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  • This Journal seems to belong to a pirate named Requiem0fWar.

    Read ‘My Voyage, Part I

    I awoke on a island in nothing but my skivvies. A ghost of a man stood above me. The Pirate Lord, he called himself. Taught me the ropes and sent me on my way into the sea of thieves.

    Aye this was months ago…

    As I take a moment and jot down my journey and reflect on my ventures. Months later my sloop so aptly named the Hoarder’s Revenge and come to think of it I was captain of me ship before I slapped this name on there.

    I have voyaged the sea of thieves and ran across crooked pirates and some kind ones. Alliances made, Alliances destroyed and I always look behind me so the same fate that befell the Pirate Lord doesn’t befall me.

    Cursed with gold from my own madness, but aye I think it looks good on me.

    But I oft wonder if a pirate stumbles on this journal…would they read of a Legend who braved the sea of thieves and accomplished much or would they read the ramblings of a pirate gone mad? Much like that there Flameheart. I hope I am true to the Pirates Code and that those who meet me come to know me as the first.

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