Stop bigger ships from bullying smaller ships

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    @wolfmanbush ive never had an encounter yet where someone else has had it. and ive used this solo on multiple occasions, all of which usually entice salty messages to add to the salty sea. mostly im just suggesting an alternative. rather then just sailing circles waiting for them to catch up.

    If someone really wants to stick it to a hunter all they have to do is sell regularly and have a plan to get the most valuable item/s sold before the piratical mauling.

    Bigger crews with skill sink me regularly but they rarely get anything more than what I was never going to spend the time walking back and forth to sell anyway.

    A pver never has to be able to take on bigger/more skilled boats, they don't have to run thinking they are teaching someone a lesson. Efficiency and consistency are victories for pvers. We can always get a new boat and join a new server for more opportunity.

    Rowboat bamboozle man, I'm telling ya. Nothing will give you a chuckle quite like the knowledge they caught up with and sank an empty ship only to discover you disappeared along with the loot. 😂

    Drive-by selling to add to this. 1-2 pieces at a time working from most valuable to least. Lastly, ram the final outpost, turn in the last piece of loot, lower your emissary flag, and scuttle. This really gets pure PvP crews steaming.

    Yup, drivebys also work a treat, I just find the Rowboat funnier as you know the skilled crews will have that moment of realization, and lesser crews are gonna be sat there going "Where Loot?" 🤣🤣🤣

    Yeah, I have managed that especially as Reaper. They go off chasing that flag as I row in the loot, mermaid back, and then lower the flag too lol.

  • @mistermeowza ten out of ten satire man. Really good stuff.

  • Congratulation on completing your internship!

    Joke aside, to get immune from sinking because we did a fotd would go against the spirit of this game. FOTD is supposed to be a high risk/rewards endeavor. You have to look at it like an endgame world event. If you are not good at pvp, having a bigger boat will not change much to the outcome against skilled pvpers.

    My suggestions

    • if you think a bigger boat will help you get on the SoT discord and get extra crewmates there (discord NOT open crew)
    • Check your horizon often and if you see a boat lurking around, stop doing the FotD and bring the fight to them. Not only it is good pvp practice but if you sink, you won’t have lose too much of your time and they won’t get the loot. After, you can always server hop into a quieter server and start a new fotd since you will preserve all your lights and will only have to get a new skull.
    • Alternatively, do other easier stuff until you get better at defending yourself.
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