Sailing the Seas Once More, The Redemption Arc

  • A bit much for the title of this journal? Well, I'll get into why, dear reader.

    As you may have seen me lurking the tavern, sharing my views here and there, seeming a bit... Unpleasant as I scowled and hissed at those looking at me. It is true, I may have stepped out of line, but it involved much of me feeling... Angry and upset at the start of it all.

    I remember my arrival, eager and bright-eyed by my lonesome self, and I had found myself sunken, battered and bruised by every ship that had encountered me. I grew resentful, until I could be compared to Flameheart reincarnated in the flesh. I tried to depart from the sea many times, but it called me many times, and I would answer it again and again. Until on one day in May, I departed again... Until now.

    While I may yet hold old grudges, a part of me had decided "Maybe, a different approach is in order". As captains make their approach to the waters, perhaps it would be a good time to try once again.

    And with my return, a new image is in order. Discarded is my old attire of dark clothing and ill-fitting jacket (Though I shall keep my pants and belt, I quite like them) and instead don a more humble outfit of a shirt, a pair of gloves and a hat, with some brown boots to walk the sands again. With my surplus funds I decided that a ship is in order, naming it after my departed companion of nine years, who's legacy is carried on by another.

    With a change of clothes, a cut of the hair, I depart once more to the seas, and maybe, find my redemption within them in the eyes of those who sail these waters.

    (Basically I wanna document my time playing the game again and I hope to be able to find the "Redemption Arc" after essentially being a bit lame on the forums from my initial outing and when I started lurking the forums some months ago.. I'll try to keep this thread updated in the narrative writing style as often as possible, hopefully without forgetting anything that I've experienced. This may also be a tie-in to a video I am working on related to this game so... Keep an eye on that.
    Special thanks to @Grog Minto for... I guess helping me chill out a bit. Anyway, see you in the next post)

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  • the first step in the direction of self investment, personal accountability, and goal pursuit is monumental

    the rest is just putting one in front of the other consistently

    happy sails and congratulations

  • Day 1, September 15th;

    As I acclimated myself to the wheel and made myself familiar with the ship that I shall be commandeering, a thought had come to mind. If I were to seek solace and redemption within these seas, a change in style would not be enough. A change in attitude is also in order.

    Much to my dismay and shame, I had said quite the foul things in my time to those who'd come to my ship and send it to the bottom. This time however, I vowed to myself to avoid such an endeavor and made it so I would find as many like-minded sailors to join in my adventures.

    Another thought had occurred to me: I shall need shipmates. None of my contacts from the old land wished to join me, except for my sweetheart who has expressed some interest in the prospect, but it would take some time for her to gather her things and to come hailing to these waters after me. In the meantime I may as well sail the seas by myself and get familiar with the land.

    My first destination was to one of these unfamiliar lights in the waters. Shrines of the Merfolk had been uncovered during my absence, and I must admit, the descent was both terrifying and breathtaking... Though that last part had best been avoided, saltwater turns out is not pleasant to the taste buds.

    I had some difficulties navigating the underwater temple, and my bottom had been bitten a number of times by some scarred and battleworn sharks, but I had managed to breach the interior of the shrine. It was truly a sight to behold. My time there is lost to memory but I remember scrounging up some lost treasures and sending them up to the surface. And after that, back to the outpost...

    It is then at the outpost that another ship had docked. A panic came over me, as the memories of my first voyage flooded back to me, fearing what may come next and that my efforts would be for naught. To my surprise, one of the sailors approached me, his accent thick, but welcoming. He called me friend, asking me if I am friend or foe. I wished to respond but my voice would not leave me. I instead had to resort to writing in the sand and offering him a pineapple to show him my intentions of peace. Fortunately he accepted my offer and he wished to dance and play music.

    Much as I wished to join him, I was but in a hurry. I sold my treasures and was left with a single sapphire. I decided I would thank the stranger's generosity and stood by the Order of Souls representative, holding it out for the passing crew. The man accepted it gracefully and in return, gave me a meager skull. A fair trade, especially considering that he had showed me kindness.

    At the end, we parted ways without coming to blows. I had noted their names and hope that one day, we would sail together. Alas, that day has not come to pass yet...

    I only wish I had met this crew when I had first arrived, it would have aided in me avoiding the inevitable spiral of resentment that would come in the end. But this encounter had filled me with hope, and perhaps... A determination.

  • Ah I remember you. Glad to hear you're trying! Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective to enjoy something you once struggled to find value in.

    Even though I've always loved this game there was once a time I used to care too much about the gold and the grinding and it, at times, made the game feel frustrating and exhausting and one day I just looked at the game with a new perspective and played for the adventures themselves and the experience, and since then I've grown to love the game so so much more.

  • Day 2, September 16;

    As I lounged on the Golden Sands outpost, debating on what my next step ought to be, I wandered into the clothing store and browsed what other attire is available. II found a very attractive bandana for sale, but I was told that such an item is reserved for those who deal in stolen secrets. Later I found out that it involves in taking a bundle of maps from one ship and adding it to my own. I decided that would be the thing I shall strive for; To trade in stolen secrets to wear this bandana proudly.

    I have also cleared my throat and had been able to speak, my voice being crystal smooth (I would hope so), which will hopefully help in my endeavors of trading secrets with those that I would encounter. But first, I would need to dislodge my ship as it had gotten stuck... A funny story that, a recollection that I unfortunately did not record to stone, but all I could do is save images of during and after the efforts of letting it loose from the jetty's clutches

    I sailed once more, with a bundle of maps on board and I... Unfortunately found no one to deal with in secrets, I also encountered a Galleon that had emerged from beneath the waves and... It sunk me rather effortlessly. Such is to be expected when I am commandeering a smaller vessel by myself.

    With no maps onboard I decided I would set off again, singing shanties to myself, both old and modern, with no set goal in mind once again. So it is when I encountered another sloop I felt somewhat intrigued. I stepped to the front of my ship and hailed them... Though I have forgotten that I had no maps on board, so I immediately offered stolen secrets to them. They were quite an opportunistic duo I must say, they did not say much to me in response as they ran me through and sunk my ship to the bottom. Joke's on them though, I had no treasures on board at the time.

    I also decided that I would venture out and offer my services to other crews found within the Sea. But that is a story for another time... At least one of them proved to be a rather profitable venture, but it did almost end in tragedy as I was commandeering a Galleon by myself while my remaining two crew members were off doing their own thing, all the while pelted at by a skeleton fleet.

    (How can I share images here by the way? I've been having some trouble with that part)

  • Day 3, September 17th;

    A very profitable day, both in renown, gold, and experiences that, I must admit, were not of a foul nature.

