Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL) Community Competition. Your Best 'Ashen Lord' Screenshot.

  • Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo back again!
    Back with your next mission.......lets see what you can come up with!

    Winner of this competition will receive The Obsidian 6 pack AND The Obsidian Capstan

    Your mission?? Should you choose to accept it?

    Show me your Best 'Ashen Lord' Screenshot

    This week go find yourself an Ashen Lord to get that perfect screenshot :D

    Good luck me hearties!

    To add you screenshot, upload it to a photo hosting site (like IMGUR ImgBB or FreeImage) then copy/paste the link straight into your text box on its own line.
    There is only ONE winner (unless otherwise stated) regardless of how many are in your pic. You post it, you’re in with a winning chance :)
    Note that only your first screenshot will be accepted, all others will be ignored/deleted, and it must be posted in the competition thread. Please make sure screenshots taken are your own, or you have permission to post.
    A picture will usually be added to give an idea of what is required for the mission.

    No editing, apart from cropping, allowed please.

    Deckhand decision on the winning screenshot is final.
    Codes will now be applied direct to the winning Gamertag :D
    Should you be trying to win for a friend please add that request to your post. :)

    Anything smutty will be removed as we are a family friendly forum.

    Entries will be taken up until Monday 29th May.
    Locking the thread around 4pm GMT

    Lootin' Lizalaroo

    Also, NO randomiser.
    Remember all screenshots have a chance of winning. Everyone’s opinion of a winner will be different, and I’d appreciate your respect on the decision made.
    Upvotes do not guarantee a winner.

    Now let’s see them 😁👍🏻

  • 61
  • Back in the day that shot took a whiiile to make, but it definetly was worth it!

    Capstan + 6pack: Leon DeWitt

  • Captain Flameheart's presence seems to only be growing.

  • Secret dealings with friends in low places

    hidden in the depths

  • Back during Shrouded Islands, I was entertained at the idea of Flameheart's loyal Ashen Lords and Flameheart's/Reaper's Soulflame Captains having trouble co-existing while serving the same throne, so the two forces go to duel!

  • Chillin' with my boy

    Capstan- ItZ TaRTe Xx
    6 pack- icanttiemyshoe2

  • I don’t think she wants the coconut 😂
    Capstan: PnDaLeader
    6pack: havocxchaotic

  • "Long time ago, mate."

    Obsidian Capstan - Z'sCrowBar (rightfully so)
    The 6-Pack to me - GridBound

  • "Always present"

    Capstan : Yosshiness7744
    6pack : xMaddyck

  • Fight the Ashen Lord alone they said

    It will be fun they said.

    Capstan: Courage1999

    Six pack: lad#8008


  • Pirates ahead
    alt text

  • Who wins ?
    alt text

  • Fighting the little less known and seen ashen lord , stitcher jim himself

    6pk: Maurombare
    Capstan: Jooseppi1506

  • The ghost of the Ashen Lady Trapped in the painting

    Capstan: CaptThreepwood
    6pack: Nowais#8418

  • Crew fighting ashen lord.

    alt text

    Capstan : faithfulboat951
    6pack : faithfulboat951

  • Crew fighting ashen lord.

    Capstan : faithfulboat951
    6pack : faithfulboat951

  • I don't think red ruths feeling okay.

    Both rewards to: nc1986 if I win please :)


    An ancient ashen lord...


    Capstan: SmurfUhDurf
    6 pack: GoldenHourSails


    Capstan: Gutraas
    6 pack: y eeesername



    A great battle coming!

    capstan: FroZenFox9250
    sixpack: sot volxit


    Watch out there!

    capstan: ivecer72
    six pack: give to any of the honorable mentions ;)

  • Capstan: ivecer72

  • An equivalent exchange

  • Do you think she can see me?

    Capstan and 6 Pack to CaptainRiver740 if I win (:

  • Chilling with my friend.

    Capstan + sixpack: xAre7n

  • wish i could do multiple, but im going for this one, good luck everyone.
    link text
    alt text

    (sorry cant get the picture to work guess nvm)

  • @lizalaroo

    A Gally came to visit me - Ruth looked after me :D
    Best Friends 4ever!

    Capstan: Jade Sturm
    6Pack: miss beissfest

  • Finally a worthy opponent, our duel will be legendary.

    obs 6pack: ClassyWell01
    obs capstan: redvin1

  • Capstan: BB Kier
    6-pack: BBrexcy

22 out of 61