[Mega Thread] - Character customisation - the IPG (Part 1)

  • Following the release of information on February 13th, we've seen a great many discussions around the IPG and character customisation in Sea of Thieves.

    As referenced in this announcement, any and all discussion on Character Customisation preferences, suggestions and opinions can be posted here.

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    Here is a relevant article with video which outlines the system -

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  • I volunteer to be tribute.

    Edit: Feel free to move this post here or open the link to read the article. And what's IPG? Thanks, @ant-heuser-kush

    While my post^ had my initial disappointment but considering how close the game is to release, my post's recommended solution is not viable in the time-frame. Perhaps we can save/pin a handful of the randomly generated characters and we can either go with the one we saved or which we found on the generator.

    This imo nullifies the drawback many expressed with the random character generator since you can't save the ones you liked.

    Edit 2: After trying the IPG in the scale test, Im relieved to say the system was passable. Would I wanted to have sliders? Ofc, but for the time being Im content with this. The IPG returns actual decent pirates, however I do have a question and an issue.

    The issue is it's hard to tell the character skin tone in the selection menu. My character ended up being more darker than I thought it would be. It'll be nice if there was a feature to zoom in a character model and see it in different lighting conditions (e.g in-travern, Sea of Plenty and the dark cloudy conditions of the east etc) and free-cam angles.

    Question concerns the pirates from IPG default load-out. For example, if a pirate had a mustache and I equip the admiral beard on him, does the mustache stay and combine with the beard or gets unequipped entirely?

  • It's cool idea. Everyone is imperfect IRL so i am okay with random pirate generator.

  • Its not good if there isnt a placeholder for a pirate whilst you cycle through. You dont know if youve got the best pirate until you seen a few. With the various models, theyre going to all be different on each roll. So whats to say the pirate for you is on page 1 but you wouldnt know that until youve cycled through abit to realise it, at which point its too late and your doomed to carry on cycling through until that char reappears. My impression of that is theres either a huge amount of variations between chars and the cycle is near endless or theres 80 models and you cycle through 10 times to see them all which would mean your pirate isnt "unique". Judging by the article though, Rare want it as "you own rare designed char" which makes it seem like theres alot of options - which then reiterates my point, if you cant placehold a pirate, what are the chances of finding that one again whilst your browsing the selections. - Placeholders have to exist.

  • @aprovoked-mango i think you shouldn't look for a the best one but the most similiar to what you want. You already know that there won't be the same pirate on the circle again so you will pick one that you think is most accurate to what you want and just jump ino the game and have fun.

  • @avecrux Thats one and the same though, the best pirate is the one thats similar to what you want. My point is, how do you know its the one you want until youve seen a selection of models? At which point the one that is now ideal after browsing is long gone. That is a massive gamble on whether or not you select the first char thats acceptable or cycle through to find what you like. Having a placeholder removes that gamble and allows you to cycle through to pick the most accurate pirate to your wants.

  • I think the pirate generator looks fantastic.

    The ability to find your perfect character is, as I have read, unfortunately incomplete. I would like to have more options with customizing your character so you can be completely happy with the one you have chosen. Think of the mouth, nose, eyes and skin color. etc. (kind of how it works in the sims.) This because the character is linked to your gamertag you must have the possibility to create a character that you will not regret later on because it can not be replaced for another character.

    So simple idea..... you can still choose one of the characters in the menu and adjust it a bit to your own taste and style like the mouth, nose, eyes and skin color etc..

  • Yeah I'm not sure that I like this way of choosing a character.

    I like the way the characters are designed, though I think it should cover more diversity than what I've seen in the open-beta (as in : not every pirate is supposed to be a bit... "imperfect" (trying to avoid saying ugly here)). But I think that's already the case and I'm just not aware of it.

    I would love to have my own character, customized the way I want it to be and not "as close as possible as I want it to be". Just as I am used to do it in most games.

    What could be interesting is "earning scars". Having scars added after your adventures.
    For example I've seen that the wooden leg can be bought. So what happens ? You chop your own leg if you still have two legs?
    I'm surprisingly out of ideas right now, I'll probably come back and edit this post.


  • @aprovoked-mango
    Just keep cycling through until your thumb is sore m8, you don't need a placeholder!!
    Just keep bashing that button until the character comes around again ;)

  • Another way you've got to look at it is that at least having the pirate selection done this way, we aren't going to end up with 250000 Jack Sparrow clones running about!!!!

  • @aprovoked-mango you need to make a decision. There aren't any placeholders in real life in some cases. I know it's a game but there you just need to be a man and make your decision. Everyone will be the same pirates, only their appearance will be different.