    It started with my services being offered once again, to a Galleon that had quite the talkative crew on board. The goal of today? Assailing the spiritbound fortresses scattered among the waves, taking the riches within for ourselves under the banner of the order of gold. Or more specifically, the Gold Hoarders, the strange group of men and women who pinch at whatever penny they can find. It was a good voyage, ended with a few crashes unto islands, but it was largely painless. We have encountered a Sloop of a crew taking turns to dive into the watery depths of an underwater treasury, but we paid them no mind. Though the man that took charge of the expedition seemed quite keen on taking whatever they may have had onboard...

    It ended with us parting ways soon after selling off our goods to the sorted organizations. I had made sure to dot their names down, even the name of the captain of the sloop we encountered. I should send him a correspondence wishing him a good day.

    The rest of the day was fulfilled in relative peace. The waves had brought forth skeletons of a most unusual sort. Golden with hints of blue streaking across their frames, and on their backs... Coins! A bounty of Ancient Coins for the taking upon their defeat. I had encountered several of them during this time, and I had amassed about a thousand of these unique treasures. Perhaps the Emporium may have something in store for me to pick up, I should visit a representative sometime.

    Some final thoughts of the day: I do not trust the Sovereigns. They certainly are polite to carry the treasures I collect to their respective orders, but it seems far too convenient. Do they have a plan, do they skim off the top? Do they properly relay to the orders of my contribution of these treasures? Well I cannot deny, their services are a great boon for certain.

  • @kalgert As I think this should be your story, I’m not intending to reply again. I just wanted to encourage you to carry on with the tale (I’ve enjoyed the start of it quite a bit) and comment that I think many players (including myself) see their own SoT experience mirrored in your story arc.

    Keep posting, can’t wait to read more!

  • @sn0kanon Don't worry, feel free to reply if you so wish, the style is there just to differenciate what is part of the narrative.

    I do appreciate that it is being well received. It's good practice for writing on my end and well... I hope to provide a more positive contribution from here on out :p

    @wolfmanbush I am not sure what you are trying to say, but uhh... Thank you.

    @peony7185 I guess at the end of the day, all I wanted was to enjoy the game, and I really needed a different approach. I think there is another bit that I'd like to write out as part of the "Redemption Arc" story that I want to share with the forum.

  • Day 4, September 18th;

    Today was largely uneventful, in part due to me too drunk to get on my feet and every effort had me slip back to the floor for another restless sleep. That is at least after my morning voyage out to sea. I still felt that the sea was generous and I decided to go gather myself a handful of treasures. I sailed and dived deep into the waters, visiting a different shrine, one that held a family of sharks guarding the ancient forgotten relics. I also decided that some visits to remote islands were in order, but alas, I had found nothing. Not even one of those mysterious golden skeletons carrying those ancient coins.

    There was also a ship I had encountered. I thought to myself that it would be an opportunity to trade in secrets with him. So I set my sails towards the Sloop docked at a fortress and... It departed upon my arrival. And it kept sailing away in spite of my attempts to hail the crew, perhaps I was too far away or the captain had his ears clogged full of barnacles. All I know is, that the chase lasted a fair amount of time, ten minutes would be my guess, from the Wilds to the Ancient Isles.

    He simply did not wish to stop! He was a ship looking for an Alliance, so I joined it in hopes of giving him peace. I shot flares to the sky to signal my peaceful intents, I even shot my parrot out of a cannon with a message in his beak, telling him what my intentions were. He did swim up and boarded my ship, I greeted him and he responded with gunfire, causing me to shout (As any would if in a state of panic). He believed me to be an opportunist looking to run him down, but was open to a parley when I voiced my peaceful intent. We both came to a stop at another fort and we attempted to trade secrets... Except he did not know the way of acquiring them.

    Regardless, it was clear that he was a man looking to plunder forts, and I thought it my gentleman's obligation to assist him. After all I did give him a fright, and in the end after the fort master had been vanquished, I assisted him in carrying out all the valuables and set them on his ship. He did not say much, perhaps he was cautious of me. Nevertheless I like ti assume that he was grateful. I dotted his name and told him he could call upon me anytime he wished. Perhaps my request sounded a bit desperate though...

    Still, it was a good morning before my drunken stupor.

    It was towards the evening hours that I awoke and decided to set forth unto the sea, for a momentous occassion had happened; My beloved had set sailed for her maiden voyage and was coming to the Sea of Thieves! During this time I decided to sail about, seeing the sights, and I was rather lucky on some finds, such as a crate full of fruits. Scurvy be gone, I say!

    Alas, that crate would be gone, as a Galleon approached me as my ship was docked at an island. And this, my dear reader, is where I believe my moment of truth had arrived. Seeing the ship with its dark hull and tattered sails, it was clear that it was a crew of opportunists coming to claim whatever I had on board. How this would end depended entirely on me and my approach. And so, with a deep breath, my eyes closed... I took it as something of a joke.

    "Hello gentlemen, you seem to be shooting cannons at my ship, and are now coming to beat me up" I said, perhaps sounding slightly nervous. One of the pirates I could hear chuckling as he shot at me, sending me to the Ferry to join the many lost souls... For a while at least. Upon my return I could see that the pirates were... Not attacking me on sight. In fact they had plugged the leaks in my ship and were communicative. Perhaps this is what those tavern skulkers were saying about communication, did not think it was going to work.

    I was quite the chatterbox, potentially annoying one of the marauders, though I hope he understood it was all in good spirits. Sure they had taken my supplies, but really I did not have much need for them. Though I would have welcomed a bite out of one of those juicy pineapples... One of the ship's crew was apologetic towards me, a stout man with a charming moustache. I alleviated his worries, and he had offered up a piece of shark as a parting gift. I forgot to dot their names down, but I hope that I shall be able to remember their names. Who knows, perhaps they would welcome a charming face such as mine.

    (I'll continue this day in the next post, on the bus right now and I am getting a little carsick. Be right back)

  • Continuation of Day 4;

    A personal note: I should consider recording my experiences to stone more often, for the sake of recording history.

    After I had finished my dealings with this crew of marauders, I went on to take my beloved sailing the open seas. I ought to describe her a bit. She is experienced on the field of warfare, but she has never held a cutlass before, let alone step foot on a ship. It has been only recently that she has taken up a more close and personal approach to combat, so she may very well need some time to get her sea legs. So between her unfamiliarity and my reluctance to cross swords with others (And if I will be quite honest, my aim is about as good as that of a drunk sea dog missing both of his eyes), we may very well be an ill-equipped duo against any more hardened sailors.

    But, I do not believe that will stop either of us, for our first voyage together was met with mutual enjoyment. I was happy with her company, and I believe she had enjoyed the adventure as well, though she still has yet to fully understand why I could hear the Sea's call within my dreams, leaving me restless looking out the window of our bedroom.

