Sirens' Prize Bugged or Bad

  • I logged on last night and did two of the three shrines. Logged on today and all the deeds were saved, went to Belle, got the note, and finished the last shrine. I went back to Belle expecting to "Finish the Ritual" but it only registered me completing one of the shrines despite having the deeds of completing all three. As far as I'm concerned, this means one of two things: first, the adventure is bugged and it doesn't keep track of your progress. Second, it's working as designed (expletive deleted) poor design.

    I cannot express how (expletive deleted) angry I am that this is the case. One of the primary motivations behind releasing sea forts was that they wanted "short, accessible voyages for crews with little time to sail to able to complete." They know many of their players have limited time, and the fact that the adventure doesn't save your progress is absolute horse (expletive deleted). I hope that this is a bug and it gets fixed (expletive deleted) soon.

    Get your (expletive deleted) head screwed on straight, Rare.

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  • @LordQuillFinch
    I fully completed it I did the ritual and the epic battle twice now and it doesn't give me the credit for it. Nothing happens when I hit complete story with the ancient priest it leaves my complete ritual unchecked and forces me forces me back to Belle on the beach to do that battle over again.

  • @pixiestunes send them a support ticket, this is definitely a bug that a few people have encountered.

  • Neither, yes sea forts were designed with short sessions in mind. This isn't that, working fine.

  • @pixiestunes Hey I've done the exact same and did it twice now nearly 3 times and it still says nothing you can't have a conversation with him. and then he literally desprawns infront of me and im getting frustrated now. As it has said twice "failed the ritual".
    They really need to sort this out.

  • Bugged. Shrine of Ocean Fortunes Deeds… not getting them completed. Did it two days in row.
    Giving up on this adventure not worth the time. Still 4 out of 5.

  • Bugged, bad, boring, take your pick.

  • I did the complete thing, with all journals, in one session.

    The shrines all have to be done in one sitting, because they all appear on the same list paper you get from Belle. I'm not sure if the final ritual can be done separately after completing the shrine chapter, but that is usually how these adventures are checkpointed - per chapter. The three shrines are a single chapter, so they all have to be done in one session.

  • Me and my gf have been battling to do this adventure all week. We got 1 shrine done earlier this and just completed the other 2 we needed, got back to Belle and it says we need to go back and REDO the 1st one despite it being counted on our deeds. We cancelled and restarted it but it just reset saying we need all 3 again despite having them done on the deeds. What a complete waste of my f****** time. Why count the deeds separately if they have to be done all once? It makes it seem like Rare is capable of tracking progress when they aren't. God's I'm p******(can't believe I have to censor that), I actually care about the lore of this game. But between the tiny window of time to complete the adventures vs the actual time it takes not being reasonable for anybody with a life, and the rampancy of bugs that stop you from actually doing the content. What's the point?

7 out of 9