[CLOSED] Design an Achievement Contest!

  • Ahoy!

    Not a day goes by here at Rare where I don’t hear someone playing Sea of Thieves shout, “that should be an achievement!”.

    This is a sentiment shared by our community, even just a cursory glance at these forums offer a wealth of threads detailing cool stories that have actually happened during our Technical Alpha, or general ideas around what would make for a great achievement in the future. This gave us an idea; what if we invited YOU the community to join us in the Closed Beta and, with your best thinking hooks on, help us create a new achievement!

    When the Closed Beta kicks off TODAY, the 24th of January at 12pm GMT, we’ll be opening a forum thread (THIS ONE!) to gather up all your best ideas. When Closed Beta ends on Wednesday the 31st of January, we’ll then close this forum thread, and lock ourselves in the Brig until we’ve picked our 5 favourite achievement ideas. Once we’ve gathered those top 5, hopefully someone will let us out of the Brig and we can pass the list back to the community to vote on your favourite!

    Now onto the rewards! The winning achievement idea will become a fully realised Sea of Thieves achievement in the future, PLUS the winner will have their name written into our credits parchment. As if that wasn’t enough, the winner will also receive a signed piece of artwork from the whole team, and a wealth of extra Sea of Thieves booty!

    To enter, please read the rules below and post your entry on our forum in this thread using this template:

    Achievement Name: No more than 44 characters – e.g ‘Bone-Cronch’
    Achievement Description: No more than 100 characters – e.g ‘Kill a skeleton while it's 'cronching' on a banana.’
    (Optional): A suggested image idea for the Achievement.

    alt text


    • Please only use this forum post to add ideas, we want to keep this free from discussion - BUT you can upvote to your hearts content!
    • And for ALL the rules, you can grab a tankard and read up on them here.

    Thanks and good luck to all the pirate achievers out there!

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  • @teddy-25 Totally awesome idea!

    Achievement Name: Barf Bomb
    Achievement Description: Better get a new outfit! Been sick on X times in the tavern.
    (Optional): A pirate with a bucket full of the green stuff.

    Obviously would be a good way to get guys in the tavern having a laugh. And a bit of a high number would make it a challenging one to get.

  • @teddy-25 Achievement name: Bad leg, bad day

    Achievement description: Get killed by an enemy player or skeleton while your leg is broken from a fall.

    Don't know for sure what could work on the image... maybe a skeleton leg but I don't know.

  • Achievement Name: Death from Above
    Achievement Description: Kill an enemy player while still in the air after being fired out of a cannon.
    (Optional): A pirate in mid-flight after being fired out of a canon with an unsuspecting foe beneath.

  • Achievement Name: Batten Down The Hatches

    Achievement Description: Successfully sail through a storm as the captain of a solo sloop.

    Achievement Art: This shot from The Perfect Storm but with Sea of Thieves' art design. This shot from The Perfect Storm but with Sea of Thieves' art design

  • Awesome, a contest!

    Achievement Name: Conductor of Demise
    Achievement Description: Play music for your pirate friends while they kill 100 skeletons
    Achievement Image: Something like this maybe ?

    *Edit - I thought of one more! I thought I'd edit, rather than post again.
    Achievement Name: Boom goes the Dynamite
    Achievement Description: Set off a chain of boom booms using 10 or more boom booms
    Achievement Image: Multiple Boom Boom barrels in a row ranging from exploded to un-exploded

  • Achievement Name: Boarding Party
    Achievement Description: Successfully land on an enemy ship after being fired from a cannon.
    (Optional): First person view of a mid-air pirate just about to land on a ship.

  • Achievement Name: A Horrible Human Being
    Achievement Description: Kill X chickens.
    Achievement Image: A dead chicken (an x for eyes for example) or a crying chicken.

    People love the chickens so this would be a pretty hard achievement to get :D .

  • Shark bait
    Achievement Name: shark bait
    Achievement Description: killed by shark 100 times
    Suggested image idea for the Achievement: shark mouth open badge

    achieved for been killed by shark 100 times

  • Achievement name: Booty Hunter
    Achievement description: Sell 100 chests per type.
    Achievement image: A pile of chests.