    First, we delivered cargo for the Merchant Alliance. Nothing dire, something to acclimate her to the surroundings. After the delivery was done, we took ahold of some treasure maps and went on to look for buried treasure, and we have managed to find a good haul out of it. It has grown late at this point so we ventured to the Reaper's Hideout and hid within an abandoned scrap of cloth that made up for a tent, hoping that no one would notice us.

    It was a good day indeed, but it does leave me rather concerned. Would she fall upon the same spell as I did? Perhaps not, she is a bit more resilient than I in that regard, but there is another concern. I am quite protective of her and I do not know how I may react if anyone decided to target her specifically. We shall see what will happen, as we may yet set sail again on the 19th.

  • Day 5, September 19th;

    Aah, what started as a fairly aimless voyage for an adventure, lead us to a fairly bountiful treasure trove! I am getting ahead of myself though, let me start from the beginning.

    I had awakened from my usual drunken stupor with my feathered companion sitting atop my head, but my maiden was nowhere to be seen. I assumed that she may be basking on the beach of the Golden Sands, but she was nowhere to be seen. Until she stepped out of the clothing store, donning a new dress and boots for the Sea. I must say, the dress matches her hairstyle and demeanor.

    We spoke to the Bilge Rat representative, Larianna I believe her name was (There are too many for me to remember between the drinking and the plundering), sending us on a lead for Plunder Valley. We were not sure what to look for, but no doubt there was treasure afoot.

    It was a fun time with... For the purpose of this writing, I shall call her Anya. As me and Anya sailed I sought to tell her a bit about the different tools and equipment she may have at her disposal, and how the cannons operate. Though I must admit, I think my explanations fall flat as I think she fails to understand what I am saying. I blame the year of drinking in an effort to forget the Sea of Thieves...

    Regardless, on the island we found a coral-encrusted message in a bottle, telling us of a treasure within a faraway treasury within The Wilds. Needless to say, without much of a direction and this being the closest to a lead on the adventure provided, we sailed onward to this underwater treasury.

    During our voyage we decided to play music together, she played the banjo while I played the drum. Though our musical performance would end up interrupted eventually as a skeleton fleet emerged from both sides; A sloop and a Galleon. Anya took hold of the cannon and I am proud to say that her aim with the cannon was pristine with nary a shot missed. Though she was easily preoccupied with it as I was then tasked with ship maintenance and steering, which made avoiding cannon fire a difficulty.

    As we ran out of supplies and a storm had caught us, we sailed towards an outpost to restock on supplies. At this moment I think Anya may have caught a curse from the skeletons as she had... Lost her clothes and her hair had grayed. But a quick grog and a visit to the tailor fixed thst problem!

    We continued our journey and sailing past us was a sloop, I believe an emissary. I hailed at the crew but they ignored me. I was quite heartbroken, and Anya laughed at me, commenting I do not need to greet every ship that sails past us. She has a point, but speaking has thus far made me avoid bullet holes within my clothes.

    And finally, we arrived to the treasury. We took a deep breath and dived deep. I was once again proud to see that Anya had acclimated herself to the sea expertly, in spite of some miscommunication between us. We could hear in the distance a beautiful chant calling for us, and then... Sirens attack! We fought them off, only for them to send their oet sharks upon us! We mended our wounds the best we could after the ambush and made our way for the interior of this treasury. And then, we faced the relentless onslaught of sirens, giant sea creatures and the ancient dead controlled by an underwater snake.

    It was a long battle, aided by the enemy's tridents. Several waves we fought off until the head crawler emerged, and we struck it down swiftly. And so, the vault was open to us, a great bounty of treasures awaited our hands! And a worthy prize it was indeed, for there was a chest of tributes, a mysterious red liquid (It smelled of coral and salt, perhaps not to be consumed) and many many smaller treasures.

    We sailed back to the nearest outpost, victorious! And a fair amount richer in coin. We were about to set down the anchor for the night until I spotted in the water something floating. Upon investigstion I found two waterlogged manifests from two captained ships. The names of the ships were also quite delightful, but I... Do not think it wise to share them here, Captain Confidentiality and such.

    We decided to might as well take these ledgers to the Reaper's Hideout, as unruly of an island it is, and again, after finishing our business there, we hid within a tent and made sure the Keeper of the Flame did not see us.

    It was a joyful voyage indeed, and I am happy that we did not encounter too many harships. And this may seem contradictory to my more peaceseeking nature, but I would actually invite an opportunity to cross swords with another crew. It would serve both me and Anya well I imagine,n if we were to do battle on the open seas. Perhaps tomorrow such a chsnce will arise, but... Maybe not judt yet.

  • @kalgert, Sailing the Seas Once More, The Redemption Arc içinde yazdı:

    It was a joyful voyage indeed, and I am happy that we did not encounter too many harships. And this may seem contradictory to my more peaceseeking nature, but I would actually invite an opportunity to cross swords with another crew. It would serve both me and Anya well I imagine,n if we were to do battle on the open seas. Perhaps tomorrow such a chsnce will arise, but... Maybe not judt yet.

    Now THATS character development right there.

  • @thorumsu I can't guarantee that it's gonna happen, I'm still more prone to a more chatterbox approach rather than get into a scrap. I think if I were to have a three-man team with someone more versed in the art of war joining me and my gal, I'd feel more confident :p

    I have to admit though, this second round of playing the game has left me with a more positive feeling than the first time. I'll do a bit of narrative on that as well, soon as I have the time.

  • Day 6, September 20th;

    I cannot say that much has happened this day, as it was a rather lazy day all things considered. I tried my hand at catching some fish and, for a while, I did a good job while looking out into the horizon witnessing a sea battle between a fleet of ghost ships and a living crew. I considered if to join them in the battle, but I had decided that my arrival would most certainly give the Brigandine a cause for concern. Best to stay out of its way.

    After a while I got bored of catching splashtails, red as a glittering ruby, and decided I would go and purge a fortress from the dead guardians within. It was not what I would call a lengthy battle, but it was rather hard-won, as none of you may be surprised to know that even spectral bullets hurt. Arguably moreso as their cold embrace cut through the body, but leave a wound in the soul. Or maybe that's just a surge of hunger for some chicken meat speaking.

    The haul was.. Not as bountiful as it was when I took part in these fort battles as part of a crew. Mainly because I am not the most perceptive of seafarers and I failed to find the key to the storage atop the fort. I did however find a peculiar skull. Nothing special about it necessarily, but I did feel compelled to keep it with me. I decided to name it Marcus, and I could have sworn that I heard it whispering to me. I think it was calling my sense of style to question...

