Twitch Drops for Everyone - WATCH, ENJOY & GET REWARDED From March 16th - March 20th (10AM UTC)

  • If you haven’t already linked your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts, take this step now to become eligible for Twitch Drops, then keep your eyes peeled for new cosmetics made available when you tune in to your favourite Sea of Thieves streamers!

    🔗 Link accounts:

    March 16th - March 18th (10AM UTC)

    And that’s not all!

    March 18th - March 20th (10AM UTC)

    How it Works

    So...Watch, Enjoy, Get Rewarded

    To take part, first sign up to Twitch Drops – you’ll need to have your game account linked to your Twitch account. Then, while Twitch Drops are live, tune in to any participating Sea of Thieves streamer (all of whom will be choosing their own streaming times) and watch them playing live for at least one hour. Upon earning your reward, claim it within 24 hours via the Twitch notification.

    Available rewards can be unlocked consecutively at any point during the active period. Upon earning one, be sure to claim it within 24 hours via the Twitch notification!

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  • I do need the cannons to complete the Omen set...

    I guess I know what I'll be doing for at least a couple of hours this weekend.

  • @lizalaroo hey do we have a link to the assets at all?

  • I need a link, too

  • Awwww yisss! Repeats! I don't have to watch twitch this weekend 😁

  • Did anyone else get the Sea of Thieves email about the Twitch drops a day AFTER they ended? cause i did and i have been trying to keep an eye out on Twitch to find out they ended the day before i got the email.

5 out of 6