• I m not bad at the game and have played it for a long time but the reason why i gonna quit now are tryhards. Its really not fun anymore. several times i played the game for houres farming. We played galione and i was everything was cool till a sloop came up and kill all of us the whole time. After fighting 30mins we sunk at we lost everything. We are not bad players but with the doupleguners oneshooting us the whole time is not fun anymore. i only gonna play this game again when there is no possible way to play douplegun anymore. I would really feel myself more like a pirate if all players have to play with one sword and one gun and hopfully the tryhards would stop oneshot evryone. only loseing cuz of serverhopers who make it very hard to do any good raids. they really destroy the fun at the game. it´s really okey when i sink some time cuz some players are better but there is a huge difference between this tryhards and just good player. I just waystad houres of my live for nothing and i havnt got any good expirience out of it. i dont want to lose time for nothing anymore and look for another game and quit sea of thieves now.

    sorry for my bad english...

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  • It's only natural you feel disappointed. I do think with the closure of arena and NAL, the amount of veteran pvp focused crews has increased of late, this is also down to casual players putting the game down until new content is released.

    Regarding double gun, would it be nice if sword was forced so the game felt more piratey? of course it would however Rare also give us the freedom to choose how we play and double gunning is a viable part of that. Combat in general probably needs a rebalance in the long run to be slower paced.

    I don't blame the hopping game playstyle, rare have catered to this with the decisions they've made lately, blame the game not the players.

    All I can suggest is put the game down for abit, forget about the experience then come back with the mindset that loot doesn't actually mean anything, the time spent with your crew is what's the enjoyable part.

  • I’d say they did more than “try hard” if they sunk your galleon with a sloop. Perhaps we should call them “succeeded easily.” Joke aside, it is never fun to sink after having spent some time working on an event. Happens to me too at times. However, if double gunning really is the problem, then why is not everyone doing it? Usually in games people are pretty quick at jumping on the meta. If it is that easy to double gun, we should just all double gun and the problem would be solved! The reality is that it is not that easy and it takes practice to be good at it, lots of it.

    Even if we would remove the ability to double gun (which i strongly disagree with), there would still be people winning and people sinking, and the blame would just shift to something else. Removing double gunning will not solve the problem because the problem is that people (including me) don’t like to lose and are seeking something to blame their lost on. It is a normal reaction.

  • It’s not tryhards . It’s pirates being pirates.

  • What's really fun as a Duo Sloop is sinking 2 Galleons at once, now there's some fun!

  • sorry to hear that
    but don't ever farm unless you have professional players in your team

  • If you take a break it'll be here when you are ready to return

    It's tough sometimes, frustrating, sometimes it's just not much fun, everyone needs a break sometimes

    happy trails if not happy sails

    it's alright to step away and figure out what way is the best to go

  • stacks loot for hours without selling
    complains when all that loot is stolen at once

    Yes, other crews are the main issue here, not anything else…

  • @scurvywoof
    i come out victorious
    i stack for hours 6 to 8 events daily

  • After reading this, my eyes literally bled and my brain melted.

    " it´s really okey when i sink some time cuz some players are better but there is a huge difference between this tryhards and just good player. "

    At this point, if you are not trolling, you should definitely quit this game yesterday.

    So in your imaginary world, if a double-gunning sloop (2 people), sink your 4 man crew, they didn't do it because they are better than you, but because they tryhards. On the other hand, if players with a swords sink you, then it is all good?
    People like you using the "tryhard" excuse has gone for far too long, it is 2022. What is even a try-hard? Are you imagining a hyperactive person, sweating all over their keyboard, screaming with their friends on discord? Maybe they are gaming on some high-end hardware, like a setup with 4 monitors? GET REAL. You are losing fights mainly for those 3 reasons:

    1. The better player wins. This is not always the case of course, you have to take into consideration things which are out of our control, like internet connection issues occurring at the time, hit-registration, pve messing with your fight, unbalanced mechanics.
    2. Double-gunning is the strongest pvp style of this game, eventually everyone realizes that. If you can't beat them, join them, maybe you will be surprised.
    3. You have the mindset of a loser. You are not trying to become better, you are not trying to strengthen yourself by trying out new ways of fighting, experimenting, you are just spouting excuses.
      Stop for a second and ask yourself. What is this person doing so much better than me that leads them to sink me every-time even though they are outnumbered? For all of our sake, delete the word "tryhard" from your dictionary. There are players with 2000 hours spent on alliance servers or doing gold hoarder voyages and running from fights and there are players with 1000 hours in arena. Guess who wins the fight?
  • @timedsatyr79799 maybe you can, thus ruling out the need to sell often, but OP clearly cannot, but fails to realise this and complains instead.

  • @scurvywoof not maybe
    tryhards are rare if you get into a dead server
    season 7 also now has easy selling
    what else do people want

  • Sell often. Like every 30 minutes.

    Even with double-gunning removed, you're going to run into coordinated crews who will seemingly 1-shot you because they will each shoot you once at the same time.

    Learn from your mistakes and pay attention to what the winners did right.

    Record every major encounter/confusing moment! Review it! Learn from that too!

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