    After selling off the hoard of ghastly treasures, I decided I would invade another one of the siren's treasuries within the depths. This one I believe had been left guarded with only a token force, as the guardians were swiftly dispatched and the vault within was open to me. A vast hoard of treasures at my fingertips! I made my return to an outpost just as a ship left its port, leaving a man behind. I must confess that maybe I am a bit too excited at times meeting new sailors, be they friend or foe, and I fear that I may come off as unnecessarily loud. But the man seemed content with me, only came to see what my business was and left as soon as he had arrived.

    Again, I must show admiration to the Sovereigns and how they serve to pass on my haul to their respective orders, or companies, however you wish to call them. And yet, I look at them with suspicion. Why would these aristocrats taking up the life of the sea be so willing to take up my goods for the purpose of delivering them to where they belong? Regardless, they give a good sum of gold and every time I visit any of the representatives they seem eager to deal with me, so I suppose these stuffy pirates are true to their word.

    Oh, and I buried Marcus somewhere at the outpost. Pretty sure I heard him plotting with the other skulls. I may have a nasty habit of drinking more than I should, but I am certain that the skull wanted to take over the ship through me. I'll let another crew deal with him.

  • By the way, I am still having some trouble posting screenshots here. I've got a bunch that I'd like to share.

  • Day 7, September 21th;

    I must say, I welcome the opportunity to do battle with sloops from beneath the depths. It is good practice for my cannon shots.

    Today I had decided to make a stop at the Gold Hoarders and take up the task of finding one of their hidden vaults. I never found one of them before so I figured it would be a worthwhile adventure. Before I did start it proper though, I encountered an emissary of the order and... They shot at my ship. Nearly hit me with their cannonballs. I opted for my charismatic approach and make a joke out of their siege. It worked in my favor as they decided to clog any holes on my ship and then go about their business as usual. I must say that one of them had a very keen sense of style, I would even say that it put my humble clothes to shame.

    The journey to find this vault was long and arduous... Primarily because of my approach to the task being lacking. As I had mentioned at the beginning of this entry, that I had taken part in some battles against skeletal sloops. But it was for a worthy goal as they had onboard several bountiful treasures. Most notable were some chests that... Made me feel awfully dizzy. It must have been one of those cursed treasures that the gold hoarder representative talked about.

    Eventually after much sailing, and working off of only two fragments of the treasure map, I had found the vault key, leading me to the distant island of Devil's Ridge. To allow you a moment to laugh at my misfortune, I walked past the entrance multiple times, I just did not know that I had to put the relic ontop of a pedestal that was very much close to the entrance.

    Once I entered, I was amazed by how... Disappointing the vault was. Do not mistake my disappointment as me thinking it unimpressive, and you must forgive me. For when I enter a secretive vault, I very much expect a grand room full of glittering gold and treasures that would make my head spin. While there were certainly piles of gold scattered about, it was still very much just a small circular room with some treasure chests scattered about, and none too valuable chests either. All of this did distract me and I ended up being trapped inside the room with only three chests carried out of the chamber that would become my watery grave... At least until the Ferryman decided to kick me off of his accursed ship.

    It was late at this point and I decided it would be a good time to sail into the sunset. I decided I would bury the trasure chests, leaving one slightly exposed to give any passersby a glint to guide them, and then I set off for the Reaper's Hideout to drop off some logbooks that I had found. But on my way a Megalodon had encountered me, and it was a lengthy fight that I had with it, finding myself knocked off a number of times, certainly a moment to spur me to get back on my ship as fast as possible lest I become lunch for a monster.

    Eventually the beast fell, and I had an opportunity to take anything that it may have coughed up in its deathrattle. I carried those goods back to the hideout as intended, and the Keeper was pleased with my progress and decided I would be worthy to look the part of his order. I did not dare to decline his offer of the costume that he wore, but I do not feel any temptation to wear it. I decided to just give him some of my gold so he'd leave me alone.

    I had some Megalodon meat at my disposal and I thought I'd carry it to a seaport. As I was making my way, I saw in the distance an emissary of the Merchant Alliance, making a stop not too far away. I decided that after I had finished my business with the order of glorified fishermen, I'd see what the man was doing. I greeted him merrily, and had seen that he was diving into the sea to acquire the cargo of a merchant vessel. I decided that I would help him, and... Then they came.

    An army of sirens decided to attack our position, a desperate battle for survival as we tried to stay afloat and not be dragged into the depths. I was careful with my aim so as to not accidentally hit the stranger. We were able to drive off the first force, only for them to begin their deafening song, not only causing me a headache, but summoning a swarm of sharks to aid them as well. The stranger swam for his ship as a shark chased him, I pulled out my pistol and shot the oversized fish dead, giving him a moment of reprieve, even though it sealed my own demise... Before the Ferryman personally lifted me up and tossed me out the door.

    I had noticed that my new companion had troubles with his ship. I swam my way towards it and I offered what aid I could. The sloop was practically barely holding on as it was filling with water fast. I jumped to the task of bailing the water out, as he mended the ship of any holes. After that was done, we looked out... The sirens were gone. All that was left was the treasures that he had come looking for.

    The stranger was grateful for my assistance, and it brought me joy to assist him. We then took to the business of loading his ship of the exotic goods floating in the water, it was much faster with two pair of hands at the job. After the last crate had been stored, he wished to offer me a gem that one of the sirens had lost during the skirmish. I declined as I was in a hurry to rest my weary head for the night. But efore I did depart, I did ask him for a favor, one that would give us a mutual benefit. We traded in some stolen secrets that I was offering willingly to those passing me by, and I believe it was something he benefited from as well. Overall, I would say that I had made a new friend out at sea. Or at the very least, brought a stranger a flicker of joy.

    Though I must admit, I had a chance to see that the man had a wanted sign at the local tavern, which did leave me somewhat concerned. Still, I feel a warm feeling knowing that I had a chance to help a stranger out in an unforgiving land. Not only that, I even had a chance to purchase the bandana that I was looking for. The merchant did not even seem to care that I had only traded in the stolen secret.

    It was certainly a good day. And thus concludes my seventh day, fulfilling a week of my return to the Sea of Thieves. I believe it poignant if I were to reflect on this time spent, but I think I shall do so in another entry.

    My final thought for this day: This took up more time than I expected, I did not even have time to write poetry!

  • Reflections Upon Week 1;

    As I sit here at my desk writing this, I contemplate on my experiences, recalling instances that brought me joy, any that might have left me bitter, and even trying to find the root cause of my return, and with that, a different approach to the Sea.