  • @logansdadtoo Haha! what if its infinite and it never comes around again? :P

    Theres way too many questions with this system. Im not fussed for design a char down to the eyebrows but I would like to see all whats available, like the general core basemodels. Is it infinite? Is their a magic number to repeat a cycle? Just questions I feel like need answering tbh :)

  • @aprovoked-mango age/gender/hairs/eyes/eye color/eyebrows/nose/mouth/ears/shape of the head/feets/legs/chest/belly/waist/height/weight/skin color.

    i think there would be many same pirates but one with b********s, one with blue, with different skin colors etc.

    just with 10 different options on each thing you've got 180 different pieces what gives you 180! =
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  • @aprovoked-mango
    Totally see your point m8, just yanking your chain ;)
    I'm not too fussed about the appearance of my character, but that's just me. 95% of the time, i ain't going to see my pirate, so don't see the issue myself!
    Heck, for about the 1st 3 months of my time in the alpha i got landed with the fat biker pirate & if i wasn't him i was the other rotund character!

  • First, Thanks for the Mega Thread. @katttruewalker

    I understand and agree with what Rare is doing here. Ensuring that not one Pirate looks like another (Jack Sparrow look alikes/ "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up").
    Also avoiding another typical Ark: Survival Evolved short guy with a THICK neck and skinny legs.
    NOW I know people will disagree, but trust me we WOULD see 1000 Jack Sparrows and we WOULD have some non realistic character that only does shrugs and skips leg day type short guy. Maybe just maybe.. with this type of character selection we can have people choosing a variety of character they would have never played.

    The Fix :
    Like many have mentioned already, a few minor tweaks would meet some people in the middle.

    1. Lock-In/Unlock Character Button (Allowing you to save a pirate you like and reroll the rest)
    2. Gender Option (Male/Female)

    At the VERY least top 2 should be implemented.


    1. Body Type Lock (Skinny, Chubby, Fit, Normal)
    2. Age Lock (Old Face/Middle Age/ Young Face)
    3. Height Lock (Short/Tall)

    All you others that agree or would like to add please tag me on next comment. I'd def like to see what other ideas you have. Thanks!

  • @dudeurscoped more locks will make less unique experience

  • @logansdadtoo Haha, no worries! Yeah ive been a female char for as long as I can remember up until beta where I got a guy.

    @DudeUrScoped I dont think we really need to expand past lock/unlock option and maybe gender. The others I think will just hide some of the great models that will be created, im fine with the IPG, it just need those limits as suggested so people can see whats on offer :)

  • @avecrux

    Honestly, I agree with you. The current way that we see isn't really bothering me because I wouldn't mind rolling for 30 mins until I get the right character. That being said that's just ME. I have an IDEA of what i'd like so I'll take something close. On the other hand others what that SPECIFIC look.
    I'm just trying to be fair and mindful spitting out ideas to meet the others that have the love for character creation right in the middle (though possibly for them it's still the short stick).

    Rare would have to implement something to keep the pirate family happy. My opinion of course.

  • @dudeurscoped i think that IPG would fit perfectly. The game is not serious, the game is based on skill, but also on a large dose of laughter and fun, which is why the silly and exaggerated characters will perfectly match

  • @avecrux

    Aye! Like i said previously I'm all for it. I'm just thinking with both sides in mind.

    Also I'm not sure if you're a PC player, but trust me when I say them boys/gals be serious about the character creation. An MMO silly game or not it affects some people so we have to throw them a bone.

    Again just thinking with both baseball caps. I just want most people to be happy =).

  • @scheefinator
    Yeah, I understand what you're getting at.

    Maybe that player that always goes for a short guy with no beard will actually be a tall big boy with a mustache because he saw it and was appealing to him/her.

    Tough cookie. I'm pretty interested to see what happens in this Mega Thread. It will be a doozy.

  • A simple lock button (as I mentioned in all of the other customization threads) would be great. The ability to lock in a pirate or 2 or 7 and continue to re-roll would give the best chance of getting what an individual wants. I also think at a minimum a gender filter is necessary. I am sure most players know if they want their toon to be male or female. A gender filter would cut down the selection pool by 50% and greatly speed the process. Finally, some clarification on what customization options are available after the creation screen would be helpful. Tattoos,scars, piercings, hairstyle, hair color, etc. Does this happen during game play, or is it random too?

  • @qm-ginger-beard This guy right here! I just need a medium-fat Scottish fella with green eyes. I think with that I can recreate myself with the other customizations. You think you fooled me with the IPG? Ha jokes on you rare I am actually ugly enough to be on of your pirates! hahahaha!

  • Having a character lock or a pool of preferred characters and then two or three filters would be all I need to be ok with the IPG. At least this way I can constantly generate characters similar to what I want and that way I can compare them.

    As it stands right now it's way too random and many people will have to settle for something they don't necessarily like. Add the locks and filters and it'll be much better!

  • @katttruewalker @khaleesibot

    Is it an idea to post a video? Maybe people are still satisfied with it after seeing a short video instead of people starting a discussion on a picture that is on the internet.

    A picture does not always say everything. :)

  • @katttruewalker At the very least there needs to be a lock/save option. So if you find a model that you like, you can have it put to the side and continue your search. Honestly though, a real fix to all of this would be to let the randomizer stay in place for those that like it, and then have the option you take a base character model and customize it with the basic RPG elements seen in all other RPG'esk games.