  • Achievement Name: shark wisper

    Achievement Description: kill 100 sharks

    Suggested image idea for the Achievement: badge of pirate whispering into sharks ear

  • @teddy-25

    Achievement Name: Frequent Flyer
    Achievement Description: Fly for a total of 10000 steps, while being fired from a cannon.
    (Optional): Artwork featuring winged cannonball with a skull on it.

  • Achievement Name: Make Friends & Influence People
    Achievement Description: Use the 'Make Friends' emote to make 5 friends.
    (Optional): Two pirates drinking grog in a tavern.

  • title: The Befuddled Bomber. achievement: Inadvertently kill yourself by carrying, placing or otherwise attempting to detonate a bomb. Corresponding emblem: do so more than 5 times and also unlock the emblem: Bomb King.

  • Achievement Name : Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Achievement description : Kill 10 former infamous pirates and collect their skulls.

  • Achievement Name: Bullseye

    Achievement Description: Land on another ship after being shot out of a cannon.

    (Optional): A suggested image for the achievement: Use a cannon icon.

  • Achievement Name: The drunken sailor
    Achievement Description: kill 10 players while being drunk

  • Achievement Name: Island Hopper
    Description: Visit every island in Sea of Thieves at least once.
    (Optional): Two or three islands with and arrow moving from one to the other and then to the next.

  • Achievement Name: En Guard

    Achievement Description: Parray with the sword x number of times.

    (Optional): A suggested image for the achievemet: Picture of clashing swords.

  • Achievement Name: X Marks The Cannon!
    Achievement Description: Launch yourself from a cannon to within ___ of a buried chest! (___ can be any distance, for instance 10m or 10 meters, maybe even 1 Meter or 1 foot. This in parenthesis is NOT part of the description)
    (Optional): An image of a pirate being launched from a cannon towards an island or a big red X on the island.

  • Achievement Name: Business is Booming
    Achievement Description: Use gunpowder barrels to destroy 100 skeletons.
    (Optional): Several skeletons being blown through the air by an explosion.

  • Explorer: reach all islands in Sea of thieves achievement reward special compass

  • I know this might sound very difficult but it would be satifying to see/do
    Achievement Name: Can-man shooting
    Achievement Description: Shoot and hit a Player who has shot themselves out of a cannon in the air with any ranged weapon
    (Optional): A pirate being shot mid air with a Cannon ball

  • Achievement Name: "Eye of Boom"
    Achievement Description: Kill a pirate near a gunpowder barrel by shooting it with the Eye of Reach.
    (Optional): A scope with an explosion could be fitting as image, or something similiar.

  • Achievement Name: Thar She Blows

    Achievement Description: Fire yourself out of a cannon & land on a whale without touching the water.

    Suggested Image: A Whale Tail

  • Achievement Name: Hard-Worker
    Achievement Details: Reach X level with all the factions (I don't know if there is a max rank or not but I guess have it be reach max if that exists)
    (Optional): An exhausted pirate catching his breath. Or a pirate running while carrying some goods.

  • @teddy-25
    acheivement name revenge

    description barf on a skelly while he’s running away from you to get your revenge

  • Achievement Name: Clucken Falls
    Achievement Description: Throw a caged chicken off a cliff.

  • Achievement Name: Tavern Tales

    Achievement Description: While in a Maelstrom, Shoot yourself from a Canon while playing a musical instrument and land on another ship. "You What?"

    (Optional): A pirate pointing behind themself seemingly retelling a story to a group of pirates with mixed facial expressions
    ( astonished, dismissive , complete disbelief

  • Achievement Name:Grog for the Sea Dogs

    Achievement Description:
    Drink 10,000 ales

    Suggested Picture: A drunk pirate asleep surrounded by barrels labeled XXX

  • Achievement Name : Buccaneers Curse

    Achievement Description : Get X treasure chest’ stolen from your ship.

  • Achievement Name: "But... why?"

    Achievement Description: Fire yourself out of a cannon and hit a chicken.

    (Optional): A confused looking chicken in the middle of crosshairs.

  • Achievement Name: Sloop There It Is!
    Achievement Description: Land on the deck of a small ship X amount of times (or once) after being fired from a cannon.

  • Achievement Name: We Need a Fryer
    Achievement Description: Or some herbs and spices for this boat load of chicken.
    (Optional): Chicken leg and sword crossed in arms.

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