    First I considered if it was my time absent that has left me less sharp, more softer to my approach. It is very much possible, as I returned knowing what would await me and I held no grand expectations as to who I would encounter. It is also quite possible that in my time of absence I had taken to performing on stage before a... Very minute audience, but the experience may have made me grow in character. At the very least, not as brash, even though I still have my moments of weakness where I would go and have a tavern brawl.

    It is also likely that the Sea of Thieves has less senseless marauders out and about. I am not certain if that is all that true though.

    It has been overall a pleasant experience. While I may yet still yearn for the Sea of Thieves to be a land of cooperation and comradery, I will say that, perhaps, that time does not need to come any time soon just yet.

    I am content with that. It has certainly helped me thus far that I have sailed the seas with others onboard a ship, to have relaxed myself in the face of adversity and try my best to speak without cursing the very souls of whoever I had encountered. And most of all, to have had Anya join me out at sea.

    Have I found redemption? Not quite yet, as I have many more weeks to make up for my unruly tavern behaviors. Until then, I shall keep sailing and try to make a mark on the Sea of Thieves. Hopefully a positive one.

    Oh, and I still have an interest in crossing swords with someone. Though I am currently more interested in assisting strangers at sea. One day, maybe, I will set off to wage war against other crews, but all of that can wait.

  • Day 8, September 22th;

    I encountered Marcus again...

    I assailed yet another phantasmal fortress and plundered the treasures within. Sitting on the chair within the treasury was.. The same skull that I had encountered just a few days ago, and it began to whisper to me again... In fact, just as I returned to the outpost to unload my cargo from an added expedition to a sunken treasury, I turned around and saw him and two other skulls in a triangular position, looking at one of the gems. I decided it'd be poignant for me to give them all away to those who are better equipped to deal with such unnatural elements.

    Other than that... Unsettling encounter, I also partook in representing the three companies as their emissary today. The Gold Hoarders proved to be the most generous, as I had managed to find many treasures that they were interested in. The other companies... Not so much. In fact the merchants did not even consider me for long, as I had ended up sinking during a cargo transport.

    Speaking of, in the distance I saw fireworks and two ships meeting. I decided I'd watch what they were doing and saw that they then entered conflict with one another, only for a kraken to ambush them both. I thought it a good idea to come and assist them with the watery demon, but soon as I arrived, I had found that the kraken had perished... And then the last remaining ship decided to sink me. Should have anticipated something like that, if I will be honest.

    I think the marauders were also of a very young age. It seems that the sea calls to all of any age, though it would explain why they did not pay attention to me and continued shooting upon me... Or why they were talking in an incoherent manner. Regardless, I hear Anya is calling for me and she wishes to set sail on a grand adventure, and I am more than happy to have her join me.

  • Day 9, September 23rd

    I swear that Marcus is tracking my every move. Today I had found him sitting on my ship, without even picking him up from a fort. I decided I would ignore him, stick him inside a chest, tucked away in the bottom deck as I went on to assail the phantasmal forts

    After my return to the outpost and taking a moment to calm my nerves, I had noticed that the chest was absent from where I left it. I looked around, jumping onto the dock and... There, I saw it, a choir of skulls with Marcus overlooking them, his prison beside him. I handed off his companions, his servants possibly, to the Sovereign representative and then buried Marcus deep in the ground. In retrospect I should have put him in the chest and then leave him for another foolhardy soul to deal with him.

    But... The day was not as frightening, as I have had the chance to sail the seas once more with my beloved Anya. But I shall be able to recollect the tale of our exploits in the 'morrow, as it has been a long day.

    (Continuation will be posted in the morning soon as I wake up, hope you're all enjoying the second week's narrative so far.)

  • @kalgert

    Thanks for the novel. Always fun to check this thread once a week lol. Good writing.

  • @thorumsu I appreciate that you're enjoying the read. I still have to finish Day 9 and I also had a Day 10 to write about, so I hope you'll enjoy reading that once I get around to it and before I forget any of the details.

  • Continuation of Day 9

    The evening hours at sea was most pleasant, with some unexpected events occurring.

    It started quite standard all things considered, a skirmish upon one of the spectral forts, that then lead to me and Anya to sail far to the West, where a looming skull of crimson streaks glared at us from a distance. On the way there we had encountered a skeletal sloop rising from the depths to hunt us. I commandeered the wheel as she manned the cannons. She was a good shot, though the sloop remained quite tenacious. I decided to take matters to my own hands and I jumped aboard the damned vessel, cutting and cleaving my way through bone in order to prevent them from having a chance to repair the rickety wood floating on the water. Except... An unusual thing happened. The ship returned to the depths, I narrowly escaped before it took me with it. It was strange, I looked at where our ship was and it was circling a pertruding rock, Anya hurling water from the bottom deck. I shall assume that the skeletal crew saw that its odds were not in its favor and fled. Regardless, the distraction was a welcome practice for our cannon aim.

    We eventually reached the fortress, the "Fort of Fortune" as is dubbed by those in the know of the sea. It was... A lengthy battle for certain. Possibly an hour or two of us battling wave after wave of skeletons, some ferocious with bone black as night, some cumbersome as their bone had been gilded in gold and metal. And among them were many captains, one of which was a peculiar commander, a tall skeleton wielding a blunderbuss in each hand, proving to be a menacing foe. We had felled this vile fiend and had put his skull alongside the dozen or so other skulls from the captains prior.

    It was at this point, dear reader, that another ship's crew had begun to assail us. Or rather, come aboard and try to make a mess of things. I spoke to the marauders, yet they did not speak, I sought to see their intentions, but it was hard to discern. I must confess that I was left with blood on my hands, as the man who came aboard my ship met his end at the business end of my wide-barrelled weapon. It was clearly the time for us to depart, so we sailed off and cut our losses with what skulls we had onboard, and sailed back to the outpost, hurridly selling off the skulls we had collected. And with that, rested easy as we had met success upon the waves. We raised our flagons, dedicated it to our eternal bond, and then got drunk.

    I may have drunk a bit more than I was comfortable with and stained her dress, forcing her to purchase a new one with the payment from our haul. She looks as gorgeous as ever.

  • Day 10, September 24th

    It was a long day indeed, with perhaps not many details worthy of penning down, but there are indeed some events worthy of sharing.

    Anya has learned the fine art of fishing! I decided that it would be a good bonding method if we were to sit down at the side of our sloop and catch us some fish in between sailing in search of treasure. I had no real problems catching the varied amounts of fish, but she had some trouble with it. Her lure was breaking frequently, so I thought it would help if I stood by her side, advising her what to do. I could see what was the problem and tried my best to advise her, even let her watch me catch a fish.

