Bad day for the community day ...

  • Hello,
    Here is the little summary of my community day and widely shared with players met during this day.

    In one sentence unfortunately: The worst day since I've been playing...

    On Saturday afternoon, I set off on a sloop and it was really nice. Meeting players, possibility of alliance and super good spirit.

    Happy with this first session, I up a galleon with 3 friends from 9 p.m. The galley begins ... servers infected by players who only want to do PVP and prevent any progress in the game.

    First try: Athena Fortress. RIP by galleon reaper.

    We change servers.

    Second try: The same thing.

    We change servers again.

    Third attempt: we abandon the idea of ​​making an event and we embark on an athena quest. After finishing, we observe a reaper 5 chasing us. We exchange with him and we decide to do an alliance. Players seem nice, we exchange a lot, we help each other ... We manage to sell and we go to the Athena fortress. At the end an opposing player blows up a barrel of powder in our boat... Sunk - broken alliance (he just wanted our emissary flag).

    I don't understand this mentality, especially on this type of day. Asking us we would have gladly given our flag after selling.

    At this stage, we have lost two sailors (for many times I think) disgusted with this evening.

    I relaunched a sloop with my friend to try and finish on a good point. Getting to the end of the athena quest, same story... a brigantine that had just popped on the server and passed reaper 5 very quickly chased us and eventually caught up with us.

    End of the game I leave disgusted with this session.

    I think we really need to change things about this game to strengthen the PVE experience. The PVP is not limited to beautiful naval battles but to boarding and spam kill respawn.

    The alliance system should also be revised and offered not to incite betrayal.

    Sea of thieves will not change the nature of man unfortunately. Really disappointed with this part of the community.

    Positive point (just one): some ancient gold.

    That's fine :) I hope your experience has been better than ours!

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  • We had fun. Little pve, little pvp (lots of stacked ships : ). Sunk not a once. Made 3.5 mil or so. No ancient skellies : /

  • A reaper V rolled up with 3 emissary ships all in sight of eachother and we all dogpiled the reaper. Turned into a fight between every ship on the server over the scraps on reaper's hideout while a sea battle event was going on.
    We fished out and sold our ancient tributes and I stole and sold a chest full of Athena loot in the confusion.

    One brig involved was toxic af, they and the reaper were both flying dark sweatlord sails.
    To be expected in a game with PVP enabled, but unfortunate that PVP always attracts those sorts.

  • We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun. (But only 2 ancient skellys :/)

    But seriously, you need to improve your awarness and learn when to run bro. We were doing reapers yesterday with the mindset of doing world event, but will fight anyone if they wanted.

    The ashen wind event had a sloop there doing it, they bailed just in time and lurked around. If they chose to stay or were not aware of their situation, they would have surely been sunk. But even with the supreme fire power, we were always checking our surroundings and other emissarys on the map. I think this will come in time for you, playing solo this is vital for survival.

    Also, sell often so worst case you just loose your flag.

    BTW, we cashed in a level 5 reapers flag yesterday (found it at an outpost) for like 60k, so if those flags are worth anyting, they are worth a lot more during days like yesterday.

  • I agree Alliances need to be looked into and revised.

  • @zig-zag-ltu

    I think you don't understand or you don't see how many players are toxics in this community (this is mainly what I bring up from this experience).
    You can leave the event but you can't play with an emissary because these players (reaper 5) can see where you are and they are coming to ruin your experience. They don't want do the event or quests (like you maybe) just sunk other boats. It was the reality of my session yesterday.

    Anyway it's the game, I accept the PVP in rules (like real ships battles) and maybe not during this special day !

    I play everytime solo, I know when it's better to leave. I had never have sessions like this with my 30 days+ in this game.

    I don't understand how you can play 1 hour with someone and after betray him.
    This game have a mecanic's problem with the alliance it's a fact.