    I've said this in other threads, but the name Ethnine has more of a meaning than a lot of people know. Its not just a name on a forum, its a character that I've used throughout my years gaming. All of my characters have a unique look, that is different but fits my character. My humble following on YouTube and Twitch know the type of character I play, and they recognize me inside and outside the game. Limiting that possibility really goes against everything I've learned to love about RPGs, and the process of creating a character.

    The way Rare has talked about Sea of Thieves is that your character, and your ship, are extensions of who you are. They reflect your choices and tell stories of your journey to becoming that pirate legend. With a system like this, on top of the removal of ship ownership until endgame, you can't really grow your legend. Your character isn't yours, its a piece of code thrown together by a algorithm from the games developer. And your ship isn't yours, its just a randomly generated object that you use. Nothing has meaning, which kills the connection/immersion between the player and the character.

    I am hopeful that things will change, and that we will be given at least some minor tweaks to the character models that we choose. Even if its the ability to change their hair, nose, eyes, and mouth. The idea that I have to grind for hours to gain enough gold just to purchase a hair style I like, seems like a lazy attempt at adding in a form of rewards or progression. Its a poor choice in my opinion, and I hope the disconnect between players and characters is something they focus on before release.

  • As we all noticed by now, this game is a session based game. by this I mean, nothing carries with you from one play session to other, only your money, purchases and companies progression...

    so if this goes with the flow, we should be expecting to generate a character every time before we start playing.. if so, I think this is the best option for our character creation...

    You generate one for this session, if you gets tired of it, you can always change session. IDK... by one side this would not create a bound between you and your character.
    but by other side, the chances of variety, customization and creativity will be much higher.

    I somehow liked this, one way or another if you'll keep your character through or not, both are in the game's Motos. Create your legend and every character as a role to play and came to SoT for a reason ... Lets wait and see.


  • I can't see them changing it at this stage. They may implement it later on in order to garner some goodwill from the community à la ‘New Coke,’ but the lead devs seem to be set in their ways in terms of what this "overarching idea" of the game should be—for better or for worse.

    To me personally, this one in particular isn't a big deal.

  • @nunoazuldimeter Is it? I must of missed where they said this was a session based game? I feel like things should persist, as that is what you will need to build a pirate legend. I would think. Having to put on your beard and eye patches at the start of every session is a sure way to kill immersion, and truly disconnect the player from their characters.

    In other words, that is a stupid way to make an RPG if that is indeed the idea. I never thought of Sea of Thieves as a session based shooter, that belongs to PUBG and other games FPS games. But even those games allow your characters customization's to persist between sessions. So I am super confused as to what developer in their right mind would think this would be a good idea for a game like Sea of Thieves.

  • @ethnine
    Is as it is right now.. every time you enter a session you need to customize your character, your inventory, your weapons.. when they release the ship customisation, probably will be the same.. why not the character too?
    Just saying. We don't really know.. I'm just saying based on what we have now.. there aren't so much time left until its release. We should start thinking some things we have right now will be looking the same by its release..

  • I'm torn. My inner RPG-fan wants sliders out the stern, but my inner Pirate want me to choose quickly so we can plunder faster...

    I totally understand why Rare went this route and it fits very well with the idea of the game, but it also affects your ability to #BeMorePirate and be the pirate you want to be.

    1/2 vote for Yes, keep it!
    1/2 vote for No, get it away!

    cough Tales From The Tavern #16 - Launch Content Explained cough

  • Thanks for the mega thread, im not sure for 100% but may be i will be more happy with out roll in infinite... lock some attributes like... skin or body type things like this you know... i think not evrybody are happy about this... i dont want to say change evrything but come in the middle, if you get some lock and choose it would more easy and evryone are happy :))) me for first lolz

  • @nunoazuldimeter said in [Mega Thread] - Character customisation - the IPG:

    Is as it is right now.. every time you enter a session you need to customize your character, your inventory, your weapons.. when they release the ship customisation, probably will be the same.. why not the character too?
    Just saying. We don't really know.. I'm just saying based on what we have now.. there aren't so much time left until its release. We should start thinking some things we have right now will be looking the same by its release..

    That was a bug in alpha and beta builds.

  • As much as I had a concept of what my pirate was going to be and I was looking forward to making him, I have to admit the more I think about it I have been able to become attached to the totally random characters I've been stuck with during the alpha/beta. Being able to customize them in game helps - if we were stuck with the exact same outfit it would be a VERY different story.

    It did make me wonder one thing... I notice all of the pirates in the pictures we've seen of the IPG are dressed differently, while in beta we all started with the same set of "Sailor" clothes. Does this mean different characters will have different starting outfits?

  • @nunoazuldimeter Ugh, I sure hope its not this way. That will be a huge pain having to re-apply your beard, eye patch, hat, coat, legs, gloves, belt, and weapons. Then turn around and have to do the same thing to your ship at the start of every sessions forever. That sure is a great way to kill the games immersion, and really destroy the RPG aspect of the whole game.

    Maybe its just that way for testing, to test out those mechanics to make sure they are functioning correctly?

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