Ahoy Beautiful Pirates!

  • Ohhhhhh well, I started playing in September and already have like 400 hours invested into the game. Sooooo safe to say im hooked.

    Ive been grinding away, level 75 in all the factions, 23 in Athena, and 31 in Hunters Call at the moment. Open crews has had its adventures for sure but I decided to start a community of fellow pirates. Growing strong daily!

    I absolutely adore the playerbase and the following behind the game and I cant wait to see what else is to come down to road!

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  • Howdy ahoy

    you have accomplished a lot in those 400 hours

    hopefully you enjoy your time here on the forums and find many topics to participate in and feel welcome during them all

  • @angleroffish

    Some of us are a little salty and sarcastic and forget to /s
    ...but we're a fairly friendly bunch.

    Just don't ask for safe zones.
    Or nerfs.

    threatens un-menacingly...

  • Hope you enjoy it.

  • I lied, and I must come clean. I have 700 hours in the game. I just looked, I may have a problem, send help please.

  • @angleroffish I'm afraid it's too late for that sir. I am so very sorry..

  • @angleroffish that great to hear. I find even after 4 years and 3 pirate legend accs I'm still hooked. Goin for a snow wrecker hunt later to relax meself

  • @gridbound

    Please have the same mercy I have for fresh spawns at outposts. None

  • @angleroffish You salty sea dog. It doesn’t just get a down, it gets a golden down. Haha

  • @pithyrumble

    Wait you mean I shouldnt make a post about how there should be private servers?

  • @angleroffish

    I mean... if you like pain.🧜🏽‍♀️

    (Says the long time soloslooper)

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