    She begun to be frustrated with the act, calling it boring (I shall admit, it is perhaps too relaxing of an activity at times), but then... It happened. She has caught a splashtail, a vibrant red fish, and I could see the great joy on her face as she held the fish up high. She then fished and caught another, and another, and we were both filled with joy. Me full of pride to see her improve on her fishing, and herself full of joy to catch fish after trying many times

    it was a delightful time we had. But there was another thing that had happened. The Gold Hoarders granted me the highest honor within their order, promoting me to a Master Hoarder. I believe the Bilge Rats had a hand in this, probably telling them a tale of my great deeds. But when I came to the representative he seemed rather overjoyed, jubilant as if he had heard the funniest tale ever. I suppose he believed that I relayed a very funny joke through this crew of adventure-seeking ruffians.

    While it is true that this day was standard, with sailing with skirmishes against the sirens of the deep and fortresses inhabited by ill-tempered spirits, I do believe the greatest thing that has happened today was very much the smaller steps taken by those new to the Sea. And I am filled with pride and joy with every passing day.

  • Day 11, September 25th;

    This day was.... Complicated.

    It was only an hour this evening, that me and Anya had spent, and I feel saddened that I failed to not only protect her and her honor, but that I failed to take us to an Outpost and earn favor with the three companies.

    It started with us sailing to a shrine, with the intent of continuing an adventure we begun last night, but failed to make significant progress. Even tonight we did not find anything that would lead us to our goal. And in the distance, after gathering the sunken spoils... A Galleon came sailing towards us. We turned heels and sailed in the opposute direction, the black death trailing us without any intentions of stopping.

    I made the rather drastic decision in my state of panic: I sailed directly for the red sea. Yes, I know, a foolhardy decision that would end with our demise, but I was not about to let some ruffians take the treasures we procured. If we were not to have them, then neither shall they!

    We were rather successful in one thing: Finding ourselves washed ashore on an island. Along with the crew of the other ship. It was an... Interesting meeting, as two of the marauders seemed to find humor in our mutual end, while the third was furious and had fed us blunderbuss rounds.

    After this encounter I did have a moment to calm down, but Anya was left confused, unsure of what has happened in the last five minutes. Once I explained whaf has happened, she could not contain the laughter within, especially knowing that the marauders followed us to their doom just as well.

    We decided to visit a fortress, and we were unfortunate to have had another vessel donned in black sail towards us with ill intentions. We were certainly ill prepared for this encounter, but something was present that genuinely filled me with annoyance. Perhaps not comparative to the kind I felt a year past, but very close.

    Namely, the power of the blunderbuss. Neither of us were able to defend ourselves, as the marauder who boarded us could easily kill us with his well-aimed shots at blank range. Needless to say, being unable to defend ourselves our ship has sunk. I wanted revenge, so I took Anya by the hand and pulled her to the ship, sailing off to the fortress, even when it was becoming late for us both.

    Alas, the marauders were not there. In fact I believe they did not even claim the treasure from the fort itself. It was late and we decided to sail into the sunset, as we retired to the quarters below for a night of needed sleep.

    It frustrated me for sure that our voyage ended in disaster, but honestly I am more frustrated with myself and my inability to protect us from attackers. As encountering such a crew is so uncommon, I do not think we will ever truly have a chance to learn the finer arts of warfare...

    I remember the Sea Dogs Arena, and how warfare was achieved there at a relatively reasonable pace. Unfortunately they had closed their doors long ago by now, sometime during my departure. I do hope they will make their return one day, as they provided ab opportunity that really was welcome.

    My final thought: The power of a blunderbuss shot infuristes me to no end.

  • Day 13, September 27th

    A distain is growing within me, for the sailors I accompany through the Open Crew. More specifically, the younger breed of sailor that reside within the Sea of Thieves.

    As harsh as it may sound, I cannot lie, for today has been a half hour of misery and monotony, and perhaps the worst way to get my fill of naval warfare. Let me dive into further detail, dear reader...

    As Anya has been indisposed for today, and my correspondents had reached none of my contacts, for whatever reason that may be, I had decided to offer my services to wayward sailors looking for assistance in their adventures. As it turned out, however, that proved to be the most unreliable.

    True, I had found some seafarers who turned out to be good company, or at least company that I could tolerate, such as a pair of men speaking in the language of aristocrats yesterday. Instead, however, I encountered a pair of young marauders looking to do combat with any ships we might encounter. And encounter ships we did, a Brigantine was caught within our horizon, and so vegun the battle, as we cumbersomely turned our galleon to fire upon the ship. It was a hard time though because of how much our ship moved and turned with the speed of a sloth, while their ship had a much easier time turning and moving.

    The greater challenge however was the torment set upon my senses, as the ruffians did not stop speaking not even for a mere moment, speaking in phrases that I did not understand at all, their voices grating like an off-tune music box (I shall confess on this part, that my voice may not be that of an angel, but I try my bestest to make it so), and what was arguably the least pleasant was one of them belching repeatedly, even at some point purposefully forcing out belches for the purposes of humor to himself.

    The battle itself proved to be the most time consuming. Half an hour did the battle last, but in the end we conquered the ship, and within was... A single crate of tea. Definitely a worthy reward for such a battle. But if anything, one of the castaways was a portly man with a peg leg and an impeccable fashion sense. I was quite fond of looking at him... At least until one of the young ruffians decided to send him to the Ferryman.

    This was not what I would call a pleasant day. But, at the very least, I must express some pride in being able to strike down a sailor in single combat, though I did nearly fall to his blade. In the end though, I still would have preferred to trade cannonfire with a crew that I could have relied upon to give me a time that would not make me wish to jump to the sharks.

  • Day 15, September 29th;

    A call to adventure that sputtered into nothingness... Let me start from the beginning.

    Me and Anya have come from the back of a discussion about her time within the Sea of Thieves. She finds it enjoyable, in spite of the ocean carrying flaws. To change things from our usual routine of sailing with no clear goal in sight and waylaying forts and shrines, I considered it a wise choice to embark on a grand adventure, that we may experience something that I have yet to experience myself in fact.

    I had heard rumors from the outposts in The Wilds, that in Shipwreck Bay rested a ship of some notable renown. The Blackwake I believe it was called. And so we investigated these rumors and found the wreckage of the ship, time taking its toll on the hull as the wood decayed and just about splintered under our feet. Inside the captain's cabin we found a peculiar journal and a scorched chest, relics from a time unknown.

    As we took these items, a phantom appeared! A polite phantom, knowing how to be stylish and sporting an inviting puffy mustache, requesting our aid in freeing lost souls bound to a ship of ill repute. This sounded like a worthy venture, so me, Anya and the ghost presumably sailed off, following the echoes of the past in search of these lost souls, all the while a storm brewed in the distance.

