Brig abuse

  • The brig abuse is real. Joined a match, was immediately voted into the brig im assuming to make room for a friend. Most players would back out. i decided to leave the beta running for hours while i went to dinner. Got to collect gold i didn't have to work for. had the crew asked me to leave that would've been fine.

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  • @rump-spank3r
    The brig really needs to be more like a timeout. Like you only stay in for a predetermined amount of time. So if a crew member is acting up you can still set them aside, but you can't abuse it to this extent of just screwing over matchmaking players. I don't know how to fix them just immediately locking you up again once time is up. But baby steps first.

  • This has happened to me twice in a row trying to matchmake into a four player game. I'm kinda disappointed in how the community is turning out to be.

  • @ctl-x-alt-x-del totally agreed, it was pure trolling , laughing and playing music around the brig

  • @itsmcpeepants same here and how something so game changing could get overlooked. i mean seriously, a jail for a player with no time limit and no oversight. how does that get implemented and overlooked?

  • @rump-spank3r

    This happens in other games with random group generators.

    Group votes you out simply because they wanted to be in a group of 3 instead of the 4 the game generates.

    Sounds like they'll have 3 group option at release.... and why not.

  • In the last developer podcast rare said people in the brig will soon have a time limit to get out.

  • @rump-spank3r I was locked in the brig, then they filled the bottom of the hull with water so i was forced to drown and die repeatedly inside a cage lol

  • Yeah this feature is abysmal right now, just got in a game with 3 randoms who I can only assume are in party chat together and they straight away voted to put me in the brig for no reason whatsoever. Now I am forced to back out of game and attempt to find another lobby only to get voted into the brig again. People are just abusing this feature because trolls will be trolls and games are now full of anti-socials who do not communicate or play with people out of their inner circles.

  • @jrsf91 I've yet to have my chat work during the Beta and I had the same unfortunate event happen to me! :(

  • People are doing this because they are trying to play on a "private" lobby with 3 of their friends instead of 4... Devs should have really added a private lobby in this beta...

  • So far, the only time I needed to use this feature it came in real handy. The player that was on the wheel stepped away from the controller, and we were about to head into rocks. So a quick vote immediately freed up the wheel so we could change course.

  • @nonsmalljohn On PC Voice & text chat does not work, even in the alpha PC had the same issues...

  • Two big problems with the brig currently

    1. Most people will auto-brig you if you join a game and don't have a mic. This game is virtually unplayable if you don't have voice comms so if you want to play that way, its prob best to find a group of fellow non mic people and group up.

    2. In the beta you cannot make a private lobby or game for your friends. So yes when 3 of 4 join and while waiting for the 4th some random joins, they will auto brig them and ask them to leave or just wait for them to quit. This is just bad design and being brigged is the by-product of not being able to make invite only games.

    If you were getting brigged and you were not griefing then those were prob the issues going on. Best thing to do i would suggest is join the discord server at and hang out in the looking-for-group channel. Looking forward to sailing with you!

  • @rump-spank3r

    Agreed 100%. First game I was finally able to join after 30 minutes of trying i was immediately throw in the Brig. I hadn't done anything. I had a mic and kept asking why with no response. They had mics also as they were communicating to each other only.

  • Most of the problems discussed will be fixed when support for 3 player crews drops. Also, Rare already confirmed in the podcast they are looking at the brig and adjusting it. I think they will remove the feature where you get gold if you are in the brig, thats kind of broken atm.

  • @althealbl thank you very much I have a Mic and will check the discord

  • @binaryhammer same situation for me as well smh

  • @the-moop-within I was wondering why I couldn't get text chat to work. Mic I've been told I am heard though

  • @djm-xr07 I'm sorry but that is hilarious lol

  • Maybe I'm missing something, why not just give the Cap'n of a crew the ability to kick a player... say walk the plank? Unwanted player is gone, but hasn't been locked out of game play or forced to quit and start over. Like I said, perhaps I am missing something.


  • What's this? Post millennial kids getting rewarded for no effort or skill? Sounds about right to me, and they're still complaining about it!

  • @itsmcpeepants said in Brig abuse:

    This has happened to me twice in a row trying to matchmake into a four player game. I'm kinda disappointed in how the community is turning out to be.

