e-mail (in spam it is not)

  • please help me with it

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  • @nomadicdawn8259 How long ago did you put in an email to be verified? It can take a few hours sometimes. This is the email that you put in on your account page correct?

  • Firstly, your message reminded me of Yoda. Not a criticism, I like Yoda 😋

    So I never received an email for the closed beta (a couple of weeks ago) but I was still able to play. I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t get one. Just make sure you have everything installed and ready.

    As far as I can tell, the email is just helpful communication, you don’t need it to gain entry.

    Good luck!

  • I have the same Problem, I dont get any confirmation mail.

    @SnowBodhi I think he means the sign up email and not an invite email. Without confirming to sign up for the Insider program you dont become an Insider and likely dont get Access to the scaletest this Weekend.

    As I said, I have the same Problem. Signed up ~4 hours ago and so far no email :/

  • @strykaar @NomadicDawn8259

    There is some guidance on this page -


  • I didn’t received mine until now and I signed up like three days ago.

  • @strykaar Sorry to hear that. Best of luck with it, I hope you both get sorted.

  • @katttruewalker thank you

  • @katttruewalker oh no!! i did resent it 3 times and change the email 2 times... hope i will still get it in 24 hours now...

  • @jabba133 I'll keep me fingers crossed for ye!

  • @katttruewalker I've had the same issue hopefully it gets sorted out by tomorrow otherwise I won't get a chance to try this game out before launch :/

  • @katttruewalker I got it!! Yarr!!

  • Well the problem still exist. no insder or normal verification here.

  • well, i'm an insider but not invited to the pioneer session. yet my friends got that email and i have pioneer installed. this is bad... of course they want to play it and i'm left. thnx Rare and MS

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