Season 8 and Science

  • So to paraphrase Adam Savage it's not science if you don't write it down. I'm writing it down.

    The transport to a fight is awesome. You can see megs and krakens. It's cool. You can sleep/sit. Not so sure about drunk debuffs. 😅 haven't been in one long enough.

    Most people are ready to fight. I think some premilimanry ratings were set up because I'm not getting demolished like I'd expect.

    You get loser points if you sink. Getting off for the night? Give someone a freebie. I'm still testing it but if you take Active pvp damage repairs are free on captaincy ships. Out of bounds and scuttling gets you nothing and the person you invaded/invaded you still get a win and streak.

    A little obscurity now:
    Shrine/Treasury Mermaid Statues will follow you on a "battle hop" at least on a loss. I can't say I've won yet lol. Little explanation if you used a Pirate's Life TT to server hop the items you had in a mermaid statue would be available on your new server.

    More updates as they become apparent. I like to cheese stuff.

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  • are you solo fighting or are you fighting with your kids on the crew?

  • @wolfmanbush

    This is solo so far. My legend is getting his combat legs back, I'll piggy back into the secret Hideout with him later.. My troll isn't really interested.

  • Free Repairs lol.

    So if you invade with a pristine ship condition, lose and take no other damage sailing to an outpost, the repairs are free. It also auto fixes when you leave game.

    I have not tested scuttle or ringout damage since you get no allegiance rep. If you have damage before the battle you have to pay for the pre fight damage.

    Clips cause it happened 😆

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