    But this is where things change course. As we did find the first lost captain's soul, a ship skulked within the storm, crashing into the island next to us. Presumably some drunk stormchasers... Until they decided to lay fire upon us with cannons. Anya and I had barely time to respond, and I myself admitively had my mind freeze over once again. I asked for her to fix the ship, but I had forgotten to mention that wat had to be bailed as well, so in my efforts to shoot back at them I did not think of helping in the maintenance of the ship. Needless to say, the waters consumed us. It was... Unfortunate, to say the least.

    Seeing this happen, we gave ourselves a new goal: Finding whoever it was that sunk us and get our revenge. We were not far off from where we met our end, and the marauders were sailing towards our direction (They sailed South while we needed to sail North). On a hunch we sailed northward. Lo and behold, our foes were visible in the distance, I told Anya to prepare for battle. And so, naval warfare has come to us...

    It was hard though, as I have problems in communicating what needs to be done more often than not and Anya is still rather unfamiliar with the ways of the Sea, so we switched roles around a bit. It was also a time when I was experiencing some... Strange curse upon me, that had me jump from place to place, even through solid matter itself (One could even call it "Lagging through the world" in some circles), which lead to even me falling into the water. The fighting lasted around... Fifteen minutes I believe, maybe twenty, but at some point me and Anya turned to each other, looked into our eyes and said the following:

    "This is kind of boring."

    As much as I was looking forward to a chance at some warfare with my beloved, and at first there was some excitement to be had in the prospect of going to war against a rival crew... This excitement really lasted only for five minutes, but what followed was the two ships sailing and trying to turn for cannonfire to be exchanged. I managed to get some good shots in while Anya deftly dodged any cannonfire that came back at us, but in the end we simply got bored of this exchange and jumped ship.

    It is times like these that make me question whether or not naval warfare shall be anything more beyond a test of resolve and patience.

  • @kalgert

    And Pendragon just watched you sink and did nothing?

    What a pathetic man.

  • @thorumsu I'm sorry, I... Don't know who Pendragon is. It's been a while since I've checked this thread or played the game.

    Edit: Just realized it was the ghost captain guy's name. Yeah, but I guess his excuse is that he can't interact with the physical world being a ghost and all. Guess the phantoms are built different.

  • Day 25, October 9th

    I had not sailed these waters for some time, thus I did not pen any new entries to this journal for ten days. Much of my ambition had gone as other matters demand my attention. I did however, have an opportunity on this day to set sail, with a man who had brought me back to these waters in one way or another.

    Today I joined the one known as @grog-minto around this tavern floor. First I believe I should mention that he and I had fiery correspondents, leaving it a surprise that neither of us tried to draw swords against one another. We did however find common ground in our passion for literature, and over time, I believe we had managed to settle our differences. While we may still yet disagree on the nature of the Sea of Thieves, I think it is safe to say that the time this day was well spent.

    As my time was short and I believe he wished for us to have a voyage with no troubled waters, we set out to search for a sunken ship part of the Merchant's Alliance. The journey lasted us some time, but I believe that it was worth the travel, as he and I had plenty of opportunity to talk and get to know each other better. It was also the first time that I got to sail with him, he had a fine sense of style about him, I could not help but compliment him on his puffy mustache that looked silvery in color.

    How did the search for the sunken ship itself fare? Quite well all things considered. We did need to visit many islands and wreckages out at sea, until we did eventually find the shipwreck itself. We visited Shipwreck Bay and spoke to the resident drunk on it, we visited some smaller islands to find clues leading us to other parts of the Sea, and towards the end, on the last island visit, we encountered a very special treat... A gilded skeleton with blue streaks along its frame, carrying a special bag of coins on its back. This was the first that I had a chance to see these skeletons appear, outside of a day when the sea was at its most generous. It was also the island where we found the key bearing the mark of the Merchants, so it was doubly special.

    When we did find the shipwreck and dove deep to plunder its cargo, we were beset by a swarm of sharks. The sharks.. Were fed that evening, I shall put it like that. But we did take all of the cargo from its watery crypt and went on towards the outpost nearby. We did spot a Brigantine in the distance, but it was sailing in the opposite direction from us, so we judged it safe to continue forward. It is there that he had also shown a trick that can be performed by the Sovereign representative, one that I had not known was possible, let alone at how effective it was. Why does no one share this wisdom with me!?"

    At the end of it all, we sat down and talked some more. I believe it is safe to say that he and I had shared a pleasant encounter together, and I hope that he and I shall be able to set sail once again in the not so distant future. I should ask whether or not Anya will be willing to join us, then we could commandeer a Brigantine together. And as the common saying goes: There is always safety in numbers... More often than not.

  • @kalgert

    Turns page

    Hmm... Ah! This is where they experience the most joyful day of a pirate. Defeating their first ancient skeleton. Brings me back... I wonder what happened to Edd. He always had that terrible smell on him but he was a nice guy. I remember him defeating a gang of reapers just by breathing on em. His smell is that powerful. This poor crew had to talk to him to learn the location of a ship... While he is drunk. Yikes! Just thinking about it alone makes me want to puke. Maybe I should visit him someday. I will have to bring a huge water bucket with me though. No way that I am talking to him while he is drunk.

    This log seems to be really old considering the date of the entries and all the barnacles on it when a mysterious woman first gave it to me. That begs the question... Who was she? Why did she leave the log of a random crew at the sea dog tavern? Why did she leave without saying a word? Well, maybe the rest of the log will have answers.

    Sorry I had to do it lol. The RP is just too strong to resist XD

  • @thorumsu Roleplay away! I get to be happy if people read this and get some joy out of it :p

  • Day 28, October 12th

    It was... An interesting voyage today, to say the least.

    It started off rather rudimentary. My goal is to earn the highest, and in this case final, honor among the Merchants that sail the Sea. I do enjoy the tasks that they provide: Take some cargo from a merchant at an outpost, load them aboard the ship and then shove off to a resident on an island. It does make me curious how these strange and perhaps a little crazy men and women send out requests for these commodities... Let alone, how do they survive not being assaulted by any passing marauder.

    And so I took on the Merchants Emissary flag, to hopefully earn more of their respect as I go about my task of finding their missing vessels and delivering goods. First was a stop to the Mermaid Hideaway and dropping off some bottles of rum and some fabric, and then was off to find the sunken remains of the Shiny Scallop. It was a relatively peaceful time, sailing from one point to another, finding the key to the likely doomed vessel, and sending correspondents to Mr. Minto, sharing with him news from the old world and how aristocratic orders seek to enact unlawful deeds upon the common folk. These bodies would certainly find themselves at home within the Sea of Thieves...

