Cool new SOT ideas

  • Some cool new ideas to spice things up:)

      1. Swinging ropes
        To board enemy ships and add a new battle dynamic.
      1. wheelbarrow (on reapers hideout)
        Historically accurate way of transporting loot.
      1. Potions
        -Mermaid potions to enhance pirates senses (speed boost, hp buff, rage attack, defence,,..) limitless ideas:D
        -crafting potions with diferent merchant resources + different lights (blue,pink,white,red,..)
      1. Smoking Pipe
        Just as bad as drinking and just as nice to relax after a battle.
      1. Card games
        -Poker or something similar in the tavern or sea forts. crews could gamble against eachother for a certain gold amount. It would be a very cool way to role play and relax after a hard day of grinding.

        -gambling with other players with dice (mini event to do in a tavern or sea fort to win someones gold)

      -drunken darts..

      1. Killer whale
      1. Pets having different abilities
        (Monkeys collect small amount of fruit, dogs attack, parrots scout a small area)


    • cannon Grape Shot – Small iron balls with high damage if the ship is near. Cannon equivalent of the shotgun.

    -axes - high damage but attacks slower
    -throwing knifes

    -cursed kegs (small damage but special effect)

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