  • every storm runs out of rain

    there will be positive and negative, random never allows only one or the other

    Expectations of others will always set you up to be disappointed

    All we have control of is how we act, how we react, how we process and move forward. That's how we get through the uncontrollable, without expectations.

  • Only problem I saw was players don’t realize the bigger impact. Community day by the near end of everything, all ships grade 5 and in an alliance. The pay out is a lot bigger than stealing and sinking ships.

    But hey. It was expected
    As of today, I been able to run 5 Veil quests without an issue. Compare to yesterday, 1 would summon a galleon crew

  • @bouhlebox no issues here, lots of pve, a little pvp...after 9 hours of peace
    4 ancient skellies and 2,8 million gold made

  • I was in a server alliance that I started and it lasted the whole day almost. I made like 1.5 mil.

    Sorry about your luck there. If you ever see the Jackdaw's Revenge, give a shout and we'll work together on something.

  • Sorry you had a bad experience. Some days are frustrating on the seas, and it's unfortunate you had to experience that repeatedly on Community Day.

    I myself had a very good time. I woke up a bit early so I could get an extra hour of playtime. Played a total of 6 hours when the community had just got to Grade 4. Did a solo Veil Voyage, then did the Athena Grade 5 voyage. On the last leg a brig sailed over and asked if I wanted to Alliance and just go on our separate was. I agreed and we Allianced up. I felt a little bad as I had already sold 2/3 of the Grade 5 quest loot, but they still got some free Athena rep. Then I went and soloed the Skelton Fleet and sold that at the same outpost they were at.

    A skeleton sloop was hanging out by the outpost and aggroed onto me. Unfortunately, as they have no brains, they swung around into the brig's broadside. They didn't last long, and the brig got the loot from that. I filled up supply crates and set them on the dock, fired off some fireworks and that was my community day! Made it up to Athena rank 17!!

  • I am sorry this was your experience. It's not a fun time when you are with friends and are consistently the underdog in, what feels like, every server. Unfortunately, the back stabbing is real and my only advice is to befriend / alliance newer pirates, they appreciate your help more than you may know. If you want a better PvE experience, I know a lot of folks have been joining server alliances, which should not be the case, but it's an option. Also, another option is to take your PvE to the Roar, apparently everyone hates it, so it's pretty calm most of the time. Everyone is too worried about being sunk by a volcano to really care about sinking you.

    Not every day will be like this on the seas, it's what I have to tell myself after I encounter toxicity. Let it fuel your pirate rage and take that out on any unsuspecting Reaper on the Seas! Keep your head up and eyes on the horizon. There are still good pirates on the seas!

  • This reads like any other day regardless of specific community day or not (majority of my sessions for it were decent with only 1-2 ships that were pest ships), I would say the luck with the type of player encounters is more on the regions you are playing on server wise and the times you are playing (one reason why I try to hop on and host my ship to get things done when most in the OCE region are asleep or are at work when its a weekday).

    More experience players like myself prefer to ally even if its a reaper ship to get the most out of the rep and gold earned (more so with the latter now that I am done again with my athena to 30), generally speaking if I am to attack a ship I aim to sink it and not to spawn camp them for kills over and over like most TDM ships are as of late.. taking the loot and supplies then sinking is usually the name of the game at that point in time when I am running reapers emissary when not working on commendation farming together.

    When it comes to sessions if there is a persistent pest ship and crew that keep coming back over and over I would rather just portal hop or start fresh depending on supplies level on the current ship just so we can focus on the actual content we want to do at the time and not waste the crew's time that have joined on me.

  • I think I got lucky, once I got off work and logged into my sloop I set up at my current fishing spot and was approached by another captained sloop right away. We compared ships and pets and made an alliance and I kept fishing and they went off and adventured. Unfortunately the event ended 7pm my time and I didn’t get off till 4 so for the three hours I got to play the event I made enough for more trinkets so all in all a decent session just wish we had a bit more time.

6 out of 14