Looking for a friendly, fun crew (GMT time zone, F31)

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a crew, I like to chat and have a laugh. I'm mainly playing weekends, sometimes during the week on evenings too.

    I like PvE, tall tales etc.. I'm not very good at PvP but not against it though.

    Anyway, let me know if you've got some space for me :)

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  • @megapixel5983
    I sent you a friend request and a guild invitation. I play often after work in the evenings (Central standard time - us Midwest) and on the weekends. You can try to join me anytime, if you can't join when I am sailing I probably have a full crew. Hop to sail with you soon!

  • Thanks ! Hope to sail with you soon

  • @megapixel5983 hello my and my buddy are looking for a guild and you post kinda spoke to me! :)

  • I've added you to my friends :)
    Hope to sail with you soon

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