Suggestion of some Features

  • Ahoy fellow pirates since the new update or even before I had some ideas I'd love to see:

    You could see a piano in the New Trailer to season 7, and I'd very like to see the possibility to atleast place one on your ship like in the captains quarter of the galleon or as alternative to the bed in the sloop

    Another thing is the possibility to move your wheel fast, this would give a nice feel and a chance to new maneuvers and plays. Also it'll give a nice feeling like in a pirate movie where they'll quickly move the steering wheel

    With the now new captaincy available I think it also would give a nice touch to give your crewmates a role like first mate or officer

    These are my ideas and wishes I don't know if you like 'em but if you do give it a upvote and maybe bring them to life, savy?

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