    Like every other community when they are in a PvP survival game with loot... Toxic.
    Play solo/2 man and you'll be griefed, camped, trolled. If you complain, you're told, join a 4 man team. So you join a 4 man team....they put you in the brig.
    So RARE and MS expect people pay $100AUD for this experience? What a wasted opportunity for RARE to showcase the charm and attention to detail their games have. Yet another PvP troll simulator.

  • @rump-spank3r said in Brig abuse:

    @itsmcpeepants same here and how something so game changing could get overlooked. i mean seriously, a jail for a player with no time limit and no oversight. how does that get implemented and overlooked?

    This game was made to give people grief, it’s a trolls dream. I love it.

  • @rump-spank3r I think the reason this is an issue at the moment is because of the current matchmaking setup forcing people into 4 man crews when players may just want to play as 3, or as you say, are waiting for a friend. But then it's not uncommon for multiplayer games in beta to do this.

    Rare have said that they are aware that many players want to be able to manage their crew better though, so hopefully the launch version will allow players to create private crews if they so wish, which should solve the problem of people being brigged as soon as they enter a game.

  • @djm-xr07 I'm not going to say that that was me and my buddies, but I'm pretty sure that was me and my buddies. We did it because you kept ringing the bell and raising the anchor when we were trying to loot islands.

    The drowning was on accident... at first. We ran aground, it flooded the ship into the second deck, saw you screaming that you were on your last banana, had a good chuckle. Then we saw that you kept spawning in there and had a heavier chuckle. Then we realized you were just hanging out on the ferry so we went around and got you some more gold. :)

  • I had a mid sized boat today, ended up on my own, so started a task only to be joined by others who decided to keep dropping the anchor etc... and generally making the session un-bareable.. so i left.

  • So many reasons listed here confirming my position that when people I know aren't on, I'll play solo. It's sad, and I wish joining a pick up group wasn't such an exercise in futility that usually results in getting grouped with juveniles or trolls or both.

  • I had some great fun with a random bunch, several of whom i will gladly sail again,, got next to no treasure but was great fun.
    Another random crew were very serious, lot's of gold, but lacking any humour. So i agree it is very hit and miss, and i guess folks game for different reasons, have taken to sailing alone too..

  • I feel like the brig is a neat idea that is really going to need a lot of tweaking to get right. Time limit is a help but I feel there should be lockpicking mini-game as well. This may also because I still feel bad when I raided a ship during alpha that had somebody locked in the brig I couldn't free and watched them drown :(

  • @sandman929 I usually play solo as well as I have no one to play with who games but the times I did use the feature to play with randoms was ok, there was only one I encountered a bunch of hostile-aggressive players.

    I actually do believe this is a problem for some reason people like being nasty with each other, I get it if the solo random who joins is obstructing everything but most of the time they want to try to help, lol.

    brigs a great idea a even better idea is to put the person on his own little canoe ship while the other players sail off so they can't antagonize the situation, this will spawn a mermaid and allow the ejected player to get his own sloop on a different port.

  • @chosen-predator maybe I'll give it a try tonight, I'd like to play on the galleon, but haven't had enough friends on to do it and have been reluctant to dip my toes into the pug waters just based on stories shared here and pug experience in other games.
    I'm not an introvert, but I'm also 43 and not giggling constantly and talking about g******s while basking in light-hearted homophobia (also previous pug experience).
    So there are some barriers to joining random players. Still, worth a try.

  • @undeadxhooligan oh no that was my friends lol,we wanted to see if it was possible to do that, it was pretty funny and i thought id share it here

  • Yeah, this needs a fix, people who constantly put others in the brig should get a lockout or something, its fustrating to a point where i decided to play alone...

  • @rump-spank3r Thats what I do, and my computer is a hell of a beast, so sometimes i leave it running on monitor 2 while loading ark or something on monitor 1.

    they created a brig... so players can lock up trolls... but forget that people are generally trigger happy aszholes. people dont need a reason to lock someone up, just have to want to or think its funny. ive spent $70 on this game. played for 4 hours... 3.5h of which have been in brigs, or loading screens between brigs.

    it should just be disabled, players cant be trusted.

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