Prevent BLUNDERBOMBING and FIREBOMBING your own ship!

  • Prevent blunderbombing/ firebombing own ship

    Although this has improved the past few years in my opinion it is still extremely frustrating when your crew firebombs your own ship.
    I think it would be a simple solution to a major issue that almost turned me off the game.

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  • @a-donkey5002

    1. Nothing happens when you blunderbomb your own ship except when fired from an island cannon. So, are you saying that blunderbombs shouldn't hurt your crewmates? Hard no. Lowers risk of use in PvP, and stops you from killing crewmates stuck in polygons.
    2. Firebombing your own ship has its own advantages. If you're sailing with a troll, brig them or get a new server.

    I think it would be a simple solution to a major issue that almost turned me off the game.

    A simpler solution is using LFG, making friends, and not having to deal with the dice roll of Open Crew. A troll is a troll. If you take away their firebombs, they can still drop your loot off the boat or anchor you or eat all the food. I'd say firebombs are good in the hands of trolls, because they show themselves by their use of firebombs before doing something drastic. Again, brig them or change servers.

  • I could get behind not firebombing your own ship because my youngest is a bit of a troll, but I also like viking funerals at the end of the session so no +/- from me.

  • Blunderbombs and firebombs work as intended and i really don’t see what threat they could be to your boat. If your problem is that you have crewmates that keep throwing firebombs and blunder then the problem is your crewmates, not the bombs. Stop playing Open Crew and get people from the discord instead. Open crew is the home of greffers and social awkwardness.

  • Putting out the fire is very simple. Reason we have a water barrel below deck.

    Blunderbomb isn’t much a problem.

    Most these are to help keep enemy players off your ship but it can back…fire. XD

    Remember. “Your ship” could be my ship if I decide to sail away with it

  • Absolutely not. Use LFG if you are having trolls in your lobby, or use the brig.

    Blunderbombing friendly fire is a good way to balance using it in close quarters.

    Firebombing your own ship is a popular way of doing a proper send off to your ship at the end of a session. Removing this would remove a good piece of roleplaying.

    Your troll crewmates will continue to find other ways to troll your session. What would stop them from just taking the wheel and sailing it into every rock? Right now, the only wya to stop that is to brig them or blunderbomb them off. What would stop them from taking an explosive keg onto your ship and blowing it up? Brig them. How do you stop someone from using throwables on your ship? Brig them.

  • ...but blunderbombing my own crew off the ship is one of my favourite pastimes?

    and theirs, unfortunately.

    But in all seriousness this isn't a problem with the game, it is a problem with who you are playing with.

  • For clarification, if you have boarders and you need to use either for defense would you be unable to use them because you're on your ship?

  • No thank you

  • Nah, tis’ fun

6 out of 10