Skill based match making

  • We need skill based match making there's to many sweats

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  • Technically there is.

    It lacks an audience because this game's playerbase does not harbor a massive PvP-centered community.

    I recall someone saying "If you can't find any noobs, chances are, you're the noob."

  • If you want a higher chance of quality fighting where you can learn, improve and/or enjoy the combat you're better off starting fights with random pvers in random adventure and doing fleets as a solo.

    Hg doesn't have the participation to truly support varying skill levels consistently and really fighting the same ship and same crew size can only get you so far.

    Focus on naval improvement, situational awareness, and ladder guarding. Don't nose boats.

    If you get to a point where you can put pressure on boats and keep boarders off yours you're going to have the best chance that you're going to realistically have in a fight in SoT

    Lots and lots of crews have decent to strong tdm, far less have strong naval. That's your chance to win fights that you can realistically win, eventually. HG has strong naval but it's not nearly as strong in random adventure fights that aren't including Hgers.

  • We need skill based match making there's to many sweats

    Skill? What skill? Someone who has better understanding on how to aim and do stuff? Or someone who played longer?

    Some new kid can have better “skill” but all it takes is for someone to drop a keg on the ship and the battle shifts XD or they hit a rock and forget to bucket

    No skill in this game

  • @burnbacon 😂

  • Isn't aiming a skill.

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    1. Release Termites
    2. Pick your gun
    3. The number you kill in 60 seconds will determine your skill level.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
  • @m97yawadiar said in Skill based match making:

    Isn't aiming a skill.

    Situational awareness
    Game sense
    Forum PvP

    It's all part of the SoT skill tree 🌲

  • @vakrisone ok thanks

  • There is, but it's broken due to low participation.

    Average and below average PVP'ers aren't participating in hourglass outside of Gold and Glory weekends, i.e. on-demand PVP isn't really in-demand. Casual players aren't participating at all. Most of the time the only pirates who enqueue are going to be sweats and cheaters.

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