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    My idea is to create a Discord server ONLY for creators where there are NO fans, only creators who then help each other and projects can be made together and better. Especially the little creators like you and me need cooperation and friends.

    If you would like to be there, I would be happy to write to DC (Asinus_HD)

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  • great idea i'll support it

  • I liked the idea, count on me.

  • Sounds great, would love to be a part of it

  • Sent you a friend request, recently reached affiliate and am looking to network around a bit.

    I’m not sure but it might be worth asking @j0toro if a creator only discord already exists?

  • Ahoy! We have one for the Stream Team but we don't have a wider one for only creators. I can certainly look into it but right not it's not something we have the scope for as it would need constant moderation. I love the idea though so please keep me posted!

  • I love this idea, and it's something I considered doing myself but I just don't have the time that it deserves, so I'll drop you a message for an invite :)

  • @id10t5134 write me on Discord (Asinus_HD)

  • @petrykus write me on Discord (Asinus_HD)

  • @capt-kamoba write me on Discord (Asinus_HD)

  • @lucinda-712 write me on Discord (Asinus_HD)

  • @thepretenduk write me on Discord (Asinus_HD)

  • Message sent matey.

  • @capt-kamoba :)

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