Sea of thieves grown up beginner crew

  • Time zone would be easiest in Europe.

    Please at least age 25+ and over.

    I'm 37 myself love to play different multiplayer/co op games. Besides sea of thieves I play for example , flight sim, pay day3, ARK remaster when comes out end this month.

    Also plan on getting star citizen at some stage.

    Don't dare who you are if your grown up and don't constantly play loud music via the mic, hit me up.

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  • found a crew ?

  • Hey there pal!

    I'm 28 myself, on pc with a mic, I'm always looking for someone to sail with to make the sea a little less lonely, I mostly solo sloop, Sadly I spend most my time at work but should you be interested to sail every so often feel free to message!

    Best of luck!

  • Im 35, playing from the Netherlands. Looking for a crew as well. Let's meet up sometime 😀

  • Yo I sail with a dude in that time zone so i am always down. I’m in my 30’s and im pretty solid. Always looking for fun

  • Hi folks, Captain Blood here. I'd be happy to help out a beginner crew sometime. Im a 47y old Finnish man-child with 860 hours in Sea of thieves. :) I play mostly solo because finding a good, fun crew is such a bother. I don't mind helping out. Doing my maximum reputation missions would get you gold and rep pretty quickly.

    I've also created a guild if you guys would be interested. Name is "Black Hawk Society". I have three ships pledged so you could take my ships out for a spin when Im not on. :)
    Guild should make it easier to find each other afterwards, but I havent really tried.

    Right now my evenings are busy until thursday 2.11. but after that we could try to get a ship going.

  • I would also love to join in on any of this. BRAND new player here, looking for someone to show me the ropes. Also the sails, anchors, and whatever else...

    On American central time, but am currently available most afternoons and could sync up with European evening hours.

    Shoot me an invite?

  • I sent invites to my guild to bunch of people in this thread. Check your guild invites :D
    Now I play a lot of different games, and Sea of thieves is just one of them, but if we dont happen to be online at the same time, feel free to utilize my ships.

    • Captain Blood
  • Hey and my mate, both in the UK, fairly new to the game, are looking for some people to sail with. Mostly play in the evening.

  • 40 year old norwegian, would also be down for some grown up chill, i dont have the energy to keep up with laughing teens, no offence!
    Been playing since 2018, but lately it has been on and off, trying to get back into it, let me know!

    Belugadon, Xbox PC

  • Hi All,

    Im 40+ UK based regular SoT player looking to get a larger crew together

    Sent people in here messages and friend requests on XBox game bar. if I ve missed anyone, please feel free to send me one

  • @bloodartist9097 I am a new player and I have played like 35 hours . I wanna join you if you dont mind.
    I also work 80% of the week and have very little time to play but I enjoy finding new People and having fun with them. I am 27 years old from Romania and played solo until now.
    I hope you are opened to some fun togheter as i finded your message and I can feel you are a good fella.

windows 10just for funcommunityevents
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