Lets talk about a elephant in the room [mod edit]

  • hello.
    i want to talk about a elephant [mod edit] in the room.
    ive been redirected from a complain email to the suggestions board.
    im currently located in TAIWAN .. yes of all places ..
    the game forces me at all times on chinese servers.
    as soon as they hear my dialect they will murder me and my ship shouting "china numba 1" over microphones and shouting "Taiwan is china"
    this comes with a hefty dose of racism and cheating to the party.
    i have seen blunt teleports , speed hacks , ESP , Aimbots and the list goes on and on and on.

    it is well known among game developers and gamers that the higher percentage of cheater are from china, this combined with their national pride and racist remarks makes any server less joyfull to play with the lets say 90% majority of the nation. (YES ITS THAT LARGE)

    yesterday i was playing with a mate where we got spawn camped and hunted down by by a chinese server alliance shouting anti taiwanese independence slurs over the microphone.
    our coutries are quite litarlly on the edge of war similar to ukraine.
    however thats not why we play a game.

    i would love to suggest the following so solve this.
    1. region slection ? (trust me i rather play with 200 ping than with this)
    2. better ANTI CHEAT with Pro active ban system ! and VPN BLOCK. most Chinese use a VPN making cheating harder to trace by default. and so their government cant check them.
    3. Make Dedicated Chinese servers, and no Taiwan is not Part of china ! chuck us into south east asia (ping is better than racism)
    4. allow me to spawn a personal ship on a NON chinese server (lets say the captain leaves on a NA server give us a option to take captain position)
    that way i can ask my friends to place me onto a american or oceania server

    if non of these work please feel free to drop me a suggestion.
    for information i dont shy away from a fight , ive been playing this game since 2019
    and i know a "region selection" have been requested before.
    most chinese PREFER a chinese dedicated game server. cause they dont speak english anyways.
    the current way of server selection being local no matter what forces me to level my personal ships on chinese servers

    if youre willing to take a closer look at what happends on the Chinese servers id be gratefull
    cause its severly out of controll

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  • @basjuh92

    Could you use a VPN too? That way you could set the VPN for another region and the game place you in that different region.

    Also record and report via support as much as you can.

  • @pithyrumble and lose half my internet speed to play a game ?
    i think its rather rediculous i even have to make this thread, hundreds of games are just aware of this.
    thats why you see excluded servers for countries like china on games like war-thunder and soon PUBG

    what i do now is ask one of my many friends to log me into a NA server.
    the VPN doesnt always work usually it works best if you change region and clock from your pc too and than you get maybe a 30% success rate.

    The Anti cheat for sea of thieves is uhm lets just say pity-full (pardon me mates)

  • @basjuh92 Sadly isnt this just a industry wide issue? Its like we only have 2 choices, accept it as a fact of life, or quit gaming altogether. I cant thinking of a time in the past 18 years where farmers have created a negative experience either from cheating or flooding trade economies with gold and stuff

  • @basjuh92 If you alt-f4, you can reconnect to previous server. Connect via the VPN to whatever region, join server, alt-f4, go back to your local internet, and reconnect to the server.

  • This is messed up, please help this person. A better anti-cheat might help all of up. I am not quite up to date. I've tons of time in the game, and I've heard of aimbots and the like, but to date have not encountered them.

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