Skeleton Curse Concepts

  • November 7th 2023
    alt text

    • Ritual Bones
    • Ashen Trapmaker Bones
    • Bones of Destiny
    • Dark Adventurer Bones
    • Frozen Bones

    September 2nd 2023
    alt text

    • Masked Renegade Bones
    • Corroded Bones
    • Sunken Bones II
    • Shadow Bones
    • Ancient Bones
    • Purple Bones
    • Ashen Lord Bones

    If anyone's got ideas for more bones let me know and ill try my best to make em.
    (Created these with a sot screenshot in Affinity Photo 2)

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  • @skeletonbro3189 Dude, how did you make these? These are awesome! I would love to see one based on the colors of the Reaper parrot, and one based on Athena.

  • Definitively should tag every member of the creative art and design department of rare over here, they could take notes or hire you my guy. This is fire.

  • @skeletonbro3189 what about a box of wonder's secrets that I think would be really cool

  • These are honestly so cool!

  • Just popping in to say these are amazing. The Ashen Lord one is everything I need. Add some crystal pieces for the head, torso and legs and I'm never taking the Skeleton curse off.

  • I'd really love to see skeleton and ghost expanded. Would be great if ghosts could get different shaders to mock "how you died" similar to the Greymarrow lamps for FOTD.

    Gonna chuck one of my concepts in that I've thought of specifically for the skelly: Cannonball head replacement.
    Here's my concept

  • id love for these to be added i hope you dont mind i posted this on twitter so hopefully it can gain some more traction and hopefully be a real thing
    link text
    i gave you full credit for it and linked the post, i just saw these and really liked them especially the purple one and ancient skelly

  • There is one skeleton color that I would like to bring up. I am not sure what they are called except I dubbed them as the wrecking ball skeletons. They appear in the heart of fire tall tale. Glowing yellow eyes and fingertips. They are pretty cool looking. I also think there is one at the reaper's lair next to the bonesmith

  • @it-sundae alt text

    Reminded me of this. Would be cool :D

  • When I went to the Bonesmith for the first time, I noticed that there were 7 cosmetics for every tab of the skeleton curse. Meaning that the developers, at some point of planning, thought it would be cute to make everything have 7 cosmetics. They couldn't even change the hex code on the red bones to make a blue, purple, or black color.
    Now we're in a season where the new Fate of Fortune offerings are all clothes and they couldn't even make a blue color for us skeletons. For other cosmetics, I don't object, but the CoF commendation includes a lot of PvP. So a lot of players going for the chests will be skeletons, who stand to gain nothing but next season's cosmetics.
    They seem "done" with us. Oh well. It's lore accurate for us skeletons to be the odd ones out.

    I love your skeleton colors, and I hope they in some way make it into the game in the future. Who would have thought that after becoming skeletons we wouldn't even be able to cosplay as shadow skeletons?

  • Nice! It looks so cool!

  • @ashinyrayquaza I just saw this in a new video of yours, I and immediately recognized it from this post I saw from a few months ago.

    Nice to see partners on the fourms!

    Keep up the good content :)

    Happy Sailing!

  • Absolutely amazing. Rare should honestly add the frozen bones, ancient bones, purple bones, shadow bones, and masked renegade bones. The only reason I didn’t just say all is because some of them I don’t think Rare would want to add. other than that, these fanmade bone skins are amazing

  • nice, so cool

  • After the recent podcast I'm thinking about this page more and more!

  • looks nice

  • Hear me out: Floating skull design from the kingly skulls, with kingly bone coloring and portions of the bone broken all the way through. Ex: one of the bones on the forearm is broken, but the other remains attached. Difficult to explain, but I feel it would look really cool on a full skeleton.

  • Gold hoarder bones

  • Destroyed bones

  • Silver/platinum bones

fan artjust for fun
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