Things to do on your ship

  • The amount of time I spend on the boat taking in the scenery is too much. My point being that there not much to do while sailing to your destination. You could play instruments together, dance, fish, drink, and sit on ledges. Now these are great implementations, but it's not enough when traveling for 10+ minutes to another location. Here is what I propose:

    -Games in the Game: Playing games to pass the time on the boat would be super fun and cool, possibly gaining you money in a bet.

    -Card Playing: The ability to play games such as blackjack, poker (maybe), rummy, war, spades, ect. I don't care where exactly on the boat (probably a table) you can play. To follow up on that, the ability to bet could also be a feature. This could give you another way to spend gold, maybe with some hard number limitations to how much you can make/bet.

    -Darts/knife throwing: There could be a board on the wall on the ships you could click on to start throwing darts/knifes at the wall to rack up points. Possibly you can pick them up from an "infinite" bin and just start throwing them on the boat ONLY (no damage to players).

    -Decorations: Now this one is a bit of a stretch, but being able to decorate your boat would be pretty cool. Maybe as the captain you can put trophies on certain places on the boat. If the rest of the crew could do that maybe they can have designated locations that they can show off their items/trophies/fish.

    Possibly a store for buying all sorts of things you can decorate your boat with

    -Lantern designs would also be cool feature; being able to change them with the ship customization, or the ability to hang them yourself with your own personal lantern.

    -Show off your weapons on a display case (maybe only as captain).

    -Grow plants in flower pots (idk).

    -Show off any actual trophy or (insert creature)-head

    -Paintings you can put up or something like that

    -Ship in a bottle. Maybe even your own ship or one you made in the past. Possibly the ferry of the damned or a special ship that was or is in the game.

    -Map Change(maybe): Sometimes when circling the map it can get a bit complex (to new players especially) to know what a route is. Maybe the ability to draw an arrow or put an X instead of a O. This is just to have different levels of importance to the map.

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  • Sails. There is always sail management
    What else do you want to do
    What do you mean. Deck Quoits
    Get back to work!

  • Don't tell anyone, but I play Animal Crossing while sailing sometimes.

    Yes I run into rocks. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • @phantaxus especially when you have lazy crew mates and you have to pick up their slack too.

  • @phantaxus The sails need less tending to than my entertainment

  • The only boat activities that I want added are activities that contribute to the session. Fishing is an excellent example, it provides a food item that can be used to gain health regen and just a quality food item. I want more activities that are like this. Maybe an expansion on cooking.

    What I'm against is time-wasters. Done for the sake of wasting time. Gambling, in my opinion fits that. All it does is get players away from contributing to the voyage, like sails and resupplying, and makes some people carry most of the burden. At least with fishing like activities, they are providing a service. I've dealt with crew members that just mess with their phones while sailing. Its tiresome shouldering most of the burden and as a result we stopped sailing with them.

  • @nabberwar Gambling can make you money while being fun to do. I can take the game seriously and still become bored during the downtime of sailing. If you have crewmates that are going to mess around, they could have more things to do on the ship rather than fish, sails, and steer.

  • @nabberwar get new crewmates if you want to play seriously

  • @exovy1419

    @nabberwar Gambling can make you money while being fun to do.

    Are you aware that implementing gambling will effect the game rating? I play SoT to play SoT, had I wanted to do card games or gambling, I'd just go get my friends to play the myriad of online stuff that caters to that. Games inside of games are just weird for me. I'm all for new activities, but they should center around Sea of Thieves and the session, not just implemented for people who get bored so quickly. Fishing is just the example, but activities along those lines are what I would desire. Gambling is just a no from me. Last thing I want is kids getting into gambling at such a young age.

  • @exovy1419

    @nabberwar get new crewmates if you want to play seriously

    Its as if you didn't even read the comment. Had you done that you would have seen that already happened.

  • @nabberwar the real deciding factor to kids beginning to is their parents and what they let their kids do. This has nothing to do with gambling in real life, currency in SoT is one way and cannot be used to buy anything in the real world. I also mentioned that it maybe shouldn't be added, but cards can be a part of the game without gambling.

  • My point being that there not much to do while sailing to your destination.

    • Fish
    • Manage surroundings
    • adjust sails
    • Keep look out
    • Watch map for reapers
    • manage resources
    • check passing island for shiny objects

    You know. Nothing to do

  • @burnbacon Manage surroundings, Keep look out, Watch map for reapers, check passing island for shiny objects? You just said the same thing but differently 4 times??? So as I said; fish, sails, drive. And tell me when you are managing resources often...

  • @nabberwar oh and simulated gambling is considered T rating on the ESRB website. and the game is rated T.....

  • I like the idea of darts.

    Also dueling / brawling with your crew. Little mini-games of skill and chance are fun ideas.

  • @prescafatty Yeah. So many opportunities for mini-games on the boat, to possibly earn rewards too.

  • Disclaimer this is a "exaggeration to promote understanding" half the SoT players can have a galleon sneak up on them because they fail even at the basic stuff (watch the horizon) and you want more to take away their focus from the "world"...

  • I have a simple solution that merely adds to an already existing mechanic...

    Have sleeping also provide overheal if you're already full health. It's slow enough that it wouldn't be OP, and it would give us all something else to do between A and B when we've already stocked the ship to the brims.

    I don't want to see mini games added to SOT. We already have more commendations for sitting down than we do for stealing loot. We have fourteen tall tales that crews could be doing on a server. more stuff that effectively removes a crew from the already limited server capacity.

    There's already crews that seclude themselves for a fishing mini-game... it'd be a regular occurrence to see a galleon just parked with a crew playing poker or darts or whatever other stuff you can put in the game...and then get mad because they get sunk while "jUsT pLaYiNg CaRdS"

  • @sweetsandman Yes, out of every person you make the best argument. That it adds more reason for people not to play the base game. However there needs to be more things you can do. This is why you make the mini-game feature lack the enjoyment out of playing the real game.

    I do propose an idea. You have to bet gold regardless of how you play. People will quickly run out of money and will be forced to play quests. Or possibly tokens you pay for with gold that you use to play a game. I don't know, any kind of method that makes playing cards pair along side the "normal" game.

  • @junior7973 I don't think people understand that the point of the post is to explain that sailing is boring. Decorations are also in the post. Does that mean there's no problem with them?

  • The Decorations part seems rather pointless for me to comment on with the "captaincy update" just around the corner...

    As for the "sailing is boring" not sure as to how card games would help with that for only to see new post like SweetSandMan said get/got sunk while "jUsT pLaYiNg CaRdS" and I'm a bit fed up with the post about the "invisible ship" there somehow always can sneak up on people...

  • @exovy1419 my crew is already Drinking both in game and IRL we don’t need the extra distraction why sailing half of us can barely stay aboard the ship let alone play a game of cards

  • I agree that sometimes sailing gets boring but at the same time it's part of the peaceful experience. I do like the kind of mentioned time-wasting curiosities and irrelevant content in general but it's also true that you could be doing proactive stuff instead.

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