Twitch Drops - don’t forget! WATCH, ENJOY & GET REWARDED (Nov 23rd and Nov 25th (10am UTC))

  • To mark next week's launch of Season Eight, we're offering some Rising Morningstar goodies via Twitch Drops for all! Snag up to four items of clothing by watching any participating Sea of Thieves streamer on Twitch between Nov 23rd and Nov 25th (10am UTC), for one hour per item.

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  • Lol... Again, again and again...

  • and ? im sure there are plenty of fish/players who doensnt have all cosmetics ;-) dont worry .. im sure you will get some new stuff soon enough *TM

  • Bright side! We don't have to watch Twitch next week lolol 😆

    Also, more reruns for later joining pirates.

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  • Old twitch drops should be added to the in-game shops (for gold/doubloons) instead of just being re-dropped every so often! A lot less people will watch these upcoming streams, as many of us only do so for the new cosmetics.
    A period of exclusivity before being added to the shops would ensure people will still watch the streams as well...

    Everyone would benefit if the drop cosmetics were always new :)

  • ok ok.. i like your argument @neon icon sound good to me

    lets start with the golden phoenix weapon set .... *hrrrrhrrr

7 out of 8