Captaincy Issues

  • I have seen other posts, but just want clarification on the reason that it is intended that captaincy cannot be passed on to another crew mate if the captain of the ship has to log off.

    As soon as the ship is no longer captained, all progress and supplies just go out the window because you have to leave and go into a completely new server.

    Would it be possible to add a feature to vote up a new captain, similar to voting someone in the brig? This would be so helpful, especially when playing in open crews, to make sure that your community is getting the most out of the captaincy role.

    I really hope this was an oversight, and not intentional by the devs.

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  • This content can't really be well tested...?
    Even if the captain simply relogs to fix a render-bug or something it's no longer a captained ship...!
    How does this pass QA?

  • If you logged out and back in to a new session, would the progress be cumulative across both instances? How many concurrent ships could you make this way?

    Removing captaincy when logging off is just a simple way to prevent these kinds of exploits.
    It's lazy, but it's cheap and effective.

  • Does anyone know if you glitch out do you get to keep captain status?

    There is the rejoin option if you get glitched out. As long as the timer doesn’t reset I feel you sound still be captain

  • @coffeelight5545 youre an insider. this is something you could have tested out rather than just afking with a macro for 1 hour like everyone else

  • @roborob-r66y

    I don’t have any friends who are insiders. I always solo sloop. I would need someone to join me to test that particular feature. No one insider can test everything. That’s why there are so many of us.

    One more thing, I don’t care for the accusations that I just AFK spin. I actually provide feedback. I think the sapphire blade cosmetics are ugly and have no interest in them. I have no reason to continue the insider program. I continue to do so to help Rare improve the content.

  • @roborob-r66y or instead off accusing people of doing stuff you yourself could become an insider and test stuff for yourself. Remember to remain respectful to everyone on these forums. Being accusatory is not respectful.

    The thing is while 10.000 people will find more (potential) issues then a 100 do, in the end when stuff goes live 1.000.000 will find more then those 10.000 did.

    Anyway relogging by hard closing (alt-f4) keeps you as the captain, i personally havent tested with clicking leave game.

  • Yeah there really needs to be an option to vote for a captain, should the ship not have one. This is my biggest complaint about this update, really hurts the open crew experience, as it is now even more unlikely for competent players to use open crew.

  • I was an Insider once - then the powers that be threw me under the rug with nary an explanation... 😒

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