• Ahoy mates!

    Just finished a battle for the sea of thieves where I knew I was fighting a sweaty TDMer and so chatted him that I would sink myself to let us both get the rep quick. I light my ship on fire and drop my anchor.
    Next thing I know he cannons straight onto my ship and doubles guns me and I die. I respawn back onto my ship to die again almost instantly. As I re-exit to respawn again I see my ship's 'milestones of minutes spent on fire' increase, which only happens when the fire has gone out...
    When i respawn all the fire has been put out and i have almost left the map. I die one last time and come back to 'rolls on deck laughing' as my ship is blown up :(
    Oh well, I have won and lost my share of battles in the sea of thieves, but it sure would be nice if players didn't purposfully remove my rep.

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  • Don't tell "sweaties" especially that you're throwing the fight.

  • Hopefully they stop blocking rep for people that sink out of bounds, that's gotta go. It's not serving anyone but people that are intentionally trying to ruin the experience for others.

    If people are sinking people out of bounds because that's how the fight ends up, that's fine, but everyone should be getting their win/lose rep for participating

  • Lesson learned. Trust nobody! 😉

  • @pumpa-cat If you trust some you can get really great alliances!
    Still I get your point for literally a pvp mode.

  • The only people who will be sad if rare makes it so you can earn rep when being sailed out of the ring, is people like that, but they wont even be able to complain about it without it being clear what their motives are.

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