    It was during this voyage did I find myself in a... Terrifying predicament. For you see, as I was fishing up whatever supplies or goods there might be from some lost cargo, I found the water turning... Black. it was still clear as day, no clouds overhead, let alone the sun setting. The water turned black, and around me tentacles emerged. I am not ashamed to admit to you, dear reader, that I had let out a shriek in terror, as I had realized that a Kraken had emerged, seeking to come and drag my vessel to a watery grave.

    I was unable to comprehend what was happening. My mind, frozen over in terror, I could only do but scream to Mr. Minto that I am in the midst of a Kraken attack. A few minutes later and multiple cannons shot and missed, I could see him... The slender frame, the puffy silvery mustache. He had appeared to aid me in my time of strife. Turns out that the Kraken is not as durable, in fact it is quite soft when you injure enough tentacles to make it flee. I am certainly grateful for his assistance, as in my troubled state I would most certainly either meet my end, or at the very least spend a significant amount of time trying to send the beast back from whence it came. Which would be a shame, as I had quite a stash already accrued from my search for the lost vessel.

    Soon after that... Incident... I found the Shiny Scallop. It was not far off from a nearby outpost of Sanctuary, and there I was able to get the captain's log, and the aforementioned cargo that it carried. It was not easy plundering though, as the sirens had decided to come and make their presence known, along with a cackle of sharks at their... Back flippers. At least I had an opportunity to send a shark straight to the Ferry of the Damned with a well-placed explosive keg.

    At the end of the voyage, I had amassed myself a fair amount of gold, and a good amount of respect with the Merchant Alliance. I am currently four steps away from reaching their highest honor, and with it, a chance to walk among the legends... Many say that being regarded as a Pirate Legend is no high honor, that it carries no meaning. I personally believe that it is still an honor worth seeking out. After all, it is a task that takes some dedication out of the one seeking to claim it.

    Now, if you shall excuse me, my undergarments need changing. That meeting with the Kraken did not end in cleanliness...

  • @kalgert

    Well technically, the sharks dont go to the ferry of the damned. They just kinda appear in the Sea of the damned and- Why am I arguing with a crew that is proably dead anyway?

    Pirates just cant keep their mouth shut. They always think they are the best. They Told stories of pirate legends being dumb over and over until it spread like a plauge.

    They fail to see that the Pirate Legend is the start of the evolotion of a pirates character.

    These rumours are just demotivating pirates to seek Athenas Fortune. Back in my day, pirate legend title was still respected. The Pirate Lord is a lot like a father figure than a lord. He is still welcoming new legends with open arms and warm drinks.

    Maybe one day, people will be like him and realise that Pirate Legend should still be respected. It is the start of a journey. A journey to become one with the seas, to become an actual legend. And if a crew is determined enough, They WILL do it.

    I really hope they managed to make it. I will have to suspend my reading at the moment though. It seems Sudds wants to talk...

  • Day 29, October 13th

    I had an opportunity to set sail with Anya again. It is always a pleasure to have her in my company, and today there were some moments that I consider worthy of penning down.

    We first started with something fairly light-hearted, a visit to an island to vanquish some forlorn skeleton captains. The action was plentiful with skeletons exploding upon us a couple of times, but in the end we were victorious. Then I considered something else, something that would give us an opportunity to work together on the Brigantine we embarked within this time around. I of course mean the vanquishing a fleet of spiritual ships haunting a distant island.

    It was an exciting battle against the ghosts of the past, Anya commandeered the wheel while I aimed the cannons. She decided that I should make use of them as my aim is more accurate and my shots are faster, and it would give her an opportunity to practice steering the ship.

    We did... End up sinking during the battle. Turns out that a relentless onslaught from a ghost ship against a Brigantine makes it hard to keep it afloat. We unfortunately lost five skulls from that skirmish, but I cannot say either felt distraught by that.

    It did spring an interesting point of discussion though. I decided to make a joke at the situation, quoting the common point of discussion within the tavern floor, quoting how waging war against the skeleton forces or ghastly fleets is considered too rudimentary and that battle on the open seas against one another is the true test of mettle. She could not help but disagree with that notion, stemming from her many years of warfare against soldiers of fortune.

    I remember her saying "A footsoldier is not as unpredictable as you may think, he is human after all. A skeleton or a ghost has no human instinct,n thus you would need to think of a strategy to overcome it". I consider her to be most wise, and I trust her judgement. After all I believe her on her merits as we both warred together for the years we have been together.

    We did return to the site of our battle and we finished off the ghostly presence, the island now being ghost-free and with some skulls to reward us for our trouble. It was a good time, and I believe she had gotten some more experience out of it in her ability to navigate the sea. Our return to the Outpost did yield a rather unwelcome surprise though, in the form of a Sloop stationed at the dock. Instinct told me that the crew onboard that vessel would prove to be a nuisance, so I turned the ship in the opposite direction. Lo and behold, the Sloop gave chase after us. Anya laughed and talked about how other sailors are boring and tiresome, how they bore her to death. In a sense, I can relate, there is only a handful of sailors and marauders that I can count to be of a pleasant variety, the rest have been... I do not know the proper word, but I did not appreciate their presence.

    They chased us from a distance, but they did not gain much ground against us, so the journey to selling our skulls was hampered... Until we spot in the distance the ship stopping in its tracks, the water darkening around it and.. Tentacles emerging from the depths. It was a really funny sight, and we could not help but think that this is very much what those marauders deserve for chasing us. Funnily enough it was at the same outpost as last time, I suppose the Kraken makes its residence around there.

    At the end of it we did manage to sell off the ghostly skulls, amd then were preparing to depart. Anya had left first, but before I could do the same, the same marauders caught up to us. Unsurprisingly their ship was marred in darkness, and unsurprisignly my attempt at shooting one of them with a shot of the blunderbuss did not end him, and unsurprisingly he had no problem ending me with one shot of his blunderbuss.

    I must admit, at first I was eager to get myself involved in some warfare, but now I am having second thoughts ablut that. It's rather bothersome. Didn't help that Mr. Minto in response to this sentiment decided to play a joke on me. I did not mind it at first, but it actually hurt more than I initially thought it did as time pressed on... Maybe I'll get over it in time, but it still bothers me somewhat.

  • Day 31, October 15th

    I decided I would set sail under the Merchant's Alliance. Five minutes after I set sailed to find a sunken ship, a marauder sailed up to me and killed me single-handedly. Of course it was with a usage of guns and his aim was sharp. I cannot help but end up asking why did he say it was a "Good fight" given that it was simple for him, and I am pretty sure it was a mistake to do so as the Pirate Code is rather strict according to some forlorn souls advocate.

    I tried another ten minutes to set off, but I had found the conditions to be unsuitable, either it be Reapers on the map or the route being too long for my liking.

    I think I am done for the day.

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