Looking for Fun and Friendly Sea of Thieves Crewmates (PST, 30F)

  • Ahoy there, mateys! I'm on the lookout for crewmates who love camaraderie, adventure, and good times! Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a landlubber, here's what I'm after:

    Friendly Crewmates: Positivity is key! If you're welcoming and friendly, we'll get along splendidly.

    Beginners Welcome: Don't worry if you're new or don't mind sailing with newcomers; we'll learn together!

    Ages 25 and Above: Seeking mature individuals over 25 who appreciate the finer aspects of the pirate's life. As listed in the title, I'm 30 myself.

    Mic or No Mic: Communication is vital, but whether you prefer voice or text, it's your call!

    Fun and Gold: It's all about treasure, but having a blast is just as important. It's not just loot; it's epic memories!

    Learning Together: I'm eager to grow as a pirate, and if you are too, we're a perfect match!

    If this sounds like your kind of adventure, reply here, send me a message, or add me in-game. Let's set sail for epic adventures on the open sea, forging unforgettable pirate tales together! 🏴‍☠️💰🌊

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  • @expertwings01 you're free to join our guild if you wish! This is what we're all about and we wanna strive to help players reach pirate legend!

  • @beardedfro1127 For sure! Send the invite!

  • I’m always looking to play with someone. I’m not the most experienced nor the best at steering. But I am friendly and like doing PvE. I play mostly on weekends. I’m 35F

  • @expertwings01 would it be a deal breaker if I'm in EST?
    I've been looking for a mature and inclusive group to play with from time to time.

  • i would love to join need more people

  • @meowbatcat Cool! I also enjoy doing PvE. I do a little of everything in the game. Let's play sometime. Feel free to add me on Steam/Xbox App: expertwings01

  • @netsplitter6073 Not a deal breaker at all. I play with folks in several different time zones. Let's play whenever we're both online! Add me on Steam/Xbox App: expertwings01

  • @babyback13424 Sweet! Feel free to add me on Steam/Xbox App: expertwings01

  • Hey! is it still possible for me to join? always looking for new friends to play the game together. I am in a different time zone though but it's no issue for me.

  • @expertwings01 hey bro I’m would like to join you’re crew to adventure and pvp fun if you will have my blade

  • @arctanos I dont see why not. Feel free to add/message me.

  • @expertwings01

    I'm solo quite a bit so I will send you a friend request. Feel free to join me if you see me sailing, I have it set for friends to be able to join my crew. I also have a guild if you are interested, I will send an invite to you for that as well. It looks like you have had quite a few people respond to your post so you are off to a great start. I am usually on in the evenings during the week (central time) and for longer periods over the weekends.

  • @arctanos definitely! add me on steam/xbox app: expertwings01

  • @romecenturi for sure! add me on steam/xbox app: expertwings01

  • @expertwings01
    Done I'm Netsplitter6073 or however it is here.

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