Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL) Community Competition. Your Best 'Uncovering Ancients Past' Screenshot.

  • An Ancient Memory

    Capstan - OldManBriney
    SixPack - OldManBriney

  • Mother Kraken will rise again one day and rule the sea of ​​thieves.

    Sixpack: Me
    Capstan: Me

  • AustinxAssault

  • 🗿🗿🗿 🗿🗿🗿

    cptsn : poineXe
    6p : Strider3862

  • Capstan and Six Pack if I get lucky: Wwvk
    Kraken Fossil

  • Uncovering the Past of an Ancient Warrior now buried dead under the Sea

    Obsidian Six Pack: J3nom
    Obsidian Capstan: J3nom

  • A discovered skeleton..

    Capstan: BH Aquaneon
    6pack: I Flaxxon I

  • Capstan: Me
    Obsidian 6-pack: DriftingWud

  • Deep Within The Cave

    Obsidian 6 pack - goomba8289
    Obsidian Capstan - goomba8289

  • Capstan: Mehrabazarpira
    sixpack: SINAAA001

  • capstan and six pack to me
    hope i win for the 13rd time...

  • Uncovered by the past

    Capstan: Ankerwisp

    6 Pack: EVO5685

  • Capstan: Ankerwisp
    6pack: EVO5685

  • Gamertag: FetchPL

    my entry: Uncharted past

  • "Had to capture the moment before we save you- sorry"

    MsLonely911 - Six Pack
    Bucko Stella - Capstan

  • Capstan:I Code66 I
    6-Pack :DFH Inferno

  • Idea : Visiting old ancient civilization

    Obsidian Capstan to CoolNightKid
    Obsidian 6 pack to CoolNightKid

  • Idea: Do the best to maintain ancient civilization
    Obsidian Capstan to huahuabai
    Obsidian 6 pack to huahuabai

  • The ritual of the ancient tribes of watching the new statues appear ! ✨🎉

    capstan : CriZox5642
    6p : loolix1291

  • There's a bit of Pirate Lord in all of us at the Sea of Thieves

    Capstan: Jostaahh
    6pack: GreedyDragonX39

  • Lot's of ancient past to uncover at this beautiful island!

    Capstan: Jostaahh
    6pack: GreedyDragonX39

  • What secrets lie beyond these shores of gold?

    Capstan: CasualMunch
    6-Pack: shadowfax351

  • That's a view...


    Capstan and 6 pack to me please

  • Discovering the wrong Shroudbreaker.

    6-pack obsidian set: DeadlyArdz4
    Obsidian capstan: DeadlyArdz4

  • 替换文字

    Capstan: USXADM
    6-Pack: jackxiaogutou

  • 6 pack - Barspiins
    Capstan - MostFiredUp

  • alt text

    SixPack: Barspiins
    Capstan: HypoKrit YT

  • The Great Discovery

    Capstan and 6 pack: OG H0PPER

  • My favorite briggsy
    Six pack : Horrusfr


  • Discovering Ancients Past:

    -¨The Pirate Lord never told you what happened to your father¨
    -¨He told me enough! He told me you sent him to the Sea of the Damned!¨
    -¨No... I am your father¨


    6-pack: Centolo Rex
    Capstan: Centolo Rex

  • Dropping anchor!
    Super shots to look to through!
    Pop back tomorrow for the winning shot and your next mission... should you choose to accept it :D